This is the Victory of the Light

wave after wave eraoflightdotcomWe would like to emphasize the importance of not letting yourself get pulled into the current narrative.

As usual, things are not as they might appear at first glance.

It is so easy to be dragged down into worry and despair about the events on your planet. This fear should not be your “place of residence”…

The dark forces are trying everything to regain their power and they will stop at nothing. Everything is designed to keep you stuck in the 3D matrix construct of fear and control.

And yet it is crucial for your own good and specifically for your ascension vibes to keep vibrating higher.

If you succeed in raising your frequency and keeping it you will quickly see that beyond the lies and web of illusions.

You can imagine it like a puppet theater in which actors play different parts. Some are the bad guys and others pretend to be the good guys while the actual good ones are absent from the scene.

The dark forces have always used holographic inserts, staged events, and all kinds of trickery supported by the mainstream media outlets that they own and control to create a reality for you that would bind you to their magic spells. Literally.

Do not buy any more tickets to this show.

Be peaceful, be kind, be compassionate, and be patient.

If you have trained yourself and evolved in the past years, now is the time to put your loving talents to work.

Many are in fear right now. They need your stability and loving support.

We have communicated this to you many times before and we think that only ow the time has come for you to truly understand what we have meant by those words.

You must become the keepers of frequency. This means that you not only raise your vibration but you keep it high no matter what.

This is how you can make this frequency accessible to others.

You cannot go around dragging people to 5D. You cannot force humans to awaken and you do not know what their souls have chosen to experience within this lifetime. You cannot violate their free will.

But you can make your life an example that invites others to follow, to partake in your beautiful experience, to share your wisdom, and to find peace in yours.

Do not believe what the media tells you. Not for a moment. Turn off your TVs and spend more time with Mother Nature.

Sit under a tree, breathe deeply, and know that all is divine order.

They cannot win and they are fully aware of it. They just want to cause as much pain and fear and chaos as long as they can to get one last kick out of it.

This is the victory of light.

So, today we ask of you to stay grounded and to keep the faith in the divine plan so that others too may feel more at peace.

We love you. We are here with you.

We are the family of light.


Aurora & The Galactic Federation

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7 Replies to “This is the Victory of the Light”

  1. Kevi

    Higher is not a “judgement” like a higher grade on your report card. It refers to FREQUENCY. All matter vibrates at different frequencies. In the human body, the mind creates what frequency the physicality vibrates at. We are at choice. We are not victims. We can choose. Align only with that which brings vitality and life to your heart and soul.

    1. WhoseBliss?

      Frequency of what exactly? Vibrations of the Higgs field? Why is there so much talk of ‘higher’ frequencies? As if the lower and higher vibrations, whatever those are, are not part of an integral whole. I just feel like, the words vibration and frequency denote specific physical, quantifiable phenomena whose meanings are not well conveyed through much of the vague language of the new age movement.

  2. Max

    The Light has ALREADY Won!

    We are waiting for ALL this to “play” out on the physical plane.

    Victory is assured! Believe IT and See IT!

  3. TeeLight

    Of course the Light wins, it could not be any other way.
    The only question is will there be anyone here to experience it from this side.
    There are Universal Laws that cannot be altered, nor changed, this “fight” all fights, have predetermined outcomes, because there is actually no true fight going on.
    What scared and blind beings we are. Afraid of the inevitable and unchanging.
    No matter what our intellect and ego is telling us, if we cling to matter based illusions of right/wrong, justice and punishment, we guarantee to see Ascension from the Spirit side.

  4. WhoseBliss?

    How can the quantity of dimensions be known? What is a dimension? 3D, so no 4th dimension of time? What is meant exactly by the words vibration and frequency? Why are only “Higher” ones “Good”?

    1. tymexia

      your soul functions in 11 dimensions, there are 12 including you. our current reality is trapped in a 3d matrix. TVs bring down our inherent spiritual frequency trapping us in a lower dimension. We are elevating to 5 now