2020 Mid-Year Quantum Energy Update

energy waves eraoflightdotcomThe last several months have been power packed with all new NEW Earth Light Codes for each to fully integrate within, delve into the depths, go deeper within and awaken through/to all new realities that exist BEYOND the OLD 3D EARTH ones… all which become Illusions and Dreams as we all go.

This year, the FREEDOM CODES expanded into SO VERY MUCH MORE…. which I’ll share a bit after I speak to a few other things relative to a Multi-Dimensional Awakening process and then separate phases of Physical Body Ascension for NEW EARTH to become actual LIVE-ABLE REALites for all…

It’s important to understand that every dimension experiences very different realities… so in order to speak to these, we have to “be-bop” around…. moving from dimension to dimension (Living in/from different vibrational frequency bandwidths) and bringing all into focus/a picture/a visual… so each can grasp the magnitude of all. To simplify, means going into great detail, on a Quantum/Multi-Dimensional Level and break apart every code, the intricacies of all… or we can keep it simple in nature and just speak to that topic and honor each’s ability to open completely to all new understandings, all new ways and then take it upon themselves to go deeper inside in order to expand, understand, see and explore…

Light Codes are multi-faceted, multi-tiered, multi-dimensional and Quantum in Nature…. completely non-linear in every way. These are activated now at an at even more unprecedented accelerating rate, especially with the completion of July’s new QUANTUM TIMETABLES in conjunction with Gaia’s Template and relative to the Sirian/Galactic Gateways (wow!). We’ve also had THE MOST PURE AND POWERFUL TONES go out Multi-Dimensionally…. beyond beautiful codes for CELEBRATING NEW EARTH REALITIES and more peace being anchored and lived from within our own individual/collective MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH Experiences too.

Living Light Codes

I’ve looked at sharing this information in the most condensed way possible and the amount of information/codes daily, just make it virtually impossible… so I’ll recap a few and leave it up to each to see… as the importance of these NEW EARTH CODES completely reconfigure everyone’s perception of reality (and Multi-Dimensional experience) in every way.

It’s beyond important to realize that the human aspect will JUDGE and RESIST every part of this. It’s beyond important to surrender/move beyond all Judgments and inner-resistance in order to shift to a completely different place/space inside, otherwise “doing” this will be the opposite of ease and grace. ♥

I sometimes bring in polarity to explain QUANTUM ENERGY, as giving examples is the easiest way for each to energetically tune-in and see. We do not live from duality, yet when necessary, we do use it to explain and expand. We merge the opposing energies to create a “new energy” of Unity-Oneness, where all is a part of a much bigger picture and a part of a greater whole. Each piece and part can be broken down and the “pieces” put back together completely differently than before. This is a part of Quantum Existence, where entire realities are consciously dismantled and consciously put back together completely differently than before. This is also what the whole planet is in the middle of right now. An immense Quantum Re-write of all realities…. ☼

AN ILLUSORY REALITY of immense separation was a part of every human experience, which is a part of what all came here to fully Transcend. This density reality was created as a RESULT of what we all agreed to prior to incarnating/walking in here. This “reality”, while illusory in ENERGETICS, was our whole life and we each lived it, believed it, participated in it and were an integral part of the “whole thing” for as long as that was our current purpose. There comes a point where new awarenesses, new abilities and much higher aligned purposes are ready to come forth and it’s “time” to move out of those old realities/beliefs and into all new ones, yet our human ego aspect fights this with everything it’s got, so it’s up to each one of us to REALize this and shift out of this resistant place/space inside.

3D we all lived/believed. 4D we did too. We never “fit in there”, yet we all “tried” in some way, forgo “survival” and many other things. I put these two dimensions together (3D/4D), as they are “Pre-Ascension timelines”, whereas 5D is our Ascension of Consciousness and 6D+ is where Physical Body Ascension occurs. Post-physical-body-ascension timelines are very different than “Pre-Ascension” ones. There is an Ascension of Consciousness first (the bliss, magic and peace of 5D), which is also where NEW Earth portals start to open up inside, making much higher dimensional timelines available for each. As this is energetically achieved, the Physical Body then undergoes an immense alchemical LIGHTBODY DNA activation process which opens up portals for living NEW EARTH REALITIES fully as each fulfills much higher service roles for HUmanity. Post-Ascension is a whole new ball-game/experience. Ascension is SOUL UNIFICATION and is just the beginning when we are referring to NEW EARTH REALITIES/EXPERIENCES.

