Start Afresh as the New You

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomAfter the huge energy wave from last night (european time – see yesterday’s post for more info) it’s hangover or rather integration day! A good day to rest, if called, and focus on much tender loving self care. We received huge upgrades and downloads to our bodies and DNA so it’s good to allow for the integration and clearings taking place as a result of the huge influx of higher dimensional frequencies. We are integrating our higher multi-dimensional essence and aspects and experiencing a stronger connection to the Godhead. You may feel more and more of your gifts and abilities coming online and heightened psychic abilities. Experiencing total brain fog which is helping with the release of much mental chatter.

Also vertigo, dizziness, feeling super tired/ exhausted, ungrounded, not really here nor there, can all be experienced. Remember, we don’t all feel the same at the same time, just sharing what I am experiencing and/ or observing in case it resonates and supports. As with everything, take what resonates and disregard the rest. It’s all allowing us to live more fully in the NOW and releasing lower timelines and experiences. This is also the result of much karmic and ancestral clearing we’ve been doing lately. It’s like a memory wipe, with it we are more able to stay in the zero point field (neutrality and timelessness) of NOW where everything is possible and manifestations heightened.

Tomorrow’s date (9.11!!) has been highlighted to me as well as the 13th, 22nd and 27th of this month. Haven’t received any insight into what may transpire, usually it means these will be highly energy intense days. Keep being good to yourself, keep loving every part of you and let go of all that weighs you down. Keep transmuting your shadow into the light through non judgement and pure unconditional love for yourself and all life. Let any pain be transmuted with Divine Love, release it all to God Source, ask for this it truly works, especially when done before bedtime, and if called channel any pain into a creative project. Even just journalling your daily experiences and impressions can be a great way to do this and be very cathartic.

Let go of the past but remember the lessons.

Transmute, alchemise, transcend and start afresh as the New You! Layer after layer, it takes as long as it takes. Remember, when going through tough times, these too shall pass and change is the only constant in life. Non attachment to outcomes, people, places etc is the new way of living. Keep focusing on gratitude, everything that has transpired in your life up until now can help you up-shift your life to a new higher expression. Nothing is ever in vain or pointless. Also, there’s a saying that the biggest ‘arseh****’ we encounter on our life’s journey are often our biggest teachers, which can be helpful to remember at times 😅 All has meaning and a higher purpose.

Choose the highest viewpoint and keep focusing on how you wish to live your life and what realities you wish to manifest for yourself and all of humanity, not those you don’t. That’s more important than ever now. Choose your thoughts, words, beliefs, actions and feelings wisely. And remember, YOU CAN NEVER DREAM TOO BIG. It’s all down to what we believe is possible in the end. In fact, spend much time dreaming y/our new higher timelines into existence! We came here to be powerful Co-creators of our own and collective realities!

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