Master Kuthumi: Your Soul Spirit in a Physical Body

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcomKuthumi: There is an aspect of the personality of this particular embodiment that was chosen before coming into the embodiment for a specific reason. The reason was to have a certain way in which to experience the physical realm. The personality, after each embodiment, is not brought forth into a new lifetime. Instead, a specific personality trait is created by the Soul, to be used in the physical body.

Jim: And would that personality trait become more fine tuned as we step into the utilization of all these different bodies?

Kuthumi: Correct. From being able to very consciously engage that causal body, you then have access to the consciousness that you as a Soul Spirit have developed over many, many lifetimes. You begin to be more conscious of this as you draw from that causal body. You become very conscious of the mental,/emotional bodies that are a huge part of your energetic system. That consciousness, now, is starting to surface. Because you are empowered and have domain over, from a Soul Spirit perspective, you are able to distinguish between what are the lower parts of those bodies that are engaged in the physical body’s experience and then begin to alter that as needed.

Jim: As we become more conscious in each one of these bodies, as we begin to use the etheric and as we begin to hold our attention in the various bodies, drawing the causal body information in is going to be accelerating.

Kuthumi: Yes. It will change not only the structure of the physical body energetically, it will change the experience of the physical body. To get this consciousness awakened in humanity is a massive teaching project that Yeshua and I have embarked upon with you. These students have been so diligent over the last several years in working with us, we feel like they are the instruments through which this consciousness can be brought into a more collective perspective.

Jim: This helps clarify and set in motion this week’s class a little more clearly. Thank you.

Kuthumi: We ask these students to be very patient with themselves. Just allow this consciousness to be reawakened in yourself. Each one will experience it differently. Each one will experience it at a different level. Be patient and allow yourself to play in these different domains, so you become more aware, more accustomed to how each of those levels of you function, and how they relate to your physicality.

This process will eliminate the abuse of power that is held within that third dimensional body. It will eliminate all of the fragmented thoughts and emotions that keep you relegated to a victim role, or relegated to a persecutor role, or relegated to a rescuer role. It will eliminate where you condemn yourself or you judge harshly. Through these bodies and the awareness of yourself from that much bigger perspective, all of that is eliminated within the body and within the experience of yourself in the body. You then operate in the body from the Soul Spirit perspective as the image and similitude of the All That Is.

The pieces are being put in place. And, you have to deal with this dense part of yourself, the body, that has yet to come into a different alignment that will make it much easier for you to operate from all levels of yourself. But for right now, you still have certain portions of it that are very dense and are unable to hold those higher frequencies.

One thing that is helpful is, as we have said all along in these transmissions: these class tools and class activations are related to the density in the body. The practice and teaching is related to creating a higher vibratory rate and connecting into that unified field that encompasses all your bodies. These are things that you can do on a regular basis that will help the body make this transformational step. This will allow the Soul Spirit to operate in the body more coherently and more effectively.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Master Kuthumi and Jim Self as they prepare a class together.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Kuthumi to speak through her. With her collaboration, the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.

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