Goddess of Creation: Love, Support & Your Frequency

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomThis channel is truly a gift to us!! While in the All That Is, the Goddess opens the window the universe and asked for the support given to the world to make themselves known. It was HUGE! I could see starships, people walking around, clusters of various people who were working on a particular item. The Great White Brotherhood came forward to speak with us and as always the message was amazing!

I had a sense of perhaps 5-6 people that represented the group. They are of course a much larger group. There are three in front of them all who stepped forward and the one in the middle spoke with us. I always think of them as the Ancient Ones. I guess if I was to ask more they are Melchizedek, Metatron, and I’m not sure of the 3rd, perhaps Archangel Michael. They gave us a message of love and support plus they sent a frequency through each of us to raise our vibration and adjust to the new energies. This frequency will then flow out from each of us creating a greater whole. I believe this frequency was also infused into all upon the earth; just at this point some will integrate and others may not.

At the beginning of the channel the Goddess spoke at length about love and that can transform all that is happening. This time of divisiveness and crisis gives us the opportunity to truly be in the light and send it into all of the collective consciousness and people. Keep the faith. Know that ascension is here!!

Nama sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in all that is happening within and around you. During this time upon the earth in which there is chaos, in which there is a massive transformation taking place I invite you to create a space of calm and balance. And this calm and balance is for you; it is for you to strengthen within yourself, is for you to manifest around you a life that is filled with intention, that is filled with love, that is filled with joy fall happiness.

As you look at social media or the news you can become inundated with violence and chaos and disruption of your belief systems. When someone’s belief system becomes disruptive or disrupted it can create fear in that individual. This fear can also be a part of what is happening throughout this process and therefore I invite you to just take a moment to close your eyes, breathe into your heart center and if there is fear of change, anxiety about your safety or anything else tap into whatever that may be within you. And let’s just pull it out. Let’s bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and let that go.

As I assisted with clearing out that energy, I could feel this large ball of energy that was removed from this group.

Where is your focus at any given moment of the day?

Indeed, what I can hear from people is many are saying, “Well, I’m just going about my business, doing my job, living my life”. I can hear other people saying “I try not to get caught up in what’s on social media but get pulled in watching videos, readings stuff”. I hear other people saying “Everything is just too much so I’m stepping aside getting out of it all and I’m staying within my own space”.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with change. It’s important for you to understand how you deal with change and how it affects you so that you will know how you can nurture yourself or how you can support yourself.

For some it may be taking more consistent walks outside in nature, for others, it may be taking time to meditate so that you can connect with your divinity, others make it very, very busy; they read a lot, they write a lot, they’re very busy and focused and that can be either a distraction or it can be a way that it keeps that analytical aspect busy so that their unconscious can process whatever needs to transition.

As you take a moment to understand what works for you, you can then begin to develop a process that fully supports you rather than feeling as if you’re just bouncing around from one thing to the next, to the next.

In the end of any discussion that we may have or any channel that I the Goddess transmit through this channel, this person, in the end of anything that we do my message to you is about love.

The fifth dimension and higher are heart center dimensions and in your heart, the strongest vibration or alignment is that of love. Let’s take a moment and consider the many, many different ways in which love can affect you in your life. It always begins that you be open for love to come into you.

Are you then the type of individual that stuffs it down and ignores it or do you take opportunities to allow that love to come into something within your life that may be painful so as to transform it? Do you use that love to then help to physically heal any ailments you may have within your body? Do you use that love that it may transition how you look at yourself?

People can very often be their own worst critic. Are you harsh and judgmental about perhaps the decisions that you have made, about actions that you’ve taken, be it now or in the past? If so, allow just the vibration of love almost like it’s this soft, soothing wave to just merge with whatever that may be. In doing so you will have an opportunity for even more love to come into your life and then as you look outward how can you see the world through the eyes of love? How can you interact with that coworker thorough the eyes of love? How can love impact everything within your world? This is what I wish to speak about at the very beginning here because it is love that will ultimately integrate the next dimension, this higher dimension and it is what will transition all of the chaos out of here. It may come up in various forms and most likely the majority of people will not say “Love has transitioned this” but I ask you to be open to that potential to see if indeed that is exactly what happens

Alright, take an opportunity to breathe deeply sending that breathe of energy and light through your body, send it all the way down into the earth.

As you feel your alignment with earth begin to feel that pulsation and the vibration of Gaia. Allow it to support you in whatever may be happening. Allow that essence of Gaia to anchor you, to assist you with being very present in this moment. And once you feel that link to the alignment, let all that energy come back up within you. You send it up through the top of your head and out. You find yourself aligning with your higher self.

