The Nine: Will We Live to See the New Earth in our Lifetimes?

new light human eraoflightdotcomWill we live to see the New Earth in our lifetimes? Will we get to experience it?

Dear Pixie,

Whilst you may not see New Earth in it’s fullest geological sense, for it is ever changing and ever reconstructing it’s form – you will indeed experience it.

In your current now time nexus point, New Earth is fully formed within the fifth dimension – so within your consciousness you, the starseeds, hold the constructional blueprints. You now begin to plant the seeds of that consciousness in your geological reality and create the “New Earth Communities” – thus you shall experience the New Earth, for it is an energetic.

Not only do you plant seeds and begin to experience the first physical aspects of this New Earth but you step into your rightful places as the “Founding Fathers and Mothers” of New Earth. You are “the Founders” if you will or “The Founding race” – you will be known for thousands of years into your future.

You shall be blessed and honoured by your descendants for eons to come. Many of you known by name and quoted for hundreds and hundreds of years. You will be known as the Rainbow tribes, New Earth Founders and the New Dawn “builder races” by those who come after you.

You are ‘those who came from the stars’ to seed the galactic society.

Mind your words well, dear starseeds, for they shall be etched in the sands of time for millennia – holding keycodes and encryptions of the diamond core monads that are creating a future trajectory now.

Your descendants build at the ‘other end’ if you will (from New Earth in it’s fullest geological sense) for you feel one another and unite across time – just as you do with your ancestors, including those of Atlantis and Lemuria. For the time matrix is not linear…it is but a spiral that which you project as you open your higher heart chakras and radiate the New Plasma Light DNA configurations across the time matrix, or that which you may know as “The Cosmic Time Clock.”

~ We are The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine 💙💙💙💜💜💜💙💙💙

» Source » Channel: Magenta Pixie