Epic! Press Sec. McEnany Exposes Obamagate During WH Briefing

free world news 2 eraoflightdotcomWhite House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tore apart another fake news reporter who asked a sarcastic question about former President Obama’s possible criminal involvement in the Russia collusion hoax.

During a White House briefing on Friday, CBS News Radio’s Steven Portnoy tried to corner McEnany with a question about what crimes Obama may have committed in his role in perpetuating the Russia collusion investigation by the FBI.

“I’m really glad you asked because there hasn’t been a lot of journalistic curiosity on this front and I’m very glad that you asked this question,” McEnany began.

“Look, there were a number of questions raised by the actions of the Obama administration. The Steele dossier funded by the Democratic National Committee, the — and opposition political party to the President, was used to obtain FISA warrants to listen in on conversations within the Trump campaign.”

“There was the unmasking of the identity of Michael Flynn and we know that in a January 5th meeting, in the Oval Office of President Obama, Sally Yates from the Department of Justice learned about the unmasking, not from the Department of Justice or the FBI, she learned about it from President Obama and was stunned and could barely process what she was hearing at the time because she was stunned of his knowledge of that,” she continued.

“We know that there was a lot of wrongdoing in the case of Michael Flynn. The FBI notes, for instance, that said should we “get him” to lie as they pontificated their strategy. We know that the identity of this three-decade general was leaked to the press, a criminal leak to the press of the identity in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights.”

“So, there’s a lot of mistruths there that were said, many of them were under oath, so I would point you to those. There many other real questions I hope you will all pursue,” McEnany added.

This isn’t the first time McEnany humiliated a mainstream media reporter in her short time as press secretary.

Just last week, the McEnany turned the tables on a reporter who threw her a “gotcha” question about past remarks she made regarding Trump’s efforts to keep the coronavirus out of America.

5 Replies to “Epic! Press Sec. McEnany Exposes Obamagate During WH Briefing”

  1. Cheri

    This woman is a beautiful starseed and we ain’t taking this crap anymore! If you can’t see as totally wrong what they have done to a General who served this country for 30 years you never will. If they could do this to him they could and did do it to everyone of us while they robbed us blind. Mrfluid says it well! This is about bringing down the control system which infiltrated us from within (#obamagate).

    Tom is a paid role player to counter anything positive about Trump or this administration and tow the party line. They have an army of paid shills across all platforms as this is their last stand! I mean at this point it is plain to see and no amount of controlled narrative can change the facts of what is being revealed now. We are creating this as truth is the only structure with any energetic support! (#fakenewsisnotessential) Go Kayleigh! I love her spirit!

    It’s funny the more the fake news pushes the more it brings out support for the warriors as everyone can see these so called journalists as ridiculous petulant children spewing a gotcha narrative rather than following facts or curious about wrongdoing. They are literally creating the great awakening! Wonderful cosmic justice in that! No amount of money or role players or paid haters can stop the truth as it is a property of unconditional love. It is a pillar! Go indigo warriors! 😘

    1. Tom

      Sorry Cheri you do not even know me
      I will tell you I was in the Republican Party and a area chair back in the Bush years. But seeing what the guy did to our country is a shame.And I got tired of the lies he told with Dick Cheny.
      As for your starseed she Lies and I have shown that before
      Your problem is you are the phony you claim you are of the light and your reaction about the Trump clan is the opposite of light and love.Your problem is you and many others have been drinking Trump cool aid to long.

      .If this site is for what it says then this article should not be posted

      As Q is more pro Trump bs
      So remember we live in America and I have the right to my opponent. In Trump world that will be taken away and they are trying as we speak.You back a man that lies, hurts people, and cages kid thats just a few things his team has done. Do not have time to go in to it further.

  2. Tom

    This is a Republican hit job. When she got the job and stated she would never lie to the press a few weeks ago. Well that lasted 2 days this is more of Trump game of changing the story on what is really happening. We call it smoke and mirror game
    And Don the Cons White house is great at playing it. Even Don Jr is sing the same song it a family affair
    Fact is he has been failing the people as president.

    1. mrfluidvision

      At this point it’s not about parties, it’s about CONTROL of HUMANITIES RIGHTS. Our shadow government has been slowly and strategically becoming a police state, long before Trump was ever in the picture. THEY knew that if Trump were to become the next CEO of US INC, that his team would expose the shadow government agenda. The MAIN STREAM NEWS organizations are ORDERED to follow their narrative, to program all the listeners to propaganda agenda. This AWAKENING process is much bigger than any one man. This is Light vs Dark. The Dark has been dominate through the ‘shoot & kill’ movies, to promote constant FEAR & DESENSITIZE humanity. It’s to DUMMY DOWN our resistance to their agenda. General Flynn has always had our back as a true Patriot American and he knew EVERYTHING THEY DID. That’s why they don’t want him anywhere near Trump. But now… the fate of things are at play.