The Rise of a New Reality

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomIf we are to establish a new way of being and a new reality the old structures and programs, which have upheld our reality need to be dismantled. The foundation of our reality is energetic and as it dissolves a new energetic structure must form to replace it. The new structure that is forming is crystalline in nature and therefore contains a higher frequency of light energy. This process is occurring within our reality as a whole and also within us each individually.

A total overhaul of your entire energetic structure is transpiring, which is dissolving the outdated and fragmented aspects of your being. Everything you are currently experiencing is a releasing of the old and a building of the new. Attachments and distractions are being highlighted and you will come to realise that you cannot build on what is ending. Securing yourself in the essence of your soul is the only way to navigate the instability of this time. It is from this space that your perspective expands enabling you to view your life and the world around you with detached compassion, knowing that all that is occurring has a divine purpose.

With the rise of a new reality a very necessary transformation is taking place in our human structure. A new awareness is awakening and will realign all of humanity with the universal principles of balance. As we experience the destruction of the old patriarchal structures any imbalances in ourselves and the world is revealed. As a result, both the internal and external programming and patterning created in the past is unravelling creating an intense identity crisis for many. Our habitual way of thinking and doing is being questioned and we are being urged to redefine ourselves and our ways of being.

Regardless of the circumstances you may find yourself in right now the natural cycles of life continue. Be willing to consciously engage with their movement and shift with the inflow and outflow of energy in your life. At this time consciously work with this movement and on the inflow contemplate your journey. Reflect on how and where you are clinging to the past. On the outflow take action and release yourself from that which is toxic and drains your energy. Working in this way will align your motivations with your soul and empower you to act with honesty, conviction and common sense.

Much love

-Kate Spreckley

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