Beginner-Friendly Tips To Get Started With Yoga

mass meditation eraoflightdotcomYoga is a form of exercise that involves a combination of mindfulness, movement, and regulated breathing. This popular practice strengthens, revitalizes, and relaxes your body. Yoga is known for its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. It enhances the quality of sleep, uplifts the spirits, and helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, yoga works to improve coordination and balance, increases flexibility and strength, and helps ease joint and muscle pain. After only a few classes, you will find that your new-found flexibility, strength, breath control, coordination, and balance reflect positively on your overall quality of life.

While it may seem overwhelming, getting started with yoga is not as difficult as you think. The best way to learn this practice is by jumping in with both feet.

So, to help you get started, here are a few beginner-friendly tips. 

Learn the Types of Yoga

There are a variety of yoga styles to get into. This is why it’s best to do a little research beforehand to decide which style suits your needs. You will be able to find the right class for you as a beginner, and as your abilities increase, you would be able to expand your choice of classes.

For beginners, the best option is Hatha Yoga, as it is involving slow movement, giving your muscles time to get used to the positions. A beginner could also look into Kundalini yoga, as this class is considered a type of healing yoga that focuses on spiritual components such as meditation and chanting. When you feel more comfortable you can opt for Vinyasa, power yoga, or Ashtanga for a more intensive exercise. There are also different levels for all types of yoga classes, so don’t shy away from trying a class that seems challenging. Finally, hot yoga is performed in a very warm environment, hence the name. This is a great option for those looking to lose weight. However, this class is not suitable for those with specific medical conditions or those who are sensitive to heat.

Get the Right Yoga Attire

Choosing the right clothes to wear to a yoga class is important because you want to be as comfortable as possible. The yoga enthusiasts at suggest wearing stretchy pants that allow you to move freely and a tight-fitting top that hugs your body. This will ensure you don’t accidentally be exposed when you attempt certain positions. Most yoga classes are performed barefoot so you won’t need to opt for any type of shoes, however, you can opt for socks with grips underneath to stop you from sliding on the floor or off your mat.

Get Yoga Supplies

While most classes will likely provide the necessary supplies, it won’t hurt to purchase your own. This would especially help you practice yoga at home and allow you to feel more comfortable for hygienic purposes. If you do decide to partake in yoga practices at home, you would need a yoga mat, throw pillows to substitute for yoga blocks, and a scarf or belt to act as a yoga strap. It is important you attend a few classes with an instructor before attempting certain positions and using equipment at home to avoid injury.

What to Expect

Beginners do get overwhelmed at the thought of attending a class, but it is suitable for all experience levels. You do not have to be flexible to start a yoga class; it is not just for girls, either. It’s not too hard to do and you will find it is extremely inclusive, regardless of the various reasons people join the practice.

All yoga classes have a similar structure, but, of course, it can depend on the style of yoga you choose. You will be instructed to take off your shoes and find space for yourself and your mat. Tell the instructor that this is your first class and they will assist you in class and make sure you have what you need. The class will include the necessary warm-up stretches, and then you will follow a yoga sequence or flow. The instructor will introduce all the breathing exercises and provide verbal cues. They will announce when to change positions, correct individuals’ positions if need be, and lead the class into chants.

Yoga is a healthy and soothing exercise; however, you must practice at a gradual pace to avoid hindering your progress by straining your muscles. Moreover, as a beginner, you may need to modify certain positions, so listen to your body. With these tips in mind, it won’t be long until you reap the benefits of your yoga sessions.