Master El Morya: The Big Picture

master el morya eraoflightdotcomThe possibilities for inner conversion are greater today than ever! The light of God can open the hearts of men today and in this way provide for the transformation of man. Whoever opens himself to the light of God and seizes the possibilities for his healing is blessed.

Many unique challenges have to be mastered by people today. Never before in recent human history has the manipulation of mankind been so far advanced and never before have so many people slipped into self-chosen slavery.

Everything that you currently perceive as an imposition on earth can only be imposed on you because you let it be endured.

Humanity is to be kept from awakening by electromagnetic interference. This is the real reason behind all arguments. It is about guiding man and robbing him of the ability to think for himself.

Nevertheless, the possibilities of waking up now are greater than ever before. For what presents itself to you as hopeless is in truth only the last rebellion of those forces that are worried about their power and that know that their time is over. Although a large number of people are under the negative influence of these vibrations, there are groups of people who are unmatched and unaffected by them.

These people are what matters now! That is why your NO is of such great importance.

Your NO to the temptations of a system based on exploitation and abuse.
Drawing energy from the system

That is why it is important that you check your shopping behaviour carefully. It is important that you draw energy from the system where it is vulnerable.

Getting out of the system means questioning the convenience of the system and, if necessary, getting out of it.

The whole planet is undergoing a transformation. A great dynamic is emerging and events that no one can foresee will determine the future.

Until then, however, it is important to stay with one’s mind and one’s self and to face all the demands of the old system with determination but composure.

Knowledge and understanding are of great value. For he who does not know the dangers cannot protect himself. It is even more important to know that the divine light and your consciousness can meet every danger appropriately.

If you are inwardly connected with yourself and with God, then you will be given solutions for every situation and you will not remain a victim condemned to powerlessness.

Live self-determined

To live self-determined is only possible if you know yourself. As soon as you realize that you are much more than just a human being, the way to further insights is paved.

Earthly and purely human matters take on a completely different meaning from the higher spiritual perspective.

The person who grasps himself holistically – as spirit, soul and body – has all the prerequisites to master the demands of this time and to receive a unique transformation thrust through the divine light that is now reaching the earth.

To grow in great tasks can be your goal today

– Pay attention to small things by recognizing their value for the great, but not by losing yourself in them.

The big picture we are talking about today is: your return to yourself. Who are you really? Answer this question with the help of the divine light that is freely available to every person in this time of grace.

What darkness and wickedness there is will continue to show itself until the light and the good have conquered the hearts of men. Then there will be no stopping – the dark will be enlightened and weary of itself.

Until that day, stay on course and keep coming closer to yourself. For only in this way will your life remain full of meaning and familiar with what is happening on earth today.

I am among you.


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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl