New Solar Cycle

earth shining eraoflightdotcomWe are taking a part, and we are observing ASCENSION. This is not anymore a term in a book, article, spiritual oriented community; it becomes as a Real-Time EXPERIENCE for most of Humanity. Humans are WAKING UP.

For a decades all has led to this Moment. And, Now, with our entering in a New Solar CYCLE, with this most vital year for Human Collective, – 2020 is a Turning Point for Everything.

Each earth’s day is bringing us or closer to organic Primary Ascension Timeline, or closer to the Timeline, where all work that has done by so many of us, then is for nothing.

The reason, why I use this sentence above in so radical way, is not to bring lower spectrum of sensations or emotions, BUT to be aware, how serious is each step of the Path we are on.

External occurrences serves for purpose, to Divide; Internal occurrences – awakening serves for purpose to Unite. All, HOW we can made a difference is found WITHIN. From Within we are seeing and feeling, how tryings to manipulate with perception has become so visible.

Recently, I saw this term, and it fits for a “global situation”, – we are observers of biggest Nonsense.

But, we can shift our focus point on, what is true BENEFIT for All of us; what is bringing FRESHNESS, Divine Octaves of Source Sound Tones, Everything NEW.. for us to BE in this NEW.
And, SHIFT your unique Vibration higher.

Solstice 2020 Solar Coding is a massive support “package”; it’s about real ‘tangible’ Codes for each and everyone to receive / perceive / absorb / process / get activated. In other words, it’s a strongest PUSH for us to literally Access more higher levels in our individual Awareness (in Collective Awareness as a Whole). And, from this point, we are becoming more conscious aware and responsible about ourselves and the world we see ourselves living – we want ourselves to take part in it.

Inner Awakening means inner Knowing, that “I am much more than this physical body, personality, goals, perception of reality…”

Inner Awakening leads to experiences, where we Know ourselves as a Awareness / Higher Self / highest Intelligence / various higher Aspects and more.
Yes, with all of this, we still can” be a Humans” or “have a human experience”, and create our Life(Stream) in a ways that feels the best and in alignment. But, we will also notice, that while we are leveling up and having expansions in Knowing and understanding, the way how we are living will also changes. And, it will be so organic, so smooth, that we will love our new versions of ourselves even more.
And, this is, how is created a NEW EARTH.

Without illusions, but through honesty and purity by ourselves; with infinite Creativity and art of Creation.
I AM the New Earth Frequency ~ 🌎

Take this Flight higher,
there are so much Gifts of Love and Light.
Christ Consciousness golden-white brilliance through us All 🌈💎🌈
To be Divine is not complicated..
It is to be.. in ease 💛

Kwana Mikaela

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