Ivo of Vega: Governments & ETs

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomMe: Hi folks, this image was flagged up to me and as usual, it prompted a whole slew of questions about who this really tall man is, why is he around Trump, and what else is going on with Trump and frankly, other world leaders who oppose the Illuminati (Deep State).

One time, I was concerned about some of Trump’s crazy antics and on that particular day he had done something that really seemed to oppose the Light’s agenda or even his agenda of making America great again. I was concerned and I asked Ashtar, “What is this about? What’s he doing?” Ashtar’s reply was: “Just wait.” He didn’t seem the least bit concerned.

I haven’t made much effort to study the way Trump works but I think I’m going to have to. He’s an interesting character. (thank you Don, those articles were very informative, and I’ll put a link below the video so others can read them).

What I can tell about what he’s doing is using his position as president to solidify America’s position in world politics. After all, he is the president. In so doing, he is daring the deep state to defy the position he has declared America will take on any given matter. Because they want to remain anonymous to those still asleep, they cannot declare themselves as being a separate entity from the U.S. Government, because the deep state has always operated AS the U.S. government. Now that the government is split between the light and the dark, Trump checks them on their moves to create chaos around the world.

One move they made was in January 2018 when they fired a missile at North Korea and then changed its trajectory to steer it towards Hawaii. The missile never got to Hawaii and I can’t remember what the official reason was but you know it’s baloney. Or did they just “drop it” like they so often do? Never report on it again and leave the public hanging. That’s another one of their tactics. Rick Jewers was saying that he suspected the narrative on this, so I channeled Ashtar, who declared that their ships had blown up the missile in order to stop a war between North Korea and the States.

In June 2018, Donald Trump went to North Korea and was photographed walking with Kim Jung, shaking hands, making love, and doing the usual things people who have to wear ties all day do to show the people of earth that there is no hard feelings between them.

Ashtar keeps saying that Trump is playing chess, and he is. He check mated the deep state, using his position as president to broadcast America’s position with North Korea as being peaceful. The deep state cannot cross him at this point lest they expose themselves as a separate entity, which they have always tried to avoid doing. Now that’s not to say they’re obeying Trump, far from it, as we know they’re causing chaos across America right now and abroad. Trump has already outed them in several interviews that I’ve seen and have links to on my website yourundergroundnews.weebly.com. He calls them the deep state and you might notice that that’s even becoming the new buzz word over Illuminati or cabal. If you repeat it enough, people will hear it.

They have taken up their position in half the American government: The Democratic party or the Liberals as Canadians refer to them. They are continuing their New World Order agenda under the guise of the usual political opposition. Ivo even mentioned in our book, “What You Need to Know Now,” that someone will attempt to divide America and this is something they are trying to put forward. However, by the looks of it most states are Republican and if there’s going to be division right now, it won’t be an even split.

They’re becoming a bit more brazen as well. Now we’re seeing the deep state showing themselves in the form of governors, city mayors, crooked cops and dirty doctors. I know Trump has Faucci in his crosshairs and he’s going to take the fall for something, probably covid, that’s what Ashtar said. I believe Trump is setting up everyone in the deep state, so folks, this isn’t going to go away over night. We have to be patient. It’s a question of what they will be able to put forth of their evil agenda versus the time it takes to take them down and clear at least America if not the world, of all cabalists. As it looks right now, good progress is being made as arrests and indictments of key figures is ongoing, but the problem is there are so many of them and they’re worldwide and they have their fingers in so many pies. They still have a lot of control. Taking them down is watching the daily progression of celebrities losing their shows, CEO’s quitting their jobs, companies going under, and watching the stock market drop its value and Hollywood all coming down with “Covid”.

The voices of more and more opposition is finding its way to the public and not being suicided or threatened to stop, which are the usual deep state tactics.

I asked Ashtar if Trump is in contact with him, and he replied that Trump is in contact with many extraterrestrials of the Light. The size of this guard, who Ivo declares to be “a reptilian in a bio suit” bears that out. By the way, remember reptilians work with the Light as well; they’re not all bad. I have a reptilian human hybrid named Worf on my team, and he was my son from a past life. Worf advanced into the future to work with me now on earth. Oh yeah, I call him Worf. His real name is Vreklem-Kai Terrell and his profile is on my ET profiles page on our website.