NEW EARTH IS HEAVENLY REALITIES where the codes are activated/anchored/housed and transmitted out by each. These are LIVING CODES. So you/we each must LIVE THEM FULLY for them to “take affect”. ♦ There is ONLY LIGHT… the rest is deep programming and the Old Illusion/dream. There’s all new ones ready to replace/upgrade those, as each is truly ready to open completely up to them. ☼

Alright… here we go:

Let’s Talk Old Earth and NEW EARTH for a moment….

First, NEW EARTH is not fully livable by the human ego aspect/carbon-based body as it’s not yet considered “real”. It’s not yet available as a reality, because it’s only accessible through each’s deeply-inner-connected and Sacred – Expanded-Consciousness….

It starts as a “figment of our imagination”, SOFT, SURREAL and that which is not deemed possible (or real), as well as “just too far fetched”, as it does not fit into the old parameters of what the human ego aspect created/believed “reality” is…. (yet knew all along).

There are immense and extreme alchemical, biological, bio-physical and bio-electromagnetic processes that each must go through before these possibilities and Super-Consciousness abilities open completely up…. and what the 3rd/4th Dimensions of our planet is going through right now is the clearing of Deeeeeep ILLUSIONS OF SEPARATION, deep foundational/core/root programming, heavy duty density and immense reconfiguration processes of the entire physical reality/body to vibrationally and energetically align all on a SOUL/Universal/Cosmic Level through the dissolution of deep heavy duty conditioning/belief systems previously held “as real”.

3D is based upon a focus on the physical with energies of lack/need/power/control mechanisms/attachment/statuses/idolizing/relationships/identities/stories/drama/chaos and more) and allows fear/separation/misuse of power/authority to lead/rule. 3D Strives to “achieve” human realities that feed lower chakra energies of “me first”, selfishness, greed and appears to “not have a heart” or pretends to, yet it’s obvious that priorities are not Unity Consciousness, even if they “mimic” this.
4D is a transition phase where each awakens to new awareness in the midst of the chaos, confusion, dualistic realities, starts the inner work, seeking esoteric/star/soul/higher self knowledge and learns to open their heart, gifts/abilities come forth, yet each remains in realities of struggle with their physical body in order to further awaken OUT OF 3D REALITIES. This is where self-awareness comes forth and “one foot in/one foot out” starts. It’s also where the ACTIVATION of each’s ENERGY BODY to start to emerge from a deep state of amnesia/coma/slumber/forgotten state through an immense transitional process of learning to open up to listening and honoring each’s own higher guidance, in order to feel, respect and trust in the “invisible ENERGETIC Realms” without separation, resistance or fear anymore. Foggy Groggy, Confusion and Immense Emotional Clearings, as well as Physical Body changes (DNA repair) are all a part of this. All of this is done completely from within, as all of the dimensions are INSIDE and the way “to them” is ENERGETICALLY OR PHYSICALLY through all…. every reality, every belief, every dimension….. which is where Expansion of Heart-Light-Consciousness comes in and priorities start to shift.

REALities are not as all “thought” before… they are illusions, dreams and beliefs (nightmares are 3D karmic/akashic/unconscious timeline clearing processes), all transmitted out from each’s cellular body by way of various vibrational frequencies… that “tell” out there what to return for each to see, for each to experience… which is relative to QUANTUM REALITIES…. not linear ones.

3D is linear. 4D is transitioning from linear to vibrational/energetic/non-linear, yet there’s immense physical density and linearity that has to physically and energetically clear…. 5D opens up more access to all other dimensions, yet this starts in the 4th dimension where each still lives from ego/separation…. as each still has to work through immense and deeply in-grained ego-dissolution processes from within for SOUL EMBODIMENT to occur (5D Experience).

Restoring Cosmic/Universal/Planetary and Individual Energetic/Vibrational/Physical Balance to All

It’s BEYOND important to comprehend/understand/realize/remember that what occurs in 3D/4D is the opposite of NEW Earth Earth experiences/realities.

Some examples that 3D/4D (Old Earth) will experience are fighting, duality, challenges, constraints, tightening restrictions, illness/disease, debilitating realities, power-plays, victim/survivor scenarios, finger pointing/blame games, fear tactics through emotional manipulation/narcissism, not enough/scarcity or the opposite by way of over-achiever/over-abundance for awhile, criticism/judgment, blind loyalty, hierarchy/pedestals, attachment/holding on and believing everything they’re told, asking others what to do, living by fixed beliefs and rules.

