Archangel Michael: Polarity, Contrast and Sound

archangel michael 2 eraoflightdotcomMichael: There is another place that we are desiring for the students to have some awareness of. There is a piece that has to be worked with here to move out of the third and fourth dimensions and be more seated in fifth. That is the concept of polarity: good/bad; high/low etc. We are desiring for you to have a much different, broader perspective of the way things work in Creation. And to do that you have to step out of that very installed format of polarity.

Jim: Yes. It might also be useful to apply the word ‘contrast’ to see how ineffective or disempowering it is when you don’t pay attention to those types words. In today’s society, words, language, anger, and sound tones from the mouth are hugely destructive and ineffective (Michael agrees here). The contrast of ‘look at what is being broken down by not being in harmony and resonance and intentional.’

Michael: Yes. Very much so. As we have this discussion we open the students’ minds to a fuller impact of sound. This is very helpful. The other perception that needs to be redirected is this view of ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ dimensions. We have used that terminology with you for some time because those terms are more resonant with what you are used to hearing. But in order to step into these non-physical, expansive, unlimited realms, it is not higher or lower. You understand that. They are even-numbered sequentially, or, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. It is for a frame of reference for the physical mind to begin to grasp differences.

Jim: Yes. I’ve started to seed that concept in definitions of dimensions (Michael agrees here), so the definition begins to be considered, more so than the numerical identification.

Michael: Yes. We have taken notice of this. These are points that have to be made and seeded in the conscious awareness. There are little pieces and parts that the students need to be taking note of and actually working toward changing. It is time to change some of their viewpoints and their consciousness in regards to sound, their unlimitedness, and the unlimitedness of all of Creation. They must change the way in which they allow certain sounds to be in their environment. Sounds that they know are not conducive to maintaining states of consciousness they are trying to experience. Do you have any comments or questions?

Jim: No. I understand. I’m observing how to formulate the best communication that’s understood. That’s something I will work on over the next couple of days prior to the next session.

Michael: Yes. I think that one of the key concepts here is that sounds are creating the interface through the ninth Ray with the tenth Ray to make the tenth Ray usable within form. That gives them a greater awareness of themselves as creators. They are actually creating this interface to make these Rays more compatible within their physicality. This eliminates some of the denseness within that form. This will be very helpful. They will not have such difficulty with the energetics that we provide or with the after-effects experienced in the body. As the body begins to change and shift itself physically, they will not have some of the experiences they have had in recent times.

Jim: Yes. I hear you. This is a very large piece. This is more or less the conceptual platform to rotate consciousness, as they understand it. And step into a whole level of consciousness that is similar but far more expansive, without the third-dimensional challenges. So, this is a very pivotal piece that we’re embarking on here.

Michael: Yes, it is. We will continue in this vein in the next few classes. We will work with very simple geometries that hold the consciousness we have been speaking of. This is a big piece that I have given you today, to incorporate into the teaching and give the students time to absorb it and make it more compatible within their physicality. I will withdraw now. Blessings.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Michael and Jim Self as they prepare a class together.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Michael to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.

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