At this point, we can consider this earth to be a split. Split in many ways, as usual, but some of the world’s powers align with the Light and some still are cabal owned and operated. Trump is gaining ground, taking control of the various agencies of the federal government back from the globalists, but it’s no small feat. Even with the evil queen, Killary, defeated in election, I still think we are in for a rough ride. In my opinion it’ll only get worse after November’s election because if Trump is re-elected and I believe he will be, the cabal will really kick up a stink. I think of an old song by Canadian rockers Bachman Turner Overdrive, and the chorus of the song rings in my head: “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.” I believe we haven’t.

I also believe if Hillary had gotten into power, our collective goose would have been cooked! Trump has already saved our hides and many don’t even know it. Ivo was predicting what happened with Trump in power, not with Hillary in power. That you can read in Orwell’s “1984”. The other thing about the title of Orwell’s book is that tells me that that was when all this evil was originally targeted to roll out, and we’ve delayed it by 35 years, thank God.

What I see happening is a split. There will be those unaffected by this all, finding alternate ways around mandates mandated by the deep state, and there will be those who will fall victim to it. And it all has to do with your own thinking. What you believe, you will live. I have no intention of wearing a mask, getting vaccinated and microchipped, yet I also have no intention of having my bank account frozen out for non-compliance or being cut off from buying my groceries. I am not allowed in grocery stores right now but I can order ahead and pay when I get there so that will suffice.

Today I did, however, go to the green grocer’s and bought a few late summer plants for my tiny garden without a mask and with no argument or apology to any of the customers. I was outside, I didn’t go into the closed part of the store, because apparently my breath there could be viral but it isn’t outside for some strange reason. I see people driving with masks on and think there’s no hope for them; they’re probably going to get microchipped. I am intuiting about the microchip that if there isn’t a human internet that can link us up to the AI mainframe, then all is lost for that program. I can’t help but think the GFL is working on a solution to block the human internet like they have tried to defuse the covid virus.

I believe everyone should make efforts now to prepare in case more shortages or mandates are imposed upon us. I’m beginning a stock pile of foods and am saving money at home for emergencies, cash and I’m using those prepaid mastercards because I figure if they shut down my credit card and debit card for non-compliance, I can still use these to shop anonymously. I think you have to cover all your bases.

The St Germain funds are due to be distributed next year so we still have 5 months of this chaos to sort through. Who knows how much the deep state will be able to achieve in the meanwhile or on a continued basis. It seems likely there will be an economic crash at the end of the year because that is the fiscal year end for many businesses including the governments.

As for ETs dealing with the government, we know this has gone on for a long time, be they negative or positive ETs. Phil Schneider talking about breaking the ground at Dulce to stare at a bunch of Zeta’s under the surface in the 1970’s. Emery Smith talking about doing autopsies on so many dead extraterrestrials in the black projects work he did. Corey Goode going into space, working with the secret space program. There are whistleblowers and insiders who have come forward to inform the public that we have been dealing with ETs for a while.

So why not the government then? Valiant Thor, a Venusian, who was dealing with Roosevelt’s government I think. The Venusians attempted to talk the U.S. into dealing with them back in the fifties or sixties, not the negative ETs, obviously in an attempt to stop this from happening now. No dice.

I’m sure more attempts have been made. I can look into this and see what I find out. What I know is there is a government that oversees all of the planets in this solar system. I suspect that Thor was a representative of this solar government. And I’m sure more have come forward to speak to the earthlings and try to get them back on the right track. I can look into this and report back to you. We need to know this. We need to know the truth. I have Venusian and Martian contacts already so I can start with them. For you book readers, an interesting book, besides Rev. Frank Stranges’ book on Valiant Thor, is “From Outer Space to You,” which is a story written in the fifties by Howard Menger, who was a Martian lightworker, born on earth to help the Martians and Venusians in waking up earthlings in the 50’s. You might find their lack of technology humourous but it’s a good book with some great information. Stuff you never would have suspected going on right under your nose.

I believe what we call politics is actually exo-politics because of the extraterrestrial factions allied with so many of our world’s countries. Imagine there has never been an administration in any country that did not have ET contact. They have really been tight lipped about it. We have to get this idea out of our minds that we’re alone and have been functioning independently of any ET influence. We haven’t. And I believe this has gone on for a long time.

Me: Ivo, what do you think?

