What’s Really Happening in 2020?

sunny era of light dot comDear Cosmic Community,

Now that we’re approaching mid-2020 and the initial ‘shock’ of this year’s energetic shifts has been absorbed, I feel the need to speak with you about ‘what’s really happening in 2020’ in a practical, mystical, insightful and life-affirming way. You see, ever since 2010, life has been accelerating. We’ve been pushed to open up our hearts and minds to ever-increasing levels of light and sound. Multi-dimensions have become so much clearer, to so many. Back in 2010, I even began calling my personal healing sessions ‘The Acceleration’ because I could feel our trajectory of advanced evolution. I wanted to prepare our community of light for the incredible decade (of 2010-2020) ahead.

If you look at the continued disruption and dismantling of old paradigms on Earth from 2010 until 2020, you’ll see that a HUGE bubble of change grew and would eventually burst and shift. And this ‘great’ energy bubble had been building for thousands of years…

Bubbles Have Finally Burst

It was in June 2019, that the GREAT SHIFT on Earth finally happened. I spoke about it all year during 2019 in both The Tip-Off Forecast and in many blog posts. After thousands of years of humans being aware of life on mostly a three dimensional level (the physical) we finally had burst through perceptions of the fourth dimensional reality (time) and were now into a mass awakening of the fifth dimensional reality (spirit). Where in times past there had been fewer numbers of awakened souls here on Earth, now we were ‘each’ given a huge energy jolt to remember our soul life – and to apply it in our everyday lives.

It’s because of the brave souls, throughout centuries who had woken up, shared their knowledge of our spiritual home and who risked ridicule, death, punishment, alienation and shame in doing so, that we arrived at the significant energy shift that we did in mid-2019. We had reached a CRITICAL MASS of souls who knew the truth. The time had come for the energy veils to EXPAND around our entire planet.

The Pressure Mounts

Now, this may all sound bizarre to you, perhaps even unfathomable. It certainly isn’t the easiest occurrence to explain in practical terms. But, if you look back over your life since June 2019 (and events all around the globe) you’ll see that many difficult situations have come to a head. Have you had to face and resolve old limitations that you found personally challenging and liberating? There’s a cosmic reason for this.

You see, under a 5D energy reality on Earth, it’s presumed that you know you are a soul. It’s presumed that you know that you’re a multidimensional being of light experiencing a human life. It’s because of this knowing, that you must be self-responsible for who you are.

How long have you been awake for?

Indeed, this may sound far-fetched, because we see around us many millions of humans who have not yet fully woken up and are certainly not acting in a self-responsible manner. And this is where the PRESSURE mounts. Those people who haven’t woken up yet are being pushed to do so (each day) by the prevailing energy on Earth. They may be feeling agitated and stirred. They may be feeling increasingly frustrated, because they don’t understand the restlessness and inner chaos that they’re feeling. And this is where the challenge lies. Those who have woken up need to show the way ahead to those who ARE only just starting to wake up.


And to assist us, one of the great improvements ‘and provocations’ under the 5D reality on Earth is that of ‘telepathic communication’.

It’s always been with us, but since June 2019 and especially in 2020, it’s had a huge upgrade. Even those asleep, who haven’t woken up to their spiritual origins are sensing it. Our highly attuned powers of mental and energetic communication have amplified. You see, we all know now, what each other is THINKING and we know what’s being sent to us and by whom.

Knowing what others are thinking – ADVANCED TELEPATHY

You’ve heard me speak before about the essential need to be self-responsible for what you think, what you direct and how you act when working in a fifth dimensional reality. In 5D, as you place your attention into something with great depth of concentration, you start to manifest it physically and quickly. This is why I’ve been recommending that you…

“Focus on what you’re FOR, rather than what you’re against”

Now, the more awake you are – the more you’ll recognise just how much your TELEPATHIC skills will produce instant results. You’ll need to trust your intuition and decide what you do with the information that you’re both generating and receiving.

Acting With Maturity – when you send and receive energy
There’s one important ‘cosmic’ rule to follow in 2020 and indeed, to follow for the rest of your life.

This rule will ensure that you not only act with responsibility and grow in wisdom, but it will also ensure that you both attract and give out as little pain as possible. You’ll increase the power of LOVE.

And that cosmic rule is to…

“Expect that everyone knows what you’re thinking”

That’s right – everyone knows exactly what you’re thinking – no hiding or covering up. This is not overstating the 5D reality on Earth. You can no longer get away with assuming that you can think one thing and can say or do another and no one will know. You’ll be found out and quickly.

Now, the more aware and open you are of ‘who you are’ and the workings of spirit, the MORE that you’ll hear, see, intuit, feel and pick up on thought waves (telepathy) from yourself and others. Your lessons will come in quickly. More is expected of you. This may feel like a great burden at first, but it will become your greatest evolutionary teacher.

So, imagine that you’re moving through your day and suddenly you begin thinking about someone who you haven’t seen in a while. You’re imagining times past, you can see them, you’re remembering old conversations and it feels like you’re having a direct and intense conversation with them, inside your head. You may even feel like talking with them out aloud. If this all strikes you ‘out of the blue‘ and baffles you, then consider that ‘they’ are thinking about you. You’re picking up on their mental frequency via telepathy. Recognise your telepathic communication.

