Timely Medicine

star bright eraoflightdotcomThe Dismantling is now obvious, palpable and physical. The Evolutionary Burn started years ago at the etheric soul level and, since January 12 2020, is now transforming the physical dimension. What we are experiencing in our lives, our cells, our guts are the visible outworkings of Pluto’s alchemical burning fields and Saturn’s karmic re-balancing.

As the wild fires rage around us and in our hearts, razing our old lives to the ground, both literally and metaphorically, next week’s astrology promises some long overdue healing and respite for body and soul. Gas giant Jupiter turns direct on Sunday 13th helping us to stay sane and awake whatever is happening around us. On Thursday 17th, a New Moon in practical Virgo aligns harmoniously with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn and squares the karmic Nodes of Fate.

It‘s time to lay the groundwork for what lies beyond the immediate deconstruction and to begin to draw on the inner resources you’ve developed since January’s epochal Saturn/Pluto conjunction. What are the gifts in terms of resilience, sticking power, grit and faith? What sanity tools have you created and practised during the restrictions?

Virgo is the sign of Embodiment, reminding you that your body is the vector for your enlightenment, not something to bypass or escape from into your head.

How well are you tending yours?

Are you consistently clearing your ecology, walking in nature, shifting your daily rhythms to spend more time in the rest state free of toxins to clear, rejuvenate, reboot, activate and anchor the new photonic light?

Are you working with your natural rhythm of On Windows and Offline Windows rather than overriding them?

Migrating your reality to the 5D levels turns out to be an intensely exhausting process. Deep restorative sleep whenever you can get it is an absolute priority.

Refuse to indulge in inner gaslighting and hold on to a big picture sense of perspective and proportion knowing that this is a transition, not the End of Days.

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