Judas Iskariot: The Light Reveals

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and after a long dark night, the day may finally flow with its light. The light reveals everything that did not appear in the dark. The understanding of what you see is now greater and you can see a meaning in everything. You are here for a purpose even though the purpose may be just you. You are growing so it is cracking now, dear Earthlings. It is the many who have already started to grow out of children’s shoes. They begin to see and understand where life and Earth are for them. They gain a greater knowledge and a greater understanding of how complex and ingenious everything is structured and integrated with each other.

Everything is united in a so-called cosmic dance, a swirling dance of energy and movement. Nothing stands still, everything is constantly changing, even your cells change from day to day. For each new experience you get, something is added to your consciousness that affects other processes in your body. It can be good or bad depending on how you relate to the experience. Try not to put anything down in your bodies or hide something now, it stops the flow and you slow down your steps in the development process that you are in. Be open with your emotions, be calm and secure in who you are. See and understand that everything is transient and that there are two sides of a coin. If you allow things to happen, then a spiritual development can take place that will make you grow a bit in a direction you might not have imagined at all. Your perspective may have changed slightly and something new could take place in your life. That is what we mean by being attentive to our inner intuiton and to the steps that you need to take right now. Perspective can shift back and forth until a new perspective and a greater understanding can take place, which makes you completely involuntarily take a step up in your spiritual development.

This is happening right now everywhere on Earth, as harsh times trigger slightly different perspectives on different people. It is a time for growing in spiritual preoccupation. It may be that you gain new insights into life about what is important to you, in the situation you are in right now. It can affect your habits, your way of life, how you look at your body and yourself, and in a larger perspective how you view the Earth and its natural resources.

Yes, there is a lot happening now in people’s lives both inside and outside them. The earth is undergoing a strong development process and the most important thing is how we relate to what is happening. Do you see the opportunities that exist for growing, or do you inject additional energy into your body of negative emotions such as fear, hatred, and powerlessness. Behind all these negative emotions is your true self with hope, joy and love. It is there that you are guided only if you open up a little neighbor and see the love that is around you. Love is all around you, you just have to choose to see it, and it in turn will open up to completely new insights and perspectives about where you are on your own, where humanity is headed, and where the Earth is heading. A completely different light then illuminates your day and a new walk has begun on Earth. It is against the light that mankind is now walking. It is the light that brings peace, joy and love to your Earth today. Take a deep breath and feel that peace, feel the love and see the rays of the sun shine on you with all the love that is in its core. Also feel how something within you is lit and want to radiate back. The love within you wants to radiate and shine on the world. It wants to radiate inside as well as outside and all with its wonderful light.

Be in strong faith to yourselves. Let hope, faith and love be your key words. Let the intuition be your guideline leading you forward step by step.

I have great confidence in your ability and I can see how love grows in your hearts.

Great love


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg