Mother God: The Next Move is Immensely Powerful

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomDear angels on earth. I am your Mother Divine. I come today with important news. The Divine has just sent out another warning to the souls in the pacific region. Gaia’s next round of movement is about to begin. The next move is immensely powerful and the move is going to change a lot of areas. That is why the Divine sent out the warning and we, the Divine want the planet to heed the Divine guidance.

What Gaia is going to shed in the next round of releasing is quite powerful in momentum. She has decided to unload her unresolved pains and wounds, which means the ocean waters are going to be involved. Gaia’s emotions are attached to the waters. Gaia’s oceans are her emotions and any time Gaia has emotional activities, her ocean waters will be engaged. Just like humans, any time there is an emotional encounter, in other words, when emotions run high, the human body reacts because 70% of the human body is water.

Now, since Gaia’s next move is emotionally charged, and that means Gaia’s oceans or waters are going to play a huge role, the Ocean fronts are the regions where changes will happen. If you live near Gaia’s ocean waters dear ones, know Gaia’s next releasing is coming.

In terms of which ocean Gaia’s releasing is involved this time, what we, the Divine can say is that the Pacific Ocean is where Gaia’s releasing is focused right now. Of course, since the planet is an interconnected system, when one part of the whole moves, the other parts may also have activities. That is to say that no matter what ocean you are near, just know that Gaia’s next move is coming and the impact of her next releasing can be very strong and powerful. That is the bottom line. I love you dear angels. I am your Mother God. So it is.

» Source » Channel: Linda Li

8 Replies to “Mother God: The Next Move is Immensely Powerful”

  1. sea

    Whatever we encounter in our lives serves a Divine purpose and that purpose will be different for everyone. Whether of not something is ‘true’ is unimportant. What is important is how you are affected by it, the actions, if any, you choose to take and the changes that occur inside yourself because of it.

  2. bodhimoss

    It’s not gender in the way that has been politicized, it’s Divine Feminine energy (loving, nurturing, like the earth) and Divine Masculine, which is an action, doing type of energy like the sun. We shouldn’t let the PC crowd destroy that cosmic understanding/awareness. That is not to say I’m supporting this channeling in any way though, she may be tapping into the mainstream’s threat of a “Second Wave” of quarantines, which is also an energy form, that of fear. At this point everything must be taken in a quantum context, including all incoming telepathic messages and downloads.

  3. TeeLight

    Being prepared for reality is always better.
    Messages like this are the exact reason I learned how to use pendulums, which taught me how to discern.
    Big changes are in process, it is our path to find our way through.
    The Earth has to purge her distortions, as do we.
    We all choose our lives, and the upcoming distortions will separate the wheat from the chaff.
    Will we come together and help to save others?
    Or will we stay 6 feet apart and allow the other to die out of the implanted lies and fear?
    The choice will be ours.
    Gaia will, is, fine, pure, clean, ascended.
    Done deal.
    Each of us will decide if we face it like a dinosaur, and be energetically purged, or we stand in the Divine and rise along with the solar system.
    Death , illness, natural disasters are part of physical life.
    Thinking them all tragedies keeps us locked in the Matrix and cements our path.
    Perspective is always a personal choice.

  4. Max

    After reading the above channeling it make me consider this question:

    Why would Mother God try to “scare” or cause any “anxiety” to her children?

    She would not! Mother God is in charge and any planetary issues would be handled.

    Is this channeling for REAL?

    Let your own internal barometer tell you….

    1. David Wilkinson

      Agreed. This channelling though is being very specific. If it doesn’t happen imminently then we will all know the channelling is not for real and the channel is to then not be trusted.

      In addition, to my mind, to assign a gender to God smacks of a political agenda and is a prime indicator for me that this channelling is false.

      1. Bill

        This lady has said stuff like this before about weather related events. I don’t recall them happening. She also pushed for a Chirst figure to save everyone as well, so take that as you will.

    2. Jacqueline Laughlin

      I agree Max. Is this channeling REAL? What warning to the Pacfic region? The fires on the west coast is a warning from Mother Gaia? Why destroy the planet? Next the oceans play a huge roll. Should we be scared? This seems like BS.