Embracing Our Humanity

waves of light eraoflightdotcomWe laugh, we cry, we breathe, we sleep, we think, we feel, we discover. We come in all shapes and sizes, in a variety of colors and configurations, attitudes and perceptions. We celebrate birth and grieve departure. We have desires and dreams, achievements and disappointments. We explore our imagination and we engage our will. We build, and at times, destroy. We are all brilliant creator beings having a human experience and together we are humanity. We are love expressing more love in an ever-expanding awareness of our innate magnificence, both as ourselves and as a whole. When we embrace the love we are, we embrace our humanity with this same love.

Filled with amazing potential, we are born into a family, community, culture and geographical region upon this beautiful planet. From the moment we arrive, we embark upon an adventure of a lifetime and begin exploring everything this precious reality has to offer. Our bodies begin to develop and mature and our awareness starts to grow as we absorb insights, experience and wisdom from everything and everyone around us. When we are in harmony with life, our heart is our intuitive guide while our mind helps us navigate our daily journey.

Although we perceive life to be solid and static, it is an always-evolving vibrational expression. From the corporeal aspect of our bodies to the changing rhythms of the earth, everything physical is dynamic, fluid and in motion. So are our thoughts and feelings, observations and beliefs. Change is constant. Diversity is inherent in every aspect of nature along with us humans. It is through contrast and interaction that we expand and evolve into greater awareness and consciousness. Individually and together, we learn and flourish through our many experiences and encounters.

With life being in constant transformation, our minds long ago endeavored to create a sense of greater stability in an effort to protect us and make sense of our transient world. This was at the expense of our intuitive wisdom and connection with our loving heart. This imbalance throws us out of our natural state of harmony and as a result, we perceive ourselves separate from the whole, which is an illusion. This leads to doubt, fear, and limitation handed down through countless generations as control, envy, greed, competition, pride and the like.

Thankfully, since our timeless foundation is eternally vibrating in love, we are able to transcend the erroneous limitations we may have accepted. Opening our hearts and minds, we awaken once again to our innate unconditional love. We easily restore our true understanding that we are all majestic beings experiencing life in our own unique ways on this spectacular orb. Knowing this, we joyfully share our kindness and compassion, respect and wisdom with one another. By embracing our humanity, we benefit from the diverse collective expressions while enjoying our own journey of love along the way.

Love and hugs,

Harold W. Becker

Founder and President

The Love Foundation

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