George Soros: Trump ‘Fighting for His Life,’ Will Do ‘Anything to Stay in Power’

justnews eraoflightdotcomLeft-wing billionaire George Soros declared in a Wednesday interview that President Donald Trump is “fighting” for his political life and speculated the president will do “anything to remain in power.”

“Even in the United States, a confidence trickster like Trump can be elected president and undermine democracy from within,” Soros told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. “But in the U.S. you have a great tradition of checks and balances and established rules. And above all, you have the Constitution. So I am confident that Trump will turn out to be a transitory phenomenon, hopefully ending in November.”

Soros then proclaimed that President Trump remains “very dangerous,” claiming “he’s fighting for his life and he will do anything to stay in power.”

This is not the first time Soros, a longtime Democrat donor who has poured billions into progressive causes, has lashed out at President Trump.

In a May interview, the Open Society Foundations founder claimed Trump would be a “dictator” if it were not for the U.S. Constitution. He said the president is self-destructing during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

“Donald Trump would like to be a dictator,” Soros told the Independent. “But he cannot be one because there is a constitution in the United States that people still respect. And it will prevent him from doing certain things. That does not mean that he will not try, because he is literally fighting for his life.”

“I will also say that I have put my faith in Trump to destroy himself, and he has exceeded my wildest expectations,” he added.

Soros has poured $52 million into political spending during the 2020 election cycle, according to recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings.

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9 Replies to “George Soros: Trump ‘Fighting for His Life,’ Will Do ‘Anything to Stay in Power’”

  1. Daedalus

    When a world “renowned philanthropist” ( this is like a title for the Cabal itself ) is so much desperately projecting about Trump , you can be assured that Soros is in very very dangerous situation for him…

    When Soros threatens POTUS openly ( for first time ever in such fashion for any POTUS ) you can be assured Trump is pulling all the moves right – because Soros wouldnt even give him a time if that wasnt the case.

    The only way the anti-Trumpers with TDS rely on is cheating via mail voting in November, when that doesnt happen, you will see total meltdown and exposure of true faces of many who claimed they were “peaceful”. You could have already see that with plenty of dellusional and brainwashed folks regarding BLM and similar groups.

    The dellusion the “resistance” has build around themselves is something that will destroy them ultimately. At one point, undeniable facts wont be possible to be twisted by media anymore, and will cause the chain reaction that will implode so many lives.

    I absolutely wouldnt be in skin of many with TDS… because they purely rely on illusion and dellusion. You will have 4 years more of Trump, and those will be the four most crucial years in history of humanity.

    1. Tom

      I believe Trump is screwing the American public by slowing down the postal service. So no one can vote by mail but Trump is voting by mail in Florida.
      He stated Florida is the only state that know how to deal with mail in voting.
      He is trying to steal this election cause he has done nothing but divided this country and lie to the people

      Daedalus you believe that the right wing Republicans are pure and all others are the deep state. In 3.5 years why has this president not drain the swamp he has talk about and were is American winning
      I believe he stated we would be sick of winning today over 40 million people out of work. In a few months people will be forced out of their homes for non payment due to no job. I guess that’s winning.

      1. Daedalus

        @Tom , again, youre purely projecting lies as usual

        “Daedalus you believe that the right wing Republicans are pure and all others are the deep state” – Wrong.

        I believe that there is a deep inflitration everywhere, and there are plenty of obvious RINOs anyways. There are very few Dems that are honorable, though. The Swamp is deep, but you and the folks like you believe in “Orange Man Bad” narrative even if it would be told from a pedo or criminal …

        Your own hatred for Trump will eat you alive. And the millions of others like you. I cant help you there.

  2. Mary Jane

    There Seems To Be So Many Marys Here That I Must Point It Out To You That They Are Not Me, ´´Like I Said´´ They Are After Me !

  3. Mary

    Sorry to read such an article on Era of Light. I had hoped for reading content of purity and truth to prevail. Infiltrated site now.

  4. Thomas ORourke

    I just read Trump will not fund the postal system because of mail in ballots. He to destroy the system so he can win. He installed one of his clowns to remove equipment in the offices to slow down the mail and fired people who know how the system works.

    So what happens to the people who use the system for getting their meds.I guess he does not care about them such a small minded person Trump is. And the funny part is he got his MAGA’s still thinking he is the greatest man walking and he is looking out for our country. When over 40 million people are out of work!!!

    But I must say to his followers keep drinking his cool aid and one day he will drain the swamp.