The Enormous Scale of Creation

star bright eraoflightdotcomIn the Middle Ages, most people worked the land. They were peasants who rarely ventured far away from their place of birth, so their concept of the world was quite small. Likewise, their concept of God the Creator was small in scale. To them, God was an all-powerful, wise, elderly, human-like figure who lived somewhere above them and would, one day, judge them in person.

People, at the time, didn’t realize the massive size of the planet upon which they stood. To them, most of their universe could be seen from the top of the nearest hill. Today, with cosmology and the Hubble telescope to help us, our view of the size of the universe has been stretched farther and farther.

What we have learned, since the Middle Ages, includes these realizations:

1. The Earth is not the center of the universe. Apparently, when this was discovered, it came as quite a shock.

2. The Earth is round. This was excellent news at the time: No more worrying that you might take to sea and sail off the edge of the world.

3. The Earth travels around the Sun. This means that, while modern-day life on Earth may seem to be expensive at times, it does come with the added bonus, once a year, of a free trip around the Sun.

4. The Sun is over a million times bigger than the Earth.

5. There are 200 billion other suns in our own galaxy.

6. There are well over 100 billion galaxies in the universe.

7. As big as the universe is, in order for God to be everywhere, God has to be bigger still.

When you view God as Infinite Being, the All That Is, or the Absolute, you have a sense of scale that still encompasses all of Creation, no matter how far the universe stretches. The infinity of Infinite Being encompasses all of space. The ‘Being’ part of Infinite Being created all of space within its consciousness.

In fact, in a universe full of infinite possibilities, how do we know that this isn’t just one of many universes? The possibility that there may be infinite universes in all of Creation boggles the mind further still. If there are infinite universes, then ours is just one small one compared to the extent of Infinite Being, the Creator of all that exists.

The question is, where does the individual fit into this enormous scale of Creation?

As individuals, we each appear as a manifested part of Creation’s infinite array of possibilities. However, that’s just the external appearance.

The deeper into consciousness you travel, the more you become aware that the All is One. That the infinite possibilities are all expressions of the One. Beneath all expression is just the One, and the One is Infinite Being.

In the ‘All is One’ ultimate reality, you are not just a part of Infinite Being, you are a viewpoint of the One. Nothing can be truly separate from the One. It can only be another facet or viewpoint of the One.

That means that you are the One. You are Infinite Being.

Now, it may not be appropriate, in this external world of separate people, to announce, “I, personally, am Infinite Being.” But, as you travel within, to that sacred space of your inner being, the truth dawns. You do realize that, deep down, that is what you are. You are Infinite Being, and so is everyone else, at the level of their deepest spiritual essence.

Because people are an expression of Infinite Being, the potential within each and every one of us is infinite.

There are no limits to what you will become in your journey back to your original spiritual home. And, there need be no limits in the life that you are now leading.

Society will benefit enormously when such realizations become commonplace. Today, however, the chances are that, throughout all of your life, you have been pressured to be modest… mundane, even. Society has been terrified of the idea that a person might think themselves important. “Don’t even think about rising above your station,” they cry.

Admittedly, inflated egos can be a tiresome bore, but it really is time to question any social conditioning which places limits upon human potential. A society that encourages all of its members to develop their full potential would be more supportive, creative and productive. Everyone would benefit.

The sooner more people think in terms of unlimited human potential, the sooner they will saturate the global mind atmosphere of the planet with that New Reality idea.

Just keep thinking of yourself this way:

“Infinite Being, infinite potential.”

Courtesy of Owen Waters,