Greetings All! If the readers of Era of Light wish to write about their experiences during this process of awakening, you may do so and submit them via email eraoflight777@hotmail.com and I will share them on the blog.

8 Replies to “Writing”

  1. tom

    I believe all articles should have a name to them and not source. In that way itcan be check out if not true.

  2. Billy Butcher

    Yesterday there was a post on this website channelled by Pita and claiming to be from the GFOL. I made a comment on it about the author’s use of gender for Prime Creator and others commented about the authenticity of the channelling.

    That article was removed. Today that same channelling has been posted on the Sananda website, but now claiming to be from goddess Isis, still channelled by Pita. The sentence that mentions gender of Prime Creator has been changed.

    Be careful and thoughtful with everything you read, not all is from the light.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      The channeling was emailed to us. Apparently it was not 100% original. A few changes were made to it by someone else. That is I removed it.

    2. PA

      Excellent! Thanks for your astute observation yesterday..Ur post got me thinking, and as we can see it didn’t happen..I wrote to Michael about this crap and how it will ruin ERA if they don’t proof some of these demons trying to discredit the upcoming Event and other things..not trying to block anyone from free speech, just want the genuine truth from these folks…I re-posted the article yesterday to Anons , family and friends and obviously was very embarrased by it today..this was intentional for sure to discredit the REAL GFOL…Thanks again.

  3. Miceal Ledwith

    To Michael Tellinger. Michael this is Miceal Ledwith. Would like to make a proposal to you. Could you please send me an email address where I could reach you – or a text?
    Hope you’re both doing well.