August Vibrations Forecast

energy waves eraoflightdotcomThe themes this month are huge when it comes to rewiring how we manifest.

Every portal, every download, every frequency that we tap into propels us into creating our new paradigms.

For August we switch gears a bit and now tap into the infinite stream of many dimensions to build DELIBERATELY our new energetic lives. Everything first starts with energy and to create you have to get intimate with the energy field in which you want to create. 2020 has been the Master teacher for this because we get a direct look at many different paradigms playing out and YOU get to chose which one you play in based on your level of conscious awareness or in simple terms; what feels right for YOU. EVERYTHING that is being created for these next few years is awakening your Higher Wisdom and showing you how to use and work with the Builder Archetype. The Builder Archetype knows how to create from energy and taps into the infinite field of consciousness to do so. No longer are we looking to our surroundings and outer world to gage our realities. We’ve come upon a time on Earth where we are in a mixing bowl of energies and I am being guided to write this report because we are going to be playing in some real epic energies these next few months to years. You’ve got to become aware of WHAT you are bringing in or better yet tapping into. 

Last week I was in it deep like so many of us were and still are but I realized something different was happening here. I was communicating, healing and reprogramming my energy patterns with certain individuals in the Astral Planes; how dope right?!! The difference was that we were completely doing this telepathically, which is just a different field of consciousness. This is how it was shown and explained to me: there are THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of streams of consciousness streaming at any given time and based on where YOU are in your belief system OF THAT THING; you pick up what you attract or what your energy is attracted to. So for example; say you want to buy a house. You pick from those thousands of streams how you want your house to look, feel, location, city, country etc. but if you have any fears, limitations and worry those streams of consciousness will be the only streams you are in alignment with which will draw to you those things; feel me? We’ve always been privy to this knowledge but we couldn’t in the past sustain it and use it deliberately and wisely. Now we can. Flow with me for a second as i go deeper with this.

We exist in many different parallel dimensions/universe/timelines and we were once only able to live within a bubble of repetitive consciousness because of Karmic Recycling. So our frame of wisdom was very limited hence how we created was very limited. this has now changed as we are tapped into our infinite and higher wisdom now. The reason so many of us are having an intense time with these energies is that your VIBRATION is now open to the INFINITE Universal consciousness. I mentioned a few months ago when I said the mind is going through a MASSIVE rewrite and you’re seeing the “reality” of this now. You can no longer create from a place of lack, fear, old worn-out belief systems or even from your past lives without feeling MASSIVE discord in your energy. these grids are completely being wiped clean. You are now being shown through the intensity of your bodily upgrades how to be CONSCIOUS God/Goddess creators. THE GAME HAS CHANGED.

So, as a Master Creator, what are you taking from the many dimensions in which you exist and bringing forth into your NOW reality? Our Light Teams are ALL around us, some are even cloaked right within your home and everyday life to make sure you are allowing this “switch over” of consciousness with ease. You may be feeling to eat light right now, you are breathing differently, seeing through veils, seeing how we are all interconnected, creating from a place of just knowing. Seeing the geometrical grids of frequency when you are Lucid dreaming and in your everyday lives especially in nature! We can talk about the intensity of what is happening to the body but now is the time for us to start to LIVE and CREATE within these new energy streams. this is where it gets FUN!! I’m guided to say please watch your thoughts right now and be so focused on what you want to bring in that is for the betterment of yourself and New Earth

I’m aiming to keep this report short and sweet but you know me by now I do not work in this concept very well!! So, there are a few more things I want to be very straight to the point with. The first thing is to Hold what you want to create sacred and to yourself until it is firmly grounded in your field of consciousness. As a young girl, I use to always hear my Elders say “Bring it to God first”. This means that whatever you want to create, manifest and bring into your reality of now bring it to the Divine and sit with it first in God’s pure light. In this light, you will see what is holding you back from creating it and see HOW it is meant to be created. Once you do this and it is grounded within you THEN you can see the people, places and things that are going to assist with this. 

These next few months to years are going to be a shit show of massive proportions as we see the collapse of the 3D paradigm. This is Hollywood, politics, institutions, the veil of illusion is coming off and we are going to see some really brutal things such as the massive ring of pedophilia and the attack on our babies/children for their energy and pure frequencies. You’re going to start to hear talks about “Aliens” and the disclosure of this. Please use your discernment with this. I hope by now you know that Earth is a stew pot of MANY different beings. You will start to hear about Inner Earth Beings and beings from the Ocean Kingdom; The Mer or Mur Beings are back!!! These are water Beings of Light! Are you having a “pull” to be near water or drinking plenty of it? Dreams of water? This is your remembrance of an Ancestral lineage you were once a part of.

I’ll leave you with this Divine Starseeds. You will start to remember MANY of your past lives as different Light Beings within our Cosmic Universe and Inner Earth. You are remembering these memories because YOU are meant to bring these energies back. Lemuria is calling her descendants back, Atlantis is calling her descendants back! Nibiru is calling her descendants back!  New Earth is calling on the many facets of you being back to assist with re-grounding your Light unto this timeline. This is what the year of Magic under this new Galactic New Year will bring. Get ready! and please try to enjoy the ride! 

So much Love Starseeds.

» Source » By Natoya Hall