5D+ will experience Pure Peace, Pure Sacred Connection, Pure Love, Pure Kindness, Deep Sacred Respect, Magical Experiences and appreciate everything as a gift, seeing the purposes in all and not wasting/taking anything for-granted, because of how inner-connected all is through Love. Abundance is different and supports Service to Humanity and Light, so as each fully lives this, everything to support comes forth, with infinite realities opening up the more all is shared.

While one strangles/constricts/threatens and uses fear to control the other functions from a Space of Consciousness that’s free. A part of this process is each REMEMBERING that each must choose to free themselves from deep inside, which means moving to a place of Sovereignty instead of the old ways of dependency and reliancy like before.

5D-12D is FREEDOM and literally a LIVING DREAM…. it’s literally HEAVEN and PURE PEACE inside… and it’s where each lives/works in service from this beautiful HEAVENly place INSIDE…. creating all new realities that are Soul/Highest/Light aligned….. a rebuilding, reforming, recreating all “from scratch” (Zero Point). It’s where all Live (Heaven) while doing all of this Service Work AS PURE LIGHT that supports, uplifts, inspires humanity through the sharing of immense LIGHT CODES (Knowledge, Abilities, Gifts and ENERGY/Consciousness) that accelerates through Super Consciousness… the ability for each to fully anchor, integrate and apply these NEW EARTH LIGHT CODES to every aspect of each’s whole life, forgo CREATING HEAVEN ON EARTH as an actual full experience…

Which is why we call this “Anchoring NEW EARTH and Birthing NEW Earth from Within”, as you/we/each literally BIRTH NEW EARTH WITH OUR BODIES, awakening to new knowledge, new understandings, new abilities, gifts, wonders and awe and doing the deep-inner-work and service-work daily to accomplish all that’s available to everyone fully embracing these ways is “how” we live our lives… a completely different way than “old earth” lives were…

While 3D/4D and each dimension lives out/plays out ego-drama, ego power-plays, fears, illusions of separation, completes Unconscious Soul Contracts and more, the ability to utilize Conscious Choice starts in 4D and with each Conscious Choice a “reversal/inversion process” occurs. This is what Consciously activates each’s Merkaba to start to build/construct… for Physical Body Ascension to actually occur. This takes years… as every unconscious human belief system must be brought into “the Light” and the Polarity Consciously Reversed by each in order to experience inner UNIFICATION…. a merging process which is what ACTIVATES HEAVENS GATES TO OPEN INSIDE…. and each’s experience to become HEAVEN too.

PURE PEACE will flood through and finally, each realizes that which could not logically be explained or understood. Because it’s not a location outside, it’s a connection inside, a REMEMBRANCE and an EXPERIENCE INSIDE that words cannot adequately explain.

PURE Beauty, Simplicity and PURE LOVE…. just pours forth and out. A Love that Transcends all things human…. a LOVE SO PURE… that nothing will ever be the same ever again. In this moment, distortions become visible and understood…. and the next phase begins… each actively anchoring, integrating and LIVING NEW EARTH LIGHTCODES while creating/building/sharing/supporting/guiding/assisting and LIVING AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT…. Which starts at 5D and goes all the way back to 12D… which is where we all arrive/end up as we accomplish what we came here to BE and DO as Light Beings/Light Family, Star BEings/Star Family and the Code Keepers, Frequency & Template Holders and Crystalline Grid/Plasma Networking Systems of OUR NEW EARTH.

At first, it’s a daunting task, because so much of us is REQUIRED. Just like we gave our 3D personal realities 100% of our time/energy/love/dedication/resources… we now must do the same thing for 5D-12D Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth. By the time we get to this place, our human aspect is tired, tired of fighting, tired of working, tired of trying, just plain tired, wore out, exhausted and fed up. It already worked so very hard to build/accomplish all that the human ego reality said was possible, yet still a man-made dream always just beyond reach and woven by an intentionally impossible matrix-webbing-system created to bind each to an illusion of happiness, invisible limits, invisible control mechanisms, survival-mode thinking, competition, judgement and accomplishing ego things such as ownership, titles, money, statuses and more. The never-ending loop cycle, UNTIL awakening slap-dab in the middle of an intricate “diabolical” illusion begins… then the unraveling accelerates….

5D-12D is the opposite of that. It’s LIVING PURE JOY FULLY and not being defined by those things in any way anymore. It’s where all are important, all are precious, all are capable and equal too, yet the human ego aspect separates off from this, because it has too much “fear” of the “unknown” and “thinks” it has to “control” everything, is convinced it’s incapable (even the inflated ego experiences this), which in essence is the very thing that creates separation from NEW EARTH EXPERIENCES to start with.