Three Consecutive Upcoming Energies

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomThe arrival of THREE consecutive upcoming energy types, is known in advance by many across Gaia. So that each can choose where to be, what to do, in awareness that THREE VERY different energies are to arrive. One of these energies would be impactful. But added together, NON-STOP, over three full days, it is going to be HUGE.

20 June: Solstice energies. Energy type 1
21 June: Thunderbolts of Solar Energy. Energy type 2
22 June: Portal opens. Energy type 3

22nd June (DAY 3) is ALWAYS a Portal date. Always one of THE most significant dates of each year. Portals can be GIVEN to the collective as part of the overall bigger picture design. Or they can be OPENED by humans when we embody the ability to open Portals. When we open them, it’s always in the NOW moment, so not planned in advance. We show up, be energy, open a Portal. We go through that Portal WITH the people we are with, as they get lifted through too. Ultimately, even if we open Portals ourselves, that too was planned into the grand design, outside of this reality, by our consciousness facets working together. So we can magnetise to each other, join together as high frequency energy, where one person opens the Portal, and all present, jump through together.

22nd June date, IS a Portal that opens potentially FOR US ALL as a Collective. 22 June is a set date for a Portal to open for us, yet it is a different ENERGETIC each year. It is always frequency based. You enter by MATCHING it’s frequency. It stays open, remains open, for any to enter when they are aligned to match it’s frequency.
It takes quiet inner connection of our PRESENCE, as our own energy, to see a Portal, or feel ourselves entering one. After entrying any Portal, more becomes known the other side, as to the nature of the Portal we have just travelled through. So we know more in the days after we have entered through a Portal. Effectively it is like a jump, a leap THROUGH and onto another LIGHT NODE (area) of the vast array of light nodes our Consciousness experiences. To be aware we are about to enter a Universal Portal, we have to be PRESENT, to watch it actually open before us. A Portal OPENING, starts off as very subtle, it then begins to spiral. The Portal energy becomes a faster and faster spin and energy strength, it builds momentum, until we are literally catapulted through it. Once through, we can then begin to experience and know what it is about, where we have landed, via our consciousness, via our new experiences that unfold. Therefore more becomes known and understood in the days to FOLLOW, after we are through.

DAY 1 (Solstice) and DAY 2 (SUNday) are linked to DAY 3 (Portal). They bring in different energies that add together, adding momentum, like a vortex of sustained energy that ADDS to DAY 3. Solstice being the longest day of linear time of our SUN’s energy in the Northern Hemisphere. Where our planet receives the highest degree of the Sun’s energy.
The THUNDERBOLTS of energy NOW being delivered each SUNday, are very instant, concentrated energy bursts from our Sun. They happen within split seconds, yet deliver instantly MASSIVE and POTENT ENERGIES to the human body. We receive the degree of Thunderbolt Energy, based on the human body’s ability to withstand/receive. And we each also have, higher energetic assistance from the higher dimensional realms, who are supporting us. This support will only increase in the next two years, as we BRIDGE and bring these higher realms and realities into the solid reality experience for all.

Each date, brings VERY different energies. Until they arrive, I personally won’t know what they are specifically. But as I work with non solid ENERGIES directly in the present moment, I will know what they are briefly are in the moment they arrive and more understanding is gained in the proceeding days as they integrate.

Just as we can know in advance of forthcoming energetics, be they significant collective or personal energy shifts, so too do the energies we can label MALEVOLENT know of upcoming energetics being delivered to us in this collective rise of consciousness. Malevolent beings monitor the collective, and the individuals. For some years now, various human beings on the planet have reached a certain energetic frequency where they can not be stopped in their rise and Service to the WHOLE in this planetary rise of Consciousness. Malevolent entities therefore can not approach directly these people, as the higher energetic human beings hold no fear of them. The only option is to target them INDIRECTLY through various means, people, circumstances presented to the Higher Energetic Human Being, JUST BEFORE A MAJOR ENERGETIC SHIFT. All the malevolents can do, is try and lower human frequency, thus slow down the inenvitable rise in collective consciousness that brings about the changes we wish to see and be a part of. I am mentioning this for your discernment. When we KNOW of an immenent energetic shift, we KNOW also, that immediately prior to that shift, malevolent energies will try to intervene to stop us, by attempting to lower our energetic frequency. When we know this, it then becomes funny. As it becomes so obvious. Even the most subtle interference is seen. Often, mostly, if the interference comes to us VIA another human being, that human being will be innocent of knowing they are being energetically utilised (temporarily implanted), to distract and divert the human being working with incoming energies for the whole, away from there PRESENT MOMENT focus on working with the INCOMING ENERGIES. Discernment is unfortunately needed in a multi-dimensional experience, and to keep ourselves light, in our reaction and choice in any moment, means we can not be disempowered and taken away from our collective service. We therefore have to become WISE to what comes into our field, when we are aware of imminent high energetics coming into the planetary consciousness for humanity, all kingdoms and beloved Gaia. When we are in present moment awareness, in discernment, making wise choices of what to give our energy to, we are ensuring that we are doing what we came here to do, in our service to the whole.

Allow all to flow through.
Be present.
Be Love to yourself and ALL.
Choose your thoughts (wisely).
Constantly CHOOSE WHAT to give your energy to.
Discern: Are you moving out of your own energy field, back into the illusion?

AFTER DAY 3 (22nd June):
Allow integration. It takes THREE days for any one energy to integrate into the physical cells. We have THREE energies to integrate into ONE. Give yourself time for YOU. It’s all you remember. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself…Your own Presence and own choice. By being with YOU, in your present moment, you allow YOU to see what’s happened for you, and to you. You will understand what has changed. Only YOU know. No other knows for you. They are not your unique perception. They are theirs.
Check in with yourself. Are you out of balance? Are your thoughts neutral? You can adjust that if you choose to.
Rest as needed. Listen to your body. Allow all to unfold day by day within you. Allow your Soul presence.

Understand that EVERYONE will react differently to these forthcoming energies. Each have their unique design. It’s actually all perfect. There is no right or wrong. Just experience. Your aligned state eases your onward journey, that unfolds in beauty when we are LOVE to ourselves and ALL others, and IN our NEUTRALITY. Because Zero Point is what we sustain, and thus embody more and more of our consciousness from.

I’m guessing I won’t be reading many messsges this weekend! But I will see you on Sunday, for our collective Anchoring across Gaia, and I will give of energy and of Love.

One Love
Amanda Lorence

PS…I also feel the energies will start arriving on FRIDAY evening (19th, and U.K. time). They always start ahead of what we know to be so. And I forgot to mention we will receive THE Rainbow Rays/Energies at some point this weekend 💙🕊💙