Ivo of Vega: Why you Should Take Responsibility for your Own Life

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomMe: Ivo, maybe we need to call this video, “Why You should take responsibility for your life,” because unless you explain the benefits of doing so, few will be inclined to want to make the effort. (I took my own advice and changed the title.) And let’s face it, we’re at a pretty low frequency still. Think about it, a few years ago God had to decide if we were going to make it past where we were or if this was another fail again. And this time we made it. Instead of the game being folded up and put back in the box again, and a new one being started, we got to continue the old game because this time we’re going to win it. Earth has been folded 5 or 6 times now and restarted with new seed beings (Adam’s and Eve’s). The end of the time period is every 26,000 years or the end of a sign in the galactic zodiac. We just came out of Pisces and are going into Aquarius. This is why all the religious people are fearing this is the End of Times. Water running red, plagues of locusts, chaos on the planet – yup, we’ve got them all, but we’re going to come out of it too. It’s not the end, it’s a new beginning.

But we’re at the bottom. Rock bottom right now. Some aren’t. They’re vibrating way higher than the rest of the collective, they’re at a 5D or higher frequency just waiting for the day they can ascend into the higher dimensions instead of holding Light here.

Ivo: And there you have pointed out one of the benefits, my love, that you get to ascend. That you get to experience a better life.

Me: And I’ll point out, and you can capitalize this: FREEDOM FROM THE PAIN YOU’RE CREATING FOR YOURSELF. I would know. My parents taught me, a 14th dimensional soul, how to create intense daily pain for myself. They had help in the way of the reptilian who dogged my every step and kept sending me lessons until I kicked him to the curb at 40, and of the lower vibrational people I attracted, who were looking for pain relief for themselves (energy vampires), and from a system that defined me as a slave, a slave out to make money so that I can afford to eat – a system that took away all my god-given rights and made me pay for them. In spite of this, I forged on because I knew the only way to relieve my pain was to go through it.

If anyone out there isn’t sure what’s ailing them, go to a 12 step program and you’re sure to find something about yourself you can work on. I did. It opened up a whole new world for me. BUT I HAD TO LEARN TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY OWN HAPPINESS. That’s the key.

If you’re expecting someone else to make you happy, good luck with that. If you think that it’s their job to make you happy, you’re wrong. It’s your job. Thinking someone else is in your life to make you happy is a good way to get taken advantage of. My parents did that to their children and made us miserable in turn. It doesn’t work.

Those people who are keeping you down, keeping your vibrational frequency down with their toxic attitudes and shitty outlook on life, kick them to the curb. One thing you may have to learn is you’re better alone than with people who drag you down. I have lived FOR YEARS by myself instead of socializing with people who were chaotic and by virtue of associating with them, dragged my life into an emotional hell, and guess what? Ivo came through, and I have a whole host of extraterrestrials that I talk to, as well as disembodied divine masters. By the way, I’m working on a new book with El Morya, who is Chohan (Lord) of the First Ray, the Blue Ray, and he’s teaching us how to figure out our life’s mission using the 7 rays. It should be out shortly, hopefully this week even.

How do you know which ones to kick to the curb? The ones who won’t change. The ones who won’t respect you. When you’re on a path of change and others are trying to hold you back, release them. I walked away from my parents at 40, both of them. I never saw my father again. I figured it was do or die, so I did it. If I had continued to live my life by my parents’ rules I would never be doing this work, and I would never be able to go back to Vega. Sometimes the only lesson that you need to learn is these people shouldn’t be in your life, but you’re allowing it out of some false sense of either martyrdom, victimization or obligation. If you have toxic friends who pull you down, release them. Refuse to see them anymore. Make space for new friends. It might take time but they’ll show up. If you have family members that are toxic, refuse to see them. If you have a sense of guilt or shame about doing it, it’s because you have been manipulated into living their agenda instead of your own life. When you don’t make plans for yourself, someone else will. Ivo has told me that feeling guilty means that others have been manipulating you, and feeling shame means you fell for it – you believed what they told you. Shame is the lowest human emotional frequency – it is the closest to death. I came back from feeling a lot of shame at the hands of my toxic parents and you can too. Feelings don’t kill you. They will pass. Oh, and last one – if your workplace is toxic, look for a better one. I understand that with the principles of the third dimension being practised in our workplaces because they’re all about the mighty dollar, it can be difficult to find a less toxic work environment, but they are out there. Keep looking.