Now, this is your point of power. You get to choose what you ‘do’ with the information that you’re receiving. Your head (your personality) may become agitated and unsure of what you receive. It will want you to respond in some way. But, wait. Go into your heart first (into soul) before you respond to anything that you’ve picked up on. Be mature. Be wise. Consider that the person sending their energy and thoughts to you, probably doesn’t realise that you know what they’re thinking of you and and are sending their energy and thought waves to you. And if you confront them, they’re may deny it, rather than confirm.

1. Ask yourself, ‘What is my lesson here?’ You can even telepathically ask the other person why they are sending their energy to you. Listen to your inner knowing, words, feelings or even visions that you receive. Trust in them.

2. Then here’s the important next step. Once you have an idea of why you’re being contacted, be at ease with your answer. Then, turn your energy towards what you love – put your energy into what you’re for – immediately. When you do this, you do not carry the other person’s energy. You are clear. You have your message. This is 5D communication.

And just as you’re telepathically picking up on the mental wavelengths and messages of those you know (and may not know – but they think they know you) you are also sending your thoughts and messages to others. So, be considerate of what intentions and thoughts you direct. Ensure they do no harm. You will instantly feel what you direct. And the recipient of your thought stream will feel the same.

Now, as I mentioned – the more awake you are, the more telepathic you become. But, even those who are ‘not awake’ and are seemingly caught in the deep illusion of physicality will also be sensing telepathic conversations. They however, will not know what to do with what they sense and can likely become confused, lethargic or even angry by their lack of conscious knowing. This is causing many to be fired up people on Earth at present, fighting with one another and lashing out at any provocation. That’s why it’s SO important that if you are awake and aware of your soul truth, that you make conscious choices in what you send out to the world and all others.

THE POWER OF PERSONAL CHOICE has never been more important
Your power to ‘choose wisely’ is all-important in 2020 and beyond. Consider that if you’re constantly curious about someone else and what they’re doing, that you’re sending your life force to them. You could be weakening your energy, as you do so. Plus, the source of your attention will know that telepathic energy is being sent to them. Some will like it, some will not. The more awake they are, the more they’ll be able to detect who is sending the energy and thought stream their way and they’ll be able to address it. Don’t be surprised if you’re caught out. Use your 5D skills of creating more of what you focus upon, by sending empowering thoughts, loving thoughts out into the universe (and others) and most importantly towards yourself and what you LOVE. Focus on what you’re for, rather than what you’re against. This is THE quote of 2020.

Navigating this 5D reality is simple at its core. You just need to understand that there is no separation between you and all others. You are everyone. Every other being (human, animal, mineral) is part of you. There is ONE soul in the universe being expressed in infinite ways. You ARE that ONE soul. Just as I am and all others are. From the framework of your human life and your personality, you feel distinct and individual, but on the more expansive, eternal level – we truly are all one – are of the ONE SOUL. And since June 2019, we now get to live this truth on Earth. It’s no longer just a spiritual nicety – it’s your everyday reality. The sooner you accept and live this, the sooner life will open up for you, like never before.

This is why I’ve been writing and speaking The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast every week since 2003. To remind us that we are all one. NO matter where we live or who we are. We are the one soul. I’ve always written The Tip-Off (as one forecast, no matter where you live) for the one soul, and that’s why so many people in our subscriber community, tell me that they feel like The Tip-Off is written and spoken ‘just for them’ each week. It feels so personal, because indeed, I do write and speak the energy forecasts for the one soul, that is YOU.

THE TIPPING POINT – The shadow of Atlantis and Lemuria
What awakened souls have been envisioning, speaking, teaching, writing about and working towards for tens of thousands of years, is a return to an enlightened society upon Earth. Deep within each of us are recorded soul memories of ancient spiritually awake civilisations that once flourished on Earth and elsewhere in the universe. We’re multi-dimensional soul travelers, not confined to experiences on the physical plane of existence. Many of us have memories of highly advanced, technological, 5D telepathic civilizations like ATLANTIS, which was masculine dominant, utilising mental and intellectual prowess. You can still see remnants of its legacy today.

We also have soul memories of feminine dominate civilisations, like the fabled LEMURIA (MU), which was also telepathically 5D advanced, but heart based, intuitive and peace inducing. The tipping point has been reached, where we’re now creating a NEW Atlantis/Lemuria. Our ONE Soul is asking that we created a BALANCED 5D society over the coming decades and hundreds of years. Your actions each day in 2020 and beyond are critical to this becoming our living reality.

Indeed, the critical juncture has already been reached. This happened in 2019. The group choice on Earth was to move ahead, as awake and aware souls, operating with spiritual insight and knowing. This is why I hold GREAT enthusiasm for where humanity’s evolution is heading over the coming decades. There’s no stopping the 5D reality from further enhancing our telepathic skills. We’re becoming spiritual beings who are self-realised, whilst enjoying physical lives. Perhaps, you’re palpably experiencing this already?
Now it’s ALL up to YOU

And so, the great takeaway from ‘What is really happening in 2020?’ is that YOU are the one soul on this planet. What you think, feel and how you act, affects us all. Where we head, is up to you. You have that much responsibility. And, this is something not to be burdened by, but liberated by. Focus on what you’re for. Know that everyone knows you and knows what you’re thinking. This is enough to keep you awake and aware and ON POINT for an eternity. And so it is…

You can take this opportunity and join with the thousands of awake and aware souls globally, who are successfully ascending on their spiritual path every week with The Tip-Off. It’s a choice that I know, will empower you…

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