The Highest Degree of Soul Mastery

light waves eraoflightdotcomI know that you are all being challenged right now in some way or another.

Yet, this is a time when a new life, with so many opportunities, a far higher and more profound way of life is opening up, that we truly need to see these challenges as huge lessons in soul mastery.

In the Ancient Mystery Schools, they used to put you through stringent and often seeming life-threatening situations, where you needed to overcome all your fears, and literally navigate your way, through going deep within, and listening to your own inner guidance, and apply all that you had been taught. It is only when you were prepared to step past all ego, and truly have faith and trust, and apply the inner knowing, that you passed the tests and were then initiated. (Many died, because their own fears overcame them, they panicked and then caused their own deaths. If they had overcome their fears, and stayed calm and listened deep within, they would have found the path, and would have risen triumphantly).

Souls go through INNER initiations in the inner planes, where the soul is tested to the core. This is not to be seen as being punished, nor it is meant to invoke fear: – it is meant to teach you to trust you inner guidance totally, and to keep the Higher Transmitter channels open, to take those leaps of faith, and in so doing, attain ever higher degrees of mastery, and thus spiral up the different dimensional states into ever higher evolutionary states of Being.

When you truly find that still point within, you will not be bothered by the outside voices, nor what is going on all around you. You will be there, totally focused and disciplined, following the highest calling and pathways of your soul – no matter what! You will be walking, step by step, even if you cannot see the outcome yet. You will not allow the outside world to distract you, nor to instill fears nor anxieties. For fears and anxieties, blur the vision, and shut out the inner voice, and it is then that one gets pulled back into the quagmire, and loses one’s way!

We are now totally integrating the 5th dimensional state. It is already here. Do not allow the 3D to pull you back in. Rather walk the path in silence, and walk the path with faith, under the radar and do not worry about who is following you.

The Master walks the path alone if need be. For he/she does not need the approval nor the applause of the masses. The Master seeks and sees only the highest paths of Illumination!

This is time when the inner you, needs to guide you step by step, the higher guidance, and the still voice within! Listen, follow and you find a deep inner calm, peace and beautiful balance.

This is indeed the time of Enlightenment and Illumination to the highest degrees for those who are willing to embrace the highest paths.

What an opportunity for a soul to attain the highest degrees of soul mastery!

Judith Kusel

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