The Collective of Guides: Time of Transition

the collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

We see many of you in a state of despair, of questioning, of wondering “when this madness will end,” and we would say many things in response to that.

We would say that though you have chosen to be here on the planet at this time, that nevertheless you are still in the process of shifting from living on one kind of planet to an entirely differently kind, and that the shock of that shift is affecting you even on a cellular level, as well as a mental/emotional and etheric one.

Nearly all of you came in at this time specifically to anchor calm and steadiness in this time of transition—a sense of “All is Well” into the Earth Herself, and for those around you.

What may feel to be missing some days, is that same reassurance ringing through your own inner life, and this is because another reason you came in at this time—to rinse yourself free of the old trauma, density, and other third dimensional frequency that might otherwise delay or distract you from your Ascension path.

We would love to say that there is always an easier way than viewing the rubble and destructive outbursts you see around you now, but that would be doubtful.

That is not because you or your Earth or all the beautiful higher vibrational beings, who are cheering you on and assisting where they can, are not doing your jobs.

You are all doing amazingly well, fulfilling the roles you envisioned before incarnating..

Yet when you think a person who is recovering from serious illness or injury, you know it is unrealistic to expect that person to leap out of bed and transition to being fully active in the blink of an eye.

First they must release any inner identifying they took on over the months or years of their illness.

They must release the tendency to think that they are naturally weak, that their life is naturally hard, even incomprehensible some days, and that others have little or no idea what they go through, living in weakness and pain.

Like the one rising from the sickbed, you must release that which no longer serves any purpose, and which would only hold you back now.

The time has come to release the feeling that you are “different,” that your life is naturally hard and sometimes incomprehensible to others and even to yourself.

Time to release the idea that you are “separate” somehow—from other people, from your own higher self, from the benevolence this Universe holds, ready to express at every moment.

Time to realize that the old giving way for the New—however bizarre that may look some days—is not a crisis, except of the kind that brings healing.

And time to realize that you are one of the crucial presences whose energies have spurred on the upending of the old regime of dysfunction and oppression.

You are here to a great degree, so that that healing crisis could spring out of the “normalized destruction” you have lived with for thousands of years.

Illness, injury, and all hardship are not “normal” for those in higher dimensional life, and so will feel increasingly strange and unnecessary to you.

Nor are they required for soul growth and understanding.

And yet, as an old building falls, dilapidated and dysfunctional though it may have been, it is still a shock to see the gap it leaves on that particular street.

It is still hard to take the crashing sounds, the rubble that piles up, the dust that rises, the feeling that something familiar has been lost.

That is a normal reaction. Yet increasingly now we see a new reaction, for so many are reaching beyond the images of loss and destruction.

Instead we see increasingly the willingness to bless and release the old structure, with full faith that the new is already being built, and that all of you are consistently working on not only its design, but its creation.

The release of the old Earth will not continue indefinitely, for it cannot.

The current energies are too positive, too intent on co-Creation for the loss of the old to continue for years on end.

These same energies are also speeding your own and Earth’s Ascension at a rate that cannot be slowed nor stopped by any technology, invisible matrix, or outer event.

Those living in denial about the New Earth forms, and the necessity of them now, will find it harder and harder to hold onto the old ways of thought, feeling, action, and beliefs.

Increasingly these will fail them, even those who hide sequestered and cloistered from the rest of the world, and all the upheavals that move you consistently toward change.

We see so much bravery, so much independence of thought and living being claimed now, from so many millions, whether you march in the streets, or write or speak, or build sustainable housing, or grow organic food, or simply pray and breathe.

And the beauty of that outpouring is so astounding, so empowering to all of us gathered now to witness and to assist, wherever you request assistance, that your languages are not equal to the task of describing it.

From where we are, we see your Earth’s vibration shifting to that of a free and sovereign planet, healed of the effects of those trained to exploit and subjugate Her gifts as if they were property to be bought and sold.

In time, none of the old forms of suppression and slavery will exist, and you are seeing not just the beginning but the full-on process of the removal of those systems.

Will you take the time to celebrate your own increasing freedoms, friends?

The freedom to love rather than judge where you are in life—whether you stress over your finances or your physical health, or your connections to loved ones.

Your time in Nature, your connections to Her and to everyday activities, and the many choices you make each day to partake either more fully of the Light in food, music, words, thoughts, images—or to retreat a bit, unsure as to whether you have the right to feel that empowered.

You have every right!

The Earth cannot be owned, nor Her people, Her animals, Her air, water, land, or space.

You are Her stewards, and you have collectively, as a race of beings, made the decision to take back that role, and to live it out with beauty and strength, in systems that support fairness, Abundance, equality for all.

We wish to say, we do not stand back passively and observe.

So many of us walk the Earth now, or have done so in other eras—and all of us stand with you in the etheric to assist however we can, without impeding your free will.

And so call out to us for assistance at any time.

We are happy to reply with ready help, though it may come to you in energetic form—as ideas, as healing of old wounds, as new inventions and new bridges built between once-separate groups.

We stand as we do—in the higher realms, on the ships, and in your homes and on your streets—to assure you, you can only move forward from here.

Namaste, dear ones!

Celebrate, for you are never alone.

Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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