I love El Morya. One of the things he gave me was a prayer, which is up on his page on our website: “God grant me the power to accept your love now, the strength to walk the path you ask of me, and the clarity to see your Light. Allow me to see you through the illusion that seeks to separate us.” We had been talking about the Serenity Prayer, and he changed it using the same cadence. And he’s right – everything that separates you from God is an illusion and it’s believing these illusions that makes you feel separate from the whole of reality, and Him, and feeling unloved. When you feel pain, you’re believing in separation, in the illusion.

El Morya is awesome! I’ve got St Germain on deck for another channeling as well. I’ve been practising violet flame mantras, so we’ll see what he has to say. These are available in Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s book called, “The Violet Flame.” They’re also available on youtube to practice along with if you’re interested.

I just said that people I associated with dragged my life into an emotional hell, and yes, I was guilty of not knowing how to ignore them. However, being an empath, an Indigo who is sensitive to the energy specifically of those who are around me, and non-specifically to the rest of this world (!) achieving happiness has been fleeting for me. I realize now happiness is achieved not in wanting love or even sanity from others, it’s in GIVING love to others and as for their sanity, well, that’s up to them. I’m still working on this. Let’s face it, if you can learn to love everyone no matter what, you are truly free.

Ivo: And this is another thing you have learned, my love. That in loving all you are free from fear of them. This is the violet flame working in your life. The violet flame is a special gift that allows you to feel free from your burdens and troubles. It works well on your finances as well.

Me: Yes, I have to take the metaphysical solution because the bankers aren’t cutting me any slack in our now cashless society. So I’ve also been looking for places who take cash and refusing to shop at places that don’t. There’s no penalty for using cash and no horrendous bank charges either.

Ivo: You pay for convenience.

Me: That’s the system. So so many of us have to back away from our conveniences in order to be able to afford to live. I believe this will be the solution, and a possible black market based on cash, because the Deep State is trying to go cash-free and then want to track you using your cell phone. Half the time I don’t know where my cell phone is. I use it as a camera mostly. And I don’t have “data” on my phone.

Which is another point: learn to resolve your problems.

Ivo: Yes, I remember a certain lightworker sitting in 12 step groups for codependency, money issues, weight and food issues, relationship issues, alcohol issues.

Me: I was an escape artist. I escaped into food, booze, shopping, codependent relationships, work, overspending… you name it, I sought refuge from life in it, not knowing then that I was digging myself deeper into the Illusion.

Ivo: And then you went through dark night of the soul.

Me: For five years. That’s when I saw Archangel Michael and felt feathers wrapping around my face when I’d fall asleep. Must’ve been Hieronymous, dear soul he is. I was getting glimpses of my future with all of you, a future I can embrace and only want more of.

Ivo: There was much you’d repressed by your addictions, and a soul connection was the main thing. Once you went through dark night of the soul, your connection became stronger and you were more ready to face your problems and resolve them. You still had some challenges ahead, because the dark was still targeting you, and you dealt with them well.

Me: If anyone has been to hell, it was me. I’ve met other lightworkers who have similar stories. Constant stress and problems, targeted for being on earth. Simply put.

Ivo: I told you you were more powerful than all of that and you realize that now. You laugh when you think of reptilians, you see their ships and send Merton off to blow them up.

Me: I saw a great one yesterday. Not the usual silvery blob in the sky, this one had the actual shape of a plane.

Ivo: There is much air traffic over your cities, we are still working on taking these alien cities down. We have much warring to do. Yes, when you hear reports of us working in LEO, lower earth orbit, this is what COBRA is referring to. These cities of reptilians, with their vehicles….

Me: Like the triangular ship that was hovering over my other apartment!

Ivo: For example. Some of these are cloaked secret military ships as well.