As you feel that alignment your consciousness expands even larger you then send that, follow that thread of energy that links you to your soul or to your divinity. As you feel that thread of your consciousness aligns or merge with your I AM Presence, with your divine, you then move out even bigger than how you were aware of yourself.

As I spoke about love when everyone was grounded take a moment as you are merging and blending with your divinity to consider love, love as it comes to you in this now moment, love as it supports you, love as you. This is not about bringing in love to transition you as the human this is about being love as the foundation.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this moment and as our energies merge, we shift into the All That Is.

As you arrive within the All That Is look around and pay attention to whatever it is that may come up to you within this space.

Okay, I’m creating in front of everybody window that looks out at the universe. You see our beautiful planet of earth and you see the moon, the stars, the many planets that are within this galaxy and it is as if you are from the side looking towards it. One of the questions that I keep getting is, “How do we know, how do we truly know that any of these ETs or Star Beings are really here to help us and/ or are we all just figuring it out on our own?”

So look at the universe now and as if you are going inside and working with your inner eyes or some of you can see it clearly with your human eyes. We follow the universe coming down around the earth and what you see is there are many ships, some are going across the galaxy, some are stationed at different locations, some are going down into the earth. So, in other words, pay attention to all these many, many ships that contain the star beings and how they are physically moving in and around.

Some of you may see or sense multiple and some of you may discern just that there is a shift in the vibration.

The Ascension that is taking place is throughout this entire universe, throughout your galaxy on just about every planet. Therefore, just as they are not going to let Mars or Venus or Saturn or any of these other planets go behind so too they are not going to allow the Earth to go behind. This process is taking place in wave upon wave; some aspects of the universe are already complete and others are just beginning, and we as Earth are almost complete.

I invite you to have a sense of seeing walk in front of you some of the emissaries from the Great White Brotherhood. These are called the ancient ones, however, you may also notice Sanat Kumara and many others that you may personally work with that are a part of this Council, it is quite large, but what you see in front of you is perhaps five or six, Kuthumi, Ashtar is there, Sananda. (Not identified but present as the ancient ones: Melchizedek, Metatron, Archangel Michael).

One of the Ancient Ones steps forward and he would like to address all that is here.

Greetings my beloved friends! I have been a part of this Council from the time that consciousness seeded upon the earth. I have walked upon the earth in the very beginning as parts of the groups, however, my focus for the last, I do not think in linear time frame anymore so it’s a challenge for me, but the last perhaps 25 to 30,000 years has been doing what I do right now.

We as this Council work together working as a team always, always, always, supporting earth and all that are upon it.

There have been certain instances in your history like when the asteroid hit the Earth with the influx of the low vibration that led to Atlantis there have been various times in which things that were beyond even our control took place and when some of these things happened, we would come back, discuss, work on things. How can we support our beloved planet?

We love this planet above everything else. We believe in humanity and love humanity. We know that we are at the final culmination of centuries, millennial long transformations.

One way of looking at us is when you look at your linear time frame when there have been times in the past when we have worked with humanity to implement change. There might be one of us that lived upon the earth. Buddha, Jesus, Abraham, and we would always focus through them the vibration of transition. During these ancient civilizations there would be a rise in the vibration and then it would steady out and then another rise in the vibration and then it would become a tableau.

We understand that if things happen to fast the chaos that it causes comes more from fear and creates greater harm than good. There are many, many, many thousands that have taken on human form and are walking on your streets at this time. Many of these are working with your governments; many of these are working with individuals. Sometimes people will look at them and say there’s something different about that person.

I say this to you because I want you to know that not only are we working out here working with the vibrations, working with the energy, working telepathically with those upon the earth, but we’re also walking upon the earth, creating stability and as much as so many of you in the world think this is an incredibly unstable time it truly is not.

It is a time of transparency; it is a time for people upon the earth to see what has been in front of them for thousands of years and yet was unknown. It is a time for those based in the lowest of all vibrations to be brought down, sometimes through justice, sometimes taken out, sometimes diffused.

For those of you who have been asking again and again and again “Why don’t you tell everybody everything, the world can take it”. We agree, humanity is one of the most resilient species in this entire universe and we agree you can take it. If it were up to us, we would be blasting it across everything in this now moment but we do not control, we simply present options and ideas and we work with the vibration and the frequencies so as whatever is happening, we create as much stability as is possible.

We do travel backward and forwards through what you consider time-space reality and this is why we say with 100% confidence that this is working and it will succeed and the low vibrational energies are taken down and removed.

I invite everyone to remember to look forward. I understand that it is essential to live in the now moment but when the now moment is filled with chaos one can easily get sucked into that chaos, so look forward understanding that you are walking through this time and you will arrive sooner than you think, on the other side.