Ivo: You have summed it all up very well, my dear.

Me: I’m no match compared to some of these Anons and patriots, who study Trump’s every move and can even determine what he’s going to do next. And I’m always more interested in the extraterrestrial or the spiritual components of what’s going on rather than the on-the-ground activity. But you still have to keep up with it at least marginally and be in the know, to prepare for any more pain they plan on passing on to us.

Ivo: Which is another good point. All must be prepared and work on self-sufficiency. You have been dependent on a government that until now has been fairly benevolent compared to what it plans to do to you in future (the deep state part of the government, not Trump). Trump can only do so much; it is up to you to be prepared to take care of yourselves. All must be in a savings mode, have money at home, and make sure you have plenty of food and hygiene supplies to carry you through a shortage or any further lockdown events. Just because until this point they have not shut grocery stores does not mean they will not do so.

Me: Yikes!

Ivo: Do not put anything past them. Please do not. Prepare for the worst case scenario, but envision the best case scenario in your mind because that is what you are creating.

Me: So why bother preparing then?

Ivo: Because your world will reflect the thoughts of the majority. To the extent that the majority believe the cabal and all will be well in spite of the evidence provided already, you are all going to be affected to some extent, even if that extent is an awareness that this is happening to others. When you prepare, make your back-up plans and become self-sufficient so that you no longer depend on a government that is turning on you on one hand, and supporting you with the other. In cases like Canada where there is no opposition to the new world order agenda, the priority is even more critical.

Self sufficiency is the way forward. Depend on yourself; do not depend on the government or on a market that two sides are attempting to collapse, albeit for different reasons. Preparedness is key.

As for the extraterrestrial question, I can supply you with contacts, my love to speak to regarding attempts made to reverse your fortunes through government contact. Many peoples have been very busy for many years speaking to your governments and anyone who would listen, at times, and there is a large body of information available on this subject.

Me: Aha.

Ivo: First must be considered that the Galactic Confederation have neutralized many of your nuclear warheads, their launch pads and the gantries they rest upon across the world. Do you think your governments were not aware that this was being done by our forces? Of course they were. As well as their many attempts to shoot our craft down as we flew through your skies. They understand we interfere with their politics and their evil schemes so when they saw us flying around during wartimes, nuclear experiments, and other black listed projects, they sent up your warriors to pursue us, of course to no avail. We sit now within your atmosphere, our mother ships just outside of it. Your politicians, your deep state knows that we are to be reckoned with, and part of the reason they wish to keep quiet the extraterrestrial question is so that you do not understand you have allies from space, that you are not victims of your governmental regimes. And that we sent our own to earth, and are working with them and the open earthlings of higher consciousness in the past and in this now, instead of the governments of your past they were aware of but could do nothing to thwart us.

Many attempts have been made on Sharon’s life alone and they have been thwarted.

Me: Yep. I’m still here. Sorry to tell you, Mr Men in Black. And stop waking me up at 4 a.m.

Ivo: They only came once.

Me: Don’t wake me up! LOL

Ivo: Our fire power and our technological power, our mind power and our influence on the people is far stronger than anything the dark ones have done to date. They are lost already. We are rounding them up, as you say.

Me: Giddy up!

Ivo: Much will change within the next five years. 2020 will be pIvotal but 2021 even more of a cliff hanger.

Me: Oh goodie. Just what we need. Chaos and drama.

Ivo: And you have been prepared. I have taught you, as have many other spiritual teachers, how to stay calm within the middle of a storm, because you are in that now. You understand the importance of a calm psyche in the midst of this human chaos. You are the pillars that bring in the Light and keep the frequency of earth high. You balance out those of lower consciousness who can only destroy everything out of anger and fear. These are the pawns, the minions of the deep state, playing into their hands like toy soldiers, when the rest of you who maintain the peace and forward the Light agenda are the wiser ones.

We taught you how to hold your frequency. We taught you how to manifest your own abundance so you do not rely upon the government. We taught you the way out of the Storm is through the eye, and when you remain there, you are free.

Now your people will be made to show their beliefs. You will see which side they are on: on the side of good or the side of evil, and you will see them all gradually wake up to the hard truths they must bear as you continue on this course of awareness and alignment with the truth.

Me: Thank you Ivo.
Ivo: Thank you, my love.

» Source » Channel: Sharon Stewart