The Angels: Weathering a Wild World

the angelics eraoflightdotcomMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe dear ones! Feel the life and energy of love moving through you with each inhalation. Allow this love to flow into your lungs, mingle with your blood and then be transported to every cell of your body. You are alive! That in itself is a gift you gave yourself when you chose to incarnate upon your planet earth.

We understand that right now it may not feel like such a gift to be upon your planet. We understand that everything seems topsy turvy. From your angle we understand that it may seem like a terribly difficult time to be alive, and yet as we see it, this is an incredible, unprecedented, amazing time of re-birthing yourselves as a human race, and re-birthing your individual souls into a greater alignment with who you really are.

You as a collective human race, wanted, craved, and prayed for change, and change is upon you.

So how to weather these times with grace? We offer here a few thoughts to help you stay in a higher and happier truth – no matter what you witness in the world around you.

Do not be afraid of the unknown, but rather embrace the uncertainty. Unless you are intentionally manifesting, focus your attention in the present moment, find the joy there, contribute the love there, and trust that the power which creates universes is responding to a collective plea for greater order and unity. You are loved. You are guided. In the present moment your heart will know what to do in the next.

Do not fear for your lives, because the Source of Life itself lives and breathes within you. Not a single soul ever leaves your planet until the soul and your creator (which are really united forevermore as the wave and the ocean are one) mutually decide that it time to re-emerge into your greater being.

Do not fear for the quality of your lives because the quality of your life is never dependent upon external things and situations, but rather how you respond to them. There are people in impoverished countries living lives that are richly abundant with love and joy, and there are people who have millions living in abject misery.

The external circumstances may seem to “give you” a certain quality of life, but in reality the quality of your reaction to life is what allows the universe to bring you the external circumstances you desire. Love and appreciate what you already have and you’ll allow for more.

Worry less about changing the world. Focus more on loving yourself and being kind to those within your sphere of influence. Just as one candle can light ten more which can light ten more which can light ten more… a single act of kindness can spiral outward, and affect a magnitude of people that is beyond your comprehension. A single act of love can affect thousands. A single inspiring idea, given to the right person, as guided, can spark massive change.

And while it is fine to identify with your human groupings – your communities, cultures, races, countries, religions, and political persuasions, remember that in your essence you are One love experiencing itself in countless forms, and that is the way it was meant to be.

Instead of fearing or hating those who have different ideas, focus on the fact that you are united in the unseen realms of energy and essence. You all want and crave a more loving world. Even the violent and angry among you are crying for love. Even those whose ideas you despise, are trying to find a more loving reality.

Pray for those you can’t stand, but also pray that your own anger and judgment be removed so you can tap into a lasting, eternal peace, and a loving vibration in which no one will have more power over you, than you.

Which would you prefer dear ones? To live in love or to live in fear? To live in peace or to live in anger? To feel that your freedoms can be taken away or to embrace the fact that the greatest freedom you will ever possess is the power to choose the thoughts that make you feel good, and in so doing raise your vibration into a synchronization with the Creator of universes? You get to choose.

If we were in your shoes we would give ourselves permission to be happy and to look forward to an amazing future. Imagine a world in which you embrace one another and come together to make this world a better place. Imagine a world in which people focus on well-being instead of fearing illness.

Imagine a world where Mother nature, and human nature, is nurtured, respected and protected. Imagine, dear ones, that your love has brought this new reality into being, for indeed brave souls, you are the midwives of a new emerging reality.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
~ The Angels

» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton