Rinus Verhagen: How Do We Solve This?

independent media network eraoflightdotcomAn enumeration of facts, to which politicians are consciously deaf, dumb and blind.

Since we are already a few emails away, we may slowly start to realize that fraud has been committed on a large scale by the Dutch illegal government in the form of the post-war Hitler Cabinet.

The entire municipal basic administration is a farce, passports and driving licenses and other documents have been compiled on the lie that the Netherlands still exists.

After all, it was Maxima who had opened our eyes in 2012, the Dutchman does not exist, a statement that is entirely justified. https://lettertomaxima.blogspot.com/

Who then caused this forgery by giving the sleeping population the illusion that we are living in a free country with a Democracy?

On May 13, 1940, the Netherlands was abolished by the fleeing of Queen Wilhelmina, as a result of which article 21 of the then Constitution stated that never a seat of government could be established outside the Kingdom.

By order of Mr. Adolf, the former Netherlands was under Nazi rule, this was never changed.

In 1942, Bernhard von Lippe offered in a letter to Hitler that he wanted the stadholdership over the former, which in my experience also happened.

This function was transferred and eventually ended up with mentally disadvantaged Willy von Amsberg.

All treaties and documents made in the name of the Netherlands from May 5, 1945, have zero values or legal validity in my opinion, because they were made by trickery and deceit.

Then it is also understandable why the Netherlands has no constitutional court, in the absence of a legitimate legal system.

In fact, I had a criminal case against me, on which I had let the judge have it before the hearing, it was a revolving door hearing, because I was standing outside in no time.

Because I took the liberty of asking the judge if he had read my defence, to which they answered positively, but also asked if my story was true.

I was very brief and firm in that, of course this is true, it’s a piece of history consciousness based on facts, his answer was, I absolve you on all charges.

It is Nazi politics that has taken the Dutch people hostage to this day.

Justice has degenerated into political arbitrariness.

I once spoke to Theo Hiddema about this during a Fvd meeting, he times like a bus and completely ignored it.

Now I can understand this, because when you realize that everything you have learned and lived for is a lie, then you have to swallow it.

If Theo Hiddema had wanted to show decisiveness we would have been rid of this corrupt government and Fake King a long time ago.

But in the meantime everyone takes an oath to a non-existent King and either non-existent or legally valid constitution.

You can never solve this problem if you keep denying it, or concealing it.

Every penny you have paid as a tax is supporting a criminal organization.

So due to ignorance and lack of knowledge, we become unconsciously guilty and complicit in allowing ourselves to be oppressed and swindled.

If these allegations are incorrect, it is easy to explain this to the deceived population.

Until the Mafia in The Hague is in the shit is clear.

This has nothing to do with imputations, but asks for answers, which are politically correct ignored and do not mention concealed facts.

In the meantime, a Fascist world government is being rummaging through the dormant population, just as happened with the EU.

It is the alliance of Donald J Trump, Vladimir Putin, who have remained silent for a long time and have been treated with scorn by the globalists.

It is against the will of these globalists to end the second world war, because on 8 – 9 May 2020 the Yalta treaty will end the second world war.

This will make Germany sovereign again, and the Netherlands will get a new constitution, because the Allies will take care of that.

Why now would you think, now that the current debt money system is bankrupt, this could only have been disguised if a new world war had started or world war 2 had blossomed late again.

To this end, both Russia, the US and China have not allowed themselves to be manipulated.

The whole Corona Hoax was a stepping stone to a fascist New World Order, as Rutte also told it.

The new normal is an acute form of hostage-taking and oppression of the entire world population.

It’s a game that has been worked on for years, all accomplices agree, but now the game is over.

This is also why Donald J Trump took over the Federal Reserve Bank.

It was never part of the government so it wasn’t federal, and they didn’t have any reserve, because all the money was created out of nothing, without any kind of counter-values.

We are now on the change of a new money system and paradigm shift.

See likeforex where with US Dollar can exchange against US Note, where the US Note is again gold covered.



I’m pretty sure you’re not aware that the curse called Euro is also made by the Federal Reserve Bank out of nowhere, and bought by the ECB.

The debt division of Europe that the criminal Nazi EU advocates is at an end.

The Euro was a political coercive means of fraudulently rummaging the people of Europe into an unelected federal dictatorship, exactly as Hitler and the bankers of the FED had for Eyes.

Europe Defender 2020 is not an exercise, but has multiple tasks:

First task is to free children from the clutches of paedophiles, where the Netherlands turns out to be a leader in the world, committed by the so neat and tidy Elite.

The second task is to arrest these Satanic vermin and to try them for the Genocide of their own and world population.

The third task is to make the countries sovereign again by means of a peace treaty.

Fourth task is to implement GESARA in order to have a workable and legally fair legal system.

Fifth task is to send back the imposed islamicisation by the EU and Satanic Elite caused against the interests of the original inhabitants of Europe.

All those who have received this information have a responsibility, because now that you are aware of serious crimes against your own and the world’s population, you should take action and report them to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

This is the only way to avoid involvement and prosecution.

People who without realizing it have been misled by the Dutch Deep State Cabal will be treated generously.

I appeal to your righteousness and sense of justice to stand up and stop the planned fascist dictatorship of Rutte and the fake King.

Resign en masse and take responsibility towards the people and your own family, parents and other friends and acquaintances.

I am just an observer holding up a mirror to this document, but otherwise no danger to real democracy.

The entire political system introduced by Hitler on 18 May 1940 will be reformed by GESARA, Global Economic Security and Reform Act.

There is no choice whether this will happen, it will be enforced for Donald J Trump and Vladimir Putin.

The armies of the member European countries are no match for these two superpowers, take action and get the brainwashed population out of fear of this Corona scam.

This is in all our interests, those who do not understand this information are heavily overpaid and have a very low IQ.

As an encore a proof of the MH17 Lie that never crashed in the Ukraine.

Read carefully, because the bodies and the passenger list of the MH370 meet the description of a report 20 minutes after the disaster.

Rutte and his Gangster team are in over their heads, together with the ambassador in Kiev.

Asian bodies with Dutch passports, winter clothes on a summer flight is not possible, but this is concealed in all keys.

All JIT members are guilty of deliberately hiding a crime in order to withhold the real facts in a show trial.

If you know this, it is entirely entitled to call Fred Grapperhaus a GESTAPO Nazi, https://mh370-jit-lie.blogspot.com/