Sanat Kumara: The Cosmic Mystery

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomLook at this time as the great illusion. Expand far beyond space and time, because that is where life begins.

Beloved humans, this message intends to expand your consciousness and to convey to you a slight idea of the here and now. What you are experiencing here on earth, all that you experience in the course of a lifetime, is barely more than the blink of an eye of the Creator – and yet, you give it such importance.

The true meaning of all human life lies in the realization that you are caught in an illusion.

So proceed, look deep and reveal your own eternal secret. Past and future only exist in the illusion of time.

Once you have opened the door of awareness and passed through, everything that limited your spirit in this world will fall off.

I therefore invite you to extract the actual value from all that is earthly.

Here you experience yourself as limited, here you experience yourself as egoistic, and here you experience yourself as mortal. This cosmic mystery regarding mankind is calling for a solution.

You will find this solution inside of you – within yourself, the awareness of your own infinitude is awakened, and within yourself lies the gift of perceiving the limitless light on all levels of creation:

• The descent into the dense third dimension has made you believe that solid matter represents reality.

• Your ascension into the fifth dimension and beyond will open your eyes. The big game comes to an end, and you return to your own beginning.

I am the life and the love.


» Source » Channel: Jahn Kassl