Turning the Page; August 2020

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomHi my friend,

It’s a blessing for me to connect with you in this way. We have a lot to catch up on, so let’s get right to it! August is going to feel very different from what we’ve experienced in the last several months. After moving through some deep emotional introspection, healing, and for many, a bit of emotional isolation in recent months, August energies will serve as the turning of a page.

They will help us move beyond much of the heaviness many have been feeling and processing, within themselves and in the outer world.

We may already be feeling the internal changes happening, which include a renewed sense of vigor and a desire to be more proactive.

Similar to the seasons, energy goes through different cycles. Sometimes the energy is in a dormant cycle, and at other times, it’s in an active cycle.

We have just entered a highly active energy cycle that will help us, individually and as a collective, to transform a great deal of the density we have been moving through, allowing for more light, ease, and grace to flow through our experience.

A Season of Change and Action

As we move through the month of August, the energies will pick up again. An active energy cycle often manifests itself in our personal lives in the following ways:

Beginning a new project, job, or creative venture
Cleaning up and resolving past debts (personal, financial, etc.)
Deciding to move to a new home / location
Experiencing changes in appetite and eating habits
Wanting to be more social and to make new friends
Finding a new outlet to express our creativity
Starting a new relationship or rekindling a previous one
Feeling more motivated, inspired, and action-oriented
Taking a trip
Exercising and being more physically active
Taking a new class or course
Making actual changes happen in one area of life or another
Cleaning our house or living space

If any of these examples resonate with you, now is an excellent time to align with them.
An active energy cycle often manifests itself on the world stage in ways that include:

Continued Earth shifts and movements
Unusual changes in weather patterns
New information, technologies, and breakthroughs that make a collective impact
Heightened awareness of causes that impact humanity
Social change
Paradigm-shifting events
The transcending of old ideology and structures that are no longer aligned with our collective highest good

Although some of these things can seem a bit overwhelming, they are all confirmations that the world is adjusting to a higher frequency.

Because change isn’t something the world is always comfortable with, a bit of resistance is a good indicator that big breakthroughs are on the near horizon.

Taking Inspired Action

There are two kinds of action: inspired action and forced action.

When we try to take forced action, we usually come up against a great deal of inner and outer resistance.

Making or forcing something to happen often requires that we spend lots of time and energy on something that may not be natural to us. It often feels hard, and requires a great deal of outer control.

Many of us were taught growing up that making or forcing something to happen is what brings it to us. We were taught that if we were assertive about making our dreams a reality, we would be rewarded with positive results.

We were told that the harder we worked, the more things we could acquire to make us happy.

Even though this method may work temporarily, most of the time it comes with a hefty price, like the disruption of our well-being.

When we operate from a space of always trying to make or force something to happen, that usually puts a great deal of pressure and stress on our emotional and mental bodies.

Over time, this shows up as an imbalance in our emotional, mental, or physical body.

But there is a kind of action that doesn’t require us to push so hard, and that is inspired action.

When we take inspired action, we do so from a place of awareness, ease, and grace.

We become so present to the opportunities and blessings the Universe is offering us, that we easily step into them from a place of gratitude. There’s no force, control, or pressure needed.

With inspired action comes the realization that the Universe/our Spirit is taking care of us fully.

Holding that as true, we no longer need to oversee or control every specific detail in our lives. We move out of any survival or victim patterns.

Taking inspired action is not to be confused with sitting around and waiting for life to make things happen for us.

It does, however, mean that we are intentionally choosing to be present and open to the opportunities that come our way.

The Universe/our Spirit is constantly gifting us with new opportunities and blessings that will help us create the kind of life we truly desire.

However, when we are focused on the future or dwelling in the past, which most people have been taught to do, we tend to miss what’s being presented to us in the present moment.

It’s in this present moment that we are the most effective, deliberate creator of our lives.

Because of the concentration of highly active energies right now, it has become very challenging and almost uncomfortable for us to procrastinate—to resist being active.

Even if it’s as simple as going for a walk outside or moving our body through dance or any kind of aerobic exercise, these inspired actions will serve us greatly during this time.

From Fear to Love

When we move through a highly active energy cycle, a great deal of movement and change occurs. When this happens, a lot of unprocessed fear tends to come to the surface for us to look at, address, and heal.

When fear comes up as result of change, our mind tries to do everything it can to distract itself, simply because we have not been taught to embrace and honor the feelings we have associated with the actual fear.

Often, the mind even convinces itself that its identity will be lost if it does not fight back or resist whatever it is fearing.

We are seeing this collective resistance at its peak right now, which is clear confirmation that enormous breakthroughs are coming soon.

Of course, those on a mindful path have accustomed their minds to work harmoniously with their hearts. They are able to readily embrace change and honor the fear associated with it in a gentler way.

While moving through a highly active energy cycle, it can be very easy to get caught up in the fear tactics the collective mind is conditioned to buy into. It often even affects those who have been on a spiritual and mindful path—they can also get caught up in the illusion of duality (good vs. bad, us vs. them.)

