Master Lao Tse: Breaking Free From the Matrix

earth the one eraoflightdotcomBeloved humans,

having come from the creator, you are now returning to the creator. You are on your way back to the Source – beyond time and space there is your true life.


To give clarity, convey wisdom and revive love for all-that-is, that’s what I have come to do. Along with me, the ascended masters are standing by to work with you and lift you up into a higher frequency.

Today, remaining anchored in a fundamental frequency of light is the skill everything is revolves around. This is why you are here, why you have come to this place, why you were led to this message.

What we are talking about now, what we focus the divine light on, is breaking free from the matrix.
Do you want to come along?

First of all, rest assured: the matrix, the field of experience of your life, exists in your imagination and programs, and is kept alive by your belief systems.

The matrix of this earth is in the process of dissolving, and the entire planet is shifting into a different state of consciousness. This process has been going on for years and is speeding up increasingly. The only relevant question is: Do you want to come along into this new world and glide over?

If not, then my message for you ends here and now.
If yes, then pluck up your courage and bravely dive into your Self, which means your unresolved issues.

Today what matters is healing your microcosm, which means healing yourself! This task is every individual’s highest priority.

Your inner purification makes you insusceptible for the final efforts of the dark powers. They want to weave you into their game and thereby uphold the illusion of this matrix in your consciousness.

What you are experiencing today is that more and more people want to break free from this matrix. There are serious movements in that direction everywhere. What many people overlook is that they are being dragged into a battle field where there is nothing to be gained. Who plays along is part of the game – and that is exactly the point that matters.
So what to do?

First and foremost, be courageous and bring your own world into balance. Establish divine harmony within you. These times demand this of you every single day.

Outer restlessness can only be met efficiently with turning inwards and growth of consciousness.

Resolve your pending issues bit by bit, and everything will be revealed to you.

“What is my mission?” you ask. My response to you is: Keep working on healing your Being, and your life’s missions will be revealed to you all by itself.

Breaking free from the matrix can only succeed if you become insusceptible to the show you are presented with, and if you use your inner core as orientation. When you know the true essence of life and of you, the events of time can’t confuse you.
Wake up!

I am closing today’s message with the following plea to all of humanity: wake up! Sever all inner ties to this illusory matrix. How?

By bringing your light into your many lives on this earth and by healing all your promises, beliefs, contracts, erroneous motives and patterns. Your blockages are in need of the divine light – open yourself to it.

The only reason this matrix still has power over you is because in one way or another you are still connected to it. Because even an illusion is real as long as you keep uploading your respective inner images to your consciousness again and again.

To all the ones fighting on the outside, I sincerely recommend: put as much emphasis on clearing up your inner self as you put energy into wanting to change the world for the better.

This is what you need to do now, since you said YES. This is how you truly break free from this matrix.

With perfect love


» Source » Channel: Jahn Kassl