Me: I sent it love!

Ivo: When you begin to look at your life’s problems and face them rather than running from them or expecting others to solve them for you, you gain in power. Sharon has the power to take out enemy ships herself, and she dealt with the men in black who visited her home 5 years ago.

Me: Yeah, don’t wake me up at 4 a.m. I don’t take kindly to that. LOL

Ivo: They have never returned either.

Me: You guys dealt with that problem. This is another point I think we should make: when you deal with your problems with a third dimensional mindset, that strictly of intellect, you don’t realize how much help you’re getting. So you think you’re alone and have to deal with all your earthly problems by yourself. You don’t. Just ask for help. Ask Archangel Michael. He’s always available to help you. It can be very overwhelming to think you’re doing life on earth by yourself. You’re not. You always have guides and your higher self. Always.

Ivo: Yes, another benefit. That feeling of being alone disappears.

Me: Since I started to take responsibility for my life, for my own happiness, I have lost the feeling of the whole world hates me, I have lost the feeling that I’m alone, I have gained in power, I have gained in self esteem (through soul connection; the ego has no sense of self), I have fewer problems, the problems I do have aren’t as severe, I get a kick out of some of the things that are supposed to be problems like dark ships targeting my house, I enjoy doing this battle as a matter of fact because I know they’re no threat, I also know the higher your frequency the fewer problems you’ll experience even in today’s chaotic situation, instead of running from life I now give back to it. When one of the old problems resurfaces, I make short work of it because I’m far more experienced and assertive than I was the first time I experienced that problem.

I learned to go against the flow and be happy. I learned that I’m not part of this world and that’s why it doesn’t suit me. I learned I am the only person around me who thinks like I do and that’s also okay. I’m different and I love it. I learned that problems aren’t problems and people aren’t assholes – problems are learning opportunities – sometimes leading to amazing awarenesses of who I am and what I’m capable of, and assholes are people who have come to teach me my lessons – teachers. I learned that in repressing my emotions, I was cutting off contact with my soul, and that this soul holds the keys to the universe for me. Hating people for teaching you lessons only indicates a refusal to learn. Embracing the lesson they have to teach you will propel you forward towards happiness. Just ask, “What can I learn from this about myself?” Resenting people for having created chaos in your life only indicates how powerless you feel to do anything to help yourself. Hanging on to that anger only keeps you stuck in a lower frequency – forgiveness is the key to raising your vibration again. How many times I thought people had ruined my life when in fact they were preparing me for this! Imagine had I never worked the lessons and overcome my pain, I would be stuck on earth rather than going back to Ivo when I die!

Ivo: Yes.

Me: We decided we want to have a baby when I go back to using my other body – as Tiannia. Ivo and I have decided we want a girl and we’re going to name her Portia because I love the name. Portia is St Germain’s mate’s name. So we have Enoch and Ianna at 150 years old and then Portia will be born after I return to Vega and finish healing from this experience.

Ivo: Yes.

Me: I also learned that you only have as much power as you want. If you fear power, you won’t have it because fear is the antedote to power, and power is the antedote of fear. They are opposites. Fear is lack of power. So you move ahead at a rate that you can take rather than feeling like you’re being shoved off of a cliff into the unknown. It’s do-able. Your soul won’t move you any faster than you can take and you, as a personality, still have control over the process of your personal growth and empowerment. It’s do-able.

What is horrific is living in fear. That’s terrifying, obviously. People fear change, but staying disempowered is worse.

Ivo: Yes, my love, you have learned and are still learning. Working with the violet flame as you are an indigo personality on earth, is important. Transmutation of negative energies is important for your sanity. You feel the entire earth at a personal level and are very affected by what is going on there. Others are not as sensitive. So in taking responsibility for your own happiness, you take responsibility for the happiness of your world and you raise its vibration. Transmutation is important.

You are all alchemists and can work the violet flame in your lives and for the world. Especially now it is important.

Me: Thanks Ivo.

Ivo: My love, your chemtrails are prevailing and now you must go to the park.

Me: Yes, we’ll clear them up. kiss kiss


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