Alchemise And Transmute It All To Back Love

energy waves eraoflightdotcomThe energies are again asking many of us to be present with the process and relaxing into it all. We are going through a massive !!! cellular clearing and rewrite along with our DNA, especially Mitochondrial DNA. The mind wipe/ fog continues as we’re clearing HUGE amounts of lower energies/ karmic density, personally, ancestral and collectively as well as the connected timelines/ story lines are being released and cleared at mental body level. This also shows up as being unable to focus or remember things or thoughts we had only a moment ago. This enables us to stay firmly in the now moment and be more fully present, operating more and more outside of time with less mental chatter. Some may be experiencing a natural ‘high’, as if on drugs, due to natural DMT, melatonin and oxytocin release. Makes us feel a bit out of it, dizzy, vertigo, wobbly, floating sensation, ungroundedness, nausea, sensitive stomach, food all over the place or little appetite, but also very relaxed, blissed out and easily tuned into the higher dimensions. We’re going through a rapid expansion and contraction cycle, body can feel hot and cold with this as it’s burning off density and upgrades take place.

I can highly recommend taking time to go into deep meditation, just be open, fully relax and observe what comes in. There is a LOT going on at all levels! Many may still feel exhausted and tired along with body aches especially lower back and spine, flu type symptoms, whilst the body is undergoing this profound transformation and shift in dimensional frequencies and higher timelines that we’re navigating, allow it, relaaaaxxxx!! We’re transcending time and space, we are clearing millennia of ancient timelines including atlantis and lemuria at an accelerated rate, our ancient history of war and division. You may experience deja vu, increase in multidimensional experiences, memory of other incarnations (past, present, future), time anomalies etc. We are being ultimately offered to see life from a totally new perspective, which is how a miracle can be defined as. It offers true healing, seeing the perfection of it all, the deep meaning behind everything and simultaneously the big joke behind it all, as we remember, none of this is even real, we live in a dream..

A lot of the clearing is still focused on the sacral chakra connected to family, relationships, sexuality, karma. This is also where our creative powers are held. Whilst we’re releasing at record speed, our multi-dimensional aspects are coming more and more online, embodiment is accelerating. Still feeling very spaces out, not part of this reality and detached, whilst going through emotional clearings. Some may have problems sleeping even if tired, also some crazy dreams where reported (myself incl) last night. I felt interference as I was going to sleep and the dream I remember was crazy and very off, was interfered with, my guidance told me it was down to a holographic insert. We can often expect/ experience negative energetic interference when a big shift in frequency and/ or conscioussness is taking place.

((“Holographic insert, (an insert is a false or real memory being programmed upon our consciousness for Mind Control purposes or DNA genetic manipulation from the NAA).Holographic inserts are used to bend time and space and therefore manipulate Timelines. Inserts are implanted into the Consciousness layers though the frequency manipulation of the bodies energy fields or Lightbody.” – Quote Source: Ascension Glossary))

Some may ‘make contact’ with their other multi-dimensional aspects of themselves and/ or Starfamily. The veil is indeed very thin now. Again, make time to meditate and truly connect with those other aspects of you, just realx and be open. Huge heart openings and activations continue, third eye and crown (lots of tingling) also, allowing a better and clearer connection to our higher levels and God Source whilst our central energy colum is clearing more density and realigning it’s connection to God Source. Remember, everyone is at a different phase on their journey and all unique, again I only share what I am observing, take what resonates and leave the rest. Also, we are all to be active participants of these processes. One thing we all share is that we have the opportunity to allow an immensely profound healing to take place at a personal and collective level as well as planetary. Let it all wash away. Let it all go..

We’re receiving a most beautiful healing directly from God Source. The (aquamarine) Divine Mother energies can be palpably felt if you just let go and receive this unconditional love. Let go of all trauma and karma. Come to peace with everything that has brought you to this now being grateful for the experience/s. Forgive yourself and others fully for any hurt caused, across all timelines, all dimensions, all realities, all incarnations, past, present and future. Let go of any lingering hurt, any fear, sadness, grief, resentment, shame, guilt, regret, all heaviness and density, surrender it all to God Source. Ask for the complete release of any and all energy that is not part of your Original Divine Angelic Human Blueprint. Be at peace with what was and now is, FULLY, completely. Be proud of how far you’ve come and who you are now and then let it all go. Become the observer of your stories, your identity, what you believe defines you, your beliefs, and let it all go. Be with whatever arises and then let it go, one thought after another and ask for complete healing of all karmic, ancestral and collective imprints, programs, belief systems, miasms, all and everything that is not for your highest good across all time and space, all dimensions. Ask this of your higher levels and God Source, especially when in meditation, doing energy clearing and/ or before drifting off to sleep. Our differing belief systems are the main reasons humans feel separate from one another, they cause division and duality amongst us where one wants to be right and the other to be wrong, that’s ego, so try your best to let the need to be right and to know the truth, go. We can have different beliefs and can still respect and love one another!! Don’t attach to any specific belief, be fluid, be open to different perspectives.

Remember that our wounds are our teachers and have served their purpose, we ALCHEMISE AND TRANSMUTE it ALL BACK TO LOVE NOW and ask to gain higher insight. Allowing our wounds and shadows to serve as a means to have compassion for others suffering, to being able to truly understand and thus being able to assist others working through/ healing theirs. The path of the wounded healer, the healer now healed, so we may now give from an overflowing cup, not one half empty. We can only get there by confronting all of our shadows, fear and pain, like the brave warriors that we are, conquering our own suffering once and for all by BEing WITH IT and FEELing IT ALL. Otherwise we keep dragging the density along with us, there is no other way if we truly wish to free ourselves from it all. ALL OUR ASPECTS need to be integrated, the shadow and light, nothing left behind and all alchemised. We end up with full acceptance, fully at peace, fully in love with self, life and the world around us. One by One creating a world full of Peace, Love and Joy from the inside out. Remembering this as our true nature. Turning back the time to from before The Fall..back to Innocence. Yet remembering and having learned our lessons, without any emotional charge, so we never have to repeat them again. So we can step out of the Maya and the wheel of karma and incarnation. Freedom at last! We are here to heal our own templates and by doing so healing the 12-strand DNA Divine Angelic Human, the planetary template and beyond. All is connected, all is One, all lies Within.

Divine Love Within. That’s how we heal the world!

Eternal Love & Blessings,

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