Message from Lemuria: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water

earth shining eraoflightdotcomThere is a merge of energy occurring, like when burning lava meets cool water. It births new land and immediately manifests vapor in the unification. There is a fire in your womb being balanced out by the integration of water in your Spirit. Kundalini energy rising, meeting the stream of a water falling. On a grander scale, all of this shows me the womb which is the Pacific Ocean and Lemurian energy, encapsulated in the womb which is the ring of fire of land surrounding the Pacific.

The energy in your belly that rises is energy of the ancients. It calls to those who are Keepers of the Earth, you, in human form currently, but who have been here since the beginning of time upon Gaia. You, in your belly, carry the stifled, repressed, traumatic energy of Gaia and humanity. You, in your belly, carry the shadow and fear of the collective. You, in your belly, carry the hopes, dreams, and desires of hearts and minds upon Earth. All of that is fire in your belly, awakening into balance. Open the belly to bring the fire, to fuel the flames!

As the fire in your belly grows and spreads, you will meet the strength of the Earth herself. She will come in and embrace your fire just when you find it too hard to bear. She will merge with you as one and call forth the force of water (emotion) to birth new land within. And the full integration of inner peace will come when you find strength within, to direct energy as the Source power itself in harmonious alignment with the ebb and flow of life.

As you do this within, you, the Keeper of Earth in human form, help Gaia to birth new land in Lumerian energy and in sacred waters of Earth. Use your collective’s energy of contrast and contracting, fiery energy to fuel the fire in your belly, and you will meet energetic balance and comfort in the heart of Gaia.

You may feel energy in your lower chakras, including internally and externally, front and back, especially in the sacral and root chakras. This may manifest as back pain, cramping, belly aches, nausea, bloating, menstrual cycle, digestion, etc. Here are a few ways to ease and flow with the flames:

Do 10 sets of quick fire breaths in and out through the nose, only using the belly to expand and contract. On the 10th exhale, breathe out all your breath from the nose until your belly cannot contract anymore. Then take a deep, long inhale through the nose and only expand the belly to its fullest. Do these longer, slower breaths for a set of 5, then repeat with the 10 sets of quick fire breaths through the nose.

Stretch the belly and back both concave and convex (inward and outward). Some great yoga poses include the cat and cow pose, bow pose, cobra pose, camel pose, garland pose, and side poses like the extended side angle.

Sink into the mantra:
“Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, I AM. In my heart, I find the space that connects me to All, and in my belly, I help Gaia to birth new light.”

» Source » Channel: Jessica Delmar