In This Moment, The Universe Wants You To Know

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomIf one wishes to discover the true meaning of oneness, then one must go to where divinity always dwells– not in a dimension above and beyond it all but right here, dressed up as the miracle known as you.

Once this you has been found, the truth of it all has been remembered. Your body is the living presence of Source energy with each and every thought, feeling, response, or reaction being one of infinite expressions of innocence…growing, expanding, maturing and evolving to celebrate the infinite capacity of One knowing itself on all levels and within all forms, degrees, and variations.

May your experience of Truth not be two opposite nouns known as ‘human’ and ‘divine’, but one eternal reality where Source and subject are interconnected, even when experienced differently in the beauty of perception.

From my heart to yours, All For Love,

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