Magnetic Shifts

stargate eraoflightdotcomWe are experiencing a new level of Embodiment and revelation and increasing physicalisation of what is already created in the etheric. More Magnetic Shifts are predicted following the June 23rd scientifically unexplained Global Magnetic Anomaly so the next phase of magnetic releases is beginning. Two important planetary events shift the energy field completely this week:

• Mars crosses the World Axis into Aries for 6 months instead of the usual 6 weeks!
• A Lunar Eclipse across 13 Capricorn/Cancer on July 5

The next 6 months are going to be intense. Mars crosses the sensitive World Axis on June 28th and exits on January 6th 2021, travelling back and forth across his own sign of Aries. It’s been 32 years (1988) since the last Mars retrograde in Aries and it will be 47 years before it happens again in 2067.

This transit will dominate the second half of 2020, so check your chart to find out which aspect of your life Mars will be energising. In August and again in December, the Warrior planet will make repeated squares to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn plus an exact conjunction with Disruptor Eris-the stakes are high.

Whatever happened back in March when Mars conjuncted Saturn and Pluto will be coming back round again for resolution. For most of us, this was when the Covid19 lockdowns began…….

This is warrior, pioneering energy, intensifying the life force, the libido, upleveling your physicality. The shadow side is ego and the refusal to consider other people in pursuit of your goals. In the collective, the 1% are going to be repeatedly challenged by the rage of the 99% in a perfect storm caused by of lockdown frustration, financial losses and hardship mixed with demands for social equality.

Growth and evolution will come from how well you transform Strong Will into Skilful Will through psychosynthesis. We all need to become Sacred Actioneers.

Next Sunday July 5th the Lunar Eclipse is the very last of 9 eclipses across Capricorn/Cancer since 2018. One by one, they have brought home to every single one of us the lived Truth of the fragility and impermanence of life – as Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto’s transits through Capricorn at the same time have broken apart social frameworks, governments and the economy. This is a time to be very gentle with yourself – the world will feel harsh and emotions raw. The Capricorn Moon can be hard on those of us who are sensitives.

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