Madison Rosenberger: Biggest Anger Release of the Century

energy waves eraoflightdotcomSO MUCH ANGER… that’s the theme right now. All of the anger in the collective is being brought up for transmutation. As a society, anger has been stuffed into our pores for eons, we have repressed it, ignored it, and unconsciously lived with it.

Anger for injustice and unfairness
Anger for being controlled
Anger for being spiritually repressed
Anger lingering from ancestors and past lives
Unfounded anger
Justified anger
Anger at the world
Anger at ourselves
Anger from being hurt or bullied
Unconscious anger
Conscious anger
Abuser anger
Victim anger
Anger derived from sadness and fear

Mostly anger from sadness and fear….

All emotions in our 3D existence stem from one of two core feelings, love and fear.

Our collective anger stems from fear.
Fear of…

  • Not being good enough
  • Not being understood
  • Not being heard
  • Not being treated fairly
  • Not being important
  • Not being loved
  • Missing out
  • Being left out

All of this makes us intrinsically sad, at our core.
We experience this fear and sadness due to our illusion of separation.

Our soul’s are unconsciously sad that we have not yet woken up to the oneness of all, which would give us innate knowing and understanding that you are me and I am you, so therefore your actions are mine and mine are yours.

We are all equal
We are all “good”
We are all “bad”
So therefore no one is wrong and no one is to blame.

Our outward collective manifestation represents our collective inner state.

And it is very clear that our inner state is angry and that needs to be felt.

Whether you’re angry because:

  • You’re being forced to wear a mask.
  • Others are refusing to wear masks.
  • Simply wearing one makes you angry (my friend made an incredible analogy to the aggression being masked is bringing out of people, similar to a dog on a leash with leash aggression. Simply by having our communication and emotions retained by the mask it is eliciting unacknowledged and even unfounded fear and anger within us)
  • You hate our president
  • You hate the way the president is being treated
  • You are fed up with the way the world is being run
  • You are fed up with the division we have created amongst our people
  • You are fed up with the oppression and treatment of our people
  • The world seems to be going to shit
  • The world seems to have lost its mind
  • You don’t know if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • You wish it would all just end

That’s exactly why it won’t all just end, because no matter what “side” you are on in the current political and social climate of our world you probably feel some anger. Anger that has been repressed in our society for EONS and needs to be felt.

My guides tell me that there will be a possible second wave of the virus or other catastrophe due to the fact that we haven’t yet truly learned the lessons of the first wave. And the lessons have nothing to do with whether or not you are wearing your mask, it has to do with something much deeper.

The lessons have to do with three things:

  1. Are you feeling your feelings?Your typical distractions such as sporting events, night life, movie theaters, and more have been taken away because you are asked to finally face your repressed emotions. You are asked to stop actively working to stay busy. All the things you may have used to numb yourself are gone, all that’s left is to give attention to your feelings. You don’t have to fix them or analyze them, just sit with your anger, your sadness, your fear, be with it. Meditate with it.
  2. Are you practicing compassion and non-judgement to yourself and to others?

We are all in this together. There is no such thing as right or wrong, there only is “what is”. And what is, is that everyone is feeling their own emotions and that can look messy. Everyone is only doing the best they can with what they have. Everyone is on the same journey to allow the anger, sadness, and fear to come up. It’s our mission to have compassion for what everyone’s journey looks like, including our own. To release judgement of ALL OF IT, to acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their experience because it has a purpose for them and lessons for those around them as well.

3. Have faith

Have faith in your higher power, have trust in the plan. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Every little thing has a purpose. Even the terrible, seemingly inhuman and evil pieces of life have their part to play in the greater picture. Do not fret, everything is happening as it should. Better than it should. My guides are assuring me that all this anger being brought up for healing is the best possible thing that could happen for us. We are clearing out and transmuting that which has held us back from evolving. Good things are coming, it may be rough waters getting there, and you may experience some cognitive dissonance as things start to unravel and be unveiled, but I promise that the destination is beautiful. Where we are headed is going to be fantastic, the future for our society is a good one. Have faith.

In August I am launching my VIP Membership Community called, Radiant Soul. Each month I will be sharing a channeled Cosmic Christed Activation from my guides. They have shared with me that the first activation will be one intended for helping to heal this anger we carry deep within the consciousness of our collective!

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