Many of you come to some of these ships and come into this space and work with us in your dream state. There are many of you that are doing so much more than what you realize by being in the place that you are and being the person that you are.

I will take a step back, but I invite everyone to close your eyes for a moment and we as a group are going to send a frequency and the transmission that goes into every one of you and through you throughout the entire earth and this is a frequency of adjustment with the fifth dimension so that every one of you can find your own balance within you and align with the balance of the whole.

~~~~~open to receive~~~~~~~

This attunement will go on. People may hear ringing in their ears, they may feel as if they are off balance, you may see things with a new vision.

I invite you in these days moving forward to remember you are almost at the end.

We love and support you, and you have this massive group of individuals that are working specifically for this process.

I thank you for this opportunity to share with you, you may always reach out and I am ever with you.


The Goddess of Creation Speaks:

It is I the Goddess and I come back once again walking in front of you and you can see that there are so many that you can see here that are working with you and for you and yet there are many, many more that are not even shown up in front of you.

There is a great deal that has already been removed from the earth in terms of the lower vibration’s satanic energies and every time that that is pulled out it is filled with the high vibration of love. There are still the humans that are upon the earth that were trained by these individuals and those are the ones that are being diffused at this time. That is a process that has been going on for a number of years and it is not; this is what is not quite finished.

Be aware that as this transformation is complete, so much is going to change in your world. Some may be very subtle such as this frequency that we were just talking about, it may change everybody’s health. It will reach towards a cellular change that will balance the body.

Just as we spoke at the very beginning about looking at your life through the eyes of love, when the collective consciousness is seated 100% in love, it will change. There will always be personalities. There will always be those that feel this is a competition. There will always be those who strive to do better and make more of themselves; so that is not going to change.

For many, many years, at least one hundred or more, there has been technology that has been suppressed because it didn’t give money to those that were behind the scenes that were in power or in control. So, if there was something that was going to be easier, better, and oh by the way you are not going to make as much money; it was kept from society. These things are what is going to begin to come out. Some have already been developed and sitting in a storeroom, some have yet to be developed.

It is hard to understand the vastness of the change that will take place when we have all of that controlling energy off of the earth.

The top tier is gone. The next tier is more than 50%, it is close to 80% resolved; meaning neutralized. It might be even higher than that now, and it is that last bit that is going to cause the biggest change. After that, as you get down more and more and more things will just fall into place very easily.

So, come back around to love. come back around to understanding that you are not alone. Come back around to experience life as the best, biggest, most balanced person that you can be. As I speak of this, can you not feel the joy that just bubbles up within you.

Take a breath in and breathe out.

I invite everyone to come together as a group. As you do so, you see that hologram of the earth. Tonight, it was not as much about each person having their own personal growth. However, you did receive that frequency and information to assist you in your life. Let that come through and go into this hologram. Allow that frequency from the Great White Brotherhood to just create that transformation and literally as you look at the hologram, it is changing colors, it is changing it’s dynamic as it integrated all that is sent into it. There is a piece that goes out through the universe. The remainder of the hologram goes down.

It goes down from this vibration of the All That Is, it is as if you can see it as it moves into the earth. It goes through the Matrix that is surrounding the earth. It is aligning with that and clearing out any old energies, once again adjusting the frequency. It moves through the collective consciousness of the earth which is seen almost as a density. It is so dramatically different from what it used to be. This is yet another way in which people can see there is a difference and see the benefit of what you have been doing.

So that hologram goes down all the way into the center of the earth. As it goes into the center, it aligns with the crystals, with the rocks, with the core of the earth creating its balance, and then it expands outwards. As is does so it comes up through all the many layers of the earth, it comes up through the surface of the earth. You can let it come up within you from the way in which you anchored with Gaia and you can integrate that frequency that was given to you.

It is also coming up through the grass, the rocks, the trees, the waters. As it does so, it’s another way of clearing out the energies that have been upon the earth. We consciously clear out ~whew~ the chaos, the pain, the suffering, the division in people. We clear that all out and we send the wave of love and compassion that people look at each other with love and compassion.

As all of that is balancing, bring back the rest of your consciousness. You feel it as it comes back through your divinity. It streams back down through your higher self; it comes back into you the person. I invite you to take a moment and feel how from cell to cell to cell to cell you are transforming. Allow it to come within you. feel what this is.

I remind you during this time of transition that the hard work is done and it’s behind you. I remind you that as you move through the days and weeks to come that there will be challenges, however, you have the ability to move through these challenges.

You’ve got the changes in your frequency. You’ve got your open heart. You’ve got love, compassion, and all of these other energies and vibrations that not only are intrinsic within you but are available to you from many sources.

So beloved believe in yourself. Know that you are never alone. Know that you as humanity are moving through this completion of this cycle and it is happening now.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net