If you find yourself getting upset or emotionally charged in any way, be gentle with yourself, and know it’s OK to be human.

Give yourself permission to move through the emotions you are experiencing, and once they become calmer, and not as charged . . . saturate them with love and acceptance.

This will allow you to move forward with more ease, and return to your natural loving state.

Also take comfort in knowing that there’s much light and kindness in the world, even amidst the turbulence. It’s not something that is center stage in the mainstream dialogue right now, but one day it will be.

A Powerful Surrogate

Each of us is a powerful surrogate for humanity. Every situation we are seeing out in the world is directly linked to what each of us is experiencing within ourselves.

When we see separation, war, and fighting in the world, we have the power to remedy it by choosing to exemplify unity, love, and peace within ourselves.

This is what Gandhi meant when he said, “Be the change . . .”

When we worry less about aggressively trying to fix the world outside of us, and focus more on being proactive in taking care of the world within us, then the outside world will naturally heal.

This is not to be mistaken with ignoring all the challenges happening in the world. It’s important to acknowledge and be aware of what’s occurring.

Yet instead of reacting to it all from the helpless victim viewpoint, we can use these challenges as feedback to focus on what we’d like to see more of in the world.

We can do so by being the first to embody the qualities we’d like to see more of.
Transcending the Role of the Victim

Right now, we are being presented with an extraordinary opportunity to retire the victim archetypes that we and our ancestors have identified with for millennia.

It’s important to take a moment to honor these archetypes for serving to keep us safe and protected in a world based on survival. However, we now know that a world based purely on survival is a world that is no longer in alignment with who we are at our core: a Divine Love Being.

As Divine Love Beings, we are here to thrive our way into love with ourselves and the world around us. This Divine part of ourselves has always known that we are constantly safe and protected, even when our survival-based mind thought otherwise.

So now, as we thank the victim archetypes that served us up to this point, we can let them go with joy, and welcome in our Authentic Selves.

The path to transcending the role of the victim has several important components:

The first component of releasing victim consciousness is to accept every person, experience, and thing, however they show up in our lives, without trying to change them. By accepting these things, we are not necessarily affirming that we resonate or agree with them. We are giving ourselves permission to not allow them to define who we really are. Through acceptance, we also release the need to dwell on the past, and what may have been.

The second component of releasing victim consciousness is to let go of blame. Blame comes from a need to make something or someone right or wrong, or good or bad, and somehow responsible for what we have experienced. In truth, we are the Creator of our experience. When we operate from our Highest Selves, and acknowledge ourselves as Creator, we transcend these judgments. From our Highest Selves, we navigate our way forward by noting what feels to be in alignment for us and what doesn’t. Can you feel how this insight alone already feels lighter? Whereas, by blaming, we keep ourselves held in a time and place that hinders us from evolving and reconnecting with our Highest, most Divine Self.

The third component of releasing victim consciousness is to take full responsibility for our lives and well-being. Sometimes the victim mindset displays resistance when it hears that we are responsible for our lives and well-being. This is because for so long, it took comfort in separating itself, buying into the illusion that whatever we need has to come from outside ourselves. It’s absolutely normal when this happens. Yet by taking responsibility for our lives and well-being, we are able to move out of victim consciousness and into Creator consciousness. It is from within our Creator consciousness that we are able to move mountains. It is from there that we are able to manifest from the most authentic and powerful aspect of ourselves.

By integrating these three components into our lives, we are sure to support our transition out of victim consciousness and into Creator consciousness far more smoothly.
Reclaiming Our Power

The greatest power in the world is LOVE.

When we embody Love, we are the most powerful being in the Universe. Contrary to what we may have been taught, being loving does not mean that we are weak pushovers, or that we look the other way when times get tough.

Real Love does not hurt, feel difficult, or have us giving away or hiding some part of ourselves. These are mental constructs that simply distract us from real Love.

Real Love is the constant that flows throughout all of life. When we choose to be Love, we have the whole Universe behind us, flowing in the same direction.

Because of societal conditioning, many of us have been hesitant to reclaim our power, because we associate it with being corrupt or controlling.

That kind of false or egoistic power moves in the opposite direction of Love. It likes to separate itself from the whole. Although that kind of power can appear quite real and convincing at times, the truth is, it’s not.

Egoic power is fleeting, and will always at some point self-destruct in its attempt to push against the natural flow of Love and life. Egoic power thrives on the energy of fear, because it’s the only thing convincing enough to move a person out of their true Divine power.

Of course, this forgetful period is temporary, but we’ve got to hand it to the energy of egoistic power for putting up a great show, trying to make itself last as long as possible.

Life is always here for us, and never against us. We can take comfort in knowing that by choosing not to buy into fear, we have every ounce of the Universe supporting us.

Anything that tries to convince us otherwise, such as an idea that we are some small, helpless human being, or are lacking in some way, is just a fleeting illusion.

By surrendering to Love, we empower ourselves and those around us to such a degree that we are able to transform even the most egoic of powers into Love.

It’s time

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,

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