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stargate eraoflightdotcomOnly this time Pay Attention to how this works now.

Some interesting light codes have been coming through and there are two very prominent experiences that were on repeat for me today, one is a visual in which when I use soft view my reality screen keeps burning like the old cinema film reels projecting onto the big screen when they burned in the lamp, some of you may be too young to remember.

Also, my left ear has been signalling deafness in the field, that is until I chose to sit down and scribe the codes and I felt this imaginary trickle of fluid and the deafness cleared.

So here I am, translating the codes because feeling into them, feeling into the collective and what is apparent is that paradigms are collapsing, as they are now required to but there is a focus, attached, and its acting much like a weight dragging so many down into the depths.

Hundreds and even thousands of lifetimes are currently collapsing in this now moment, a now moment that through the dense physicality of being human is lasting hours, days and months and yet the more resistance that is shown this becomes a process of years. The viewpoint of years will be reflective in how we view the collective as the purification process appears so much more slowly through our human eyes. A lifetime to us is viewed over a long and often arduous 80 odd years on average when unconscious and separated, however from the Soul’s Eye view its nothing more than a bat of the cosmic eyelid.

The collective is also simply a reflection of y/our physical (world/body/reality) which as we know is the slowest field to catch up and also the field that is bound to the laws of nature, well that’s part of the New Earth Codes, to finally stop pushing, to learn patience, to stop interfering and flow with the motions to receive the magic of rejuvenation and Source Abundance, which is something very different to the God Codes and the karmic abundance chased in much of the spiritual arena.

Source Codes and God Codes behave very differently and they are easy to spot, those operating from the Source Codes are completely functional within and without all current systems playing out, or all dimensional realities. God Codes feed from the systems and support the systems, they are the systems and these are evident in the rebellion that plays out when the systems are rocked, such as we are experiencing now. The God Codes are simple in that when the system fails, the banks collapse, travel and tourism collapses, when all systems collapse the truth in the dysfunction through fear and panic is evident.

Those operating from Source Codes are able to process with ease, zero attachment to the old operating systems and fully prepared to adapt rapidly to the new programming , these are the New World Community that is currently drawing near and forming and in this lifetime will show to defy the old laws and almost be seen to hover above the gravitational pull where the destruction is active, above the God Coding that has fallen into chaos.

And this is where we are at, this is why life is now making less and less sense to many, let me share with you a wonderful key….its not meant to make sense, that the point, there is a whole new language now being spoken, there is a whole new world in front of us and its now meant to be explored. One of the biggest errors that is coming up is how the judgement, the expectation is being brought to the new field and folk are trying to play in the new field as though its the old and it simply cannot be processed or experienced in this way.

Computer says NO

Its a little like going to a play park and using the roundabout like a swing or see-saw like a slide…..its not working and its dangerous

Apply the new Source Codes and everything moves with ease, everything becomes functional

Continue with the God Codes and experience the Wipe Out in the cosmic surf

So, going back to what I was sharing with the hundreds and thousands of lifetimes now in collapse, these are the God Codes in action, these are thousands of years of conflict and control playing out in this now moment hence why there is so much resistance and why this is so highly reactive within those currently experiencing.

The quicker the focus can turn to this now moment and realise the collapse, allowing the collapse and somewhat celebrating the collapse, letting go of that which is screaming in fear. The quicker the new Source Codes will install and a new process to operate becomes you the sooner the field returns to the vibration of peace and therefore healing, to then accelerate back into love and connection and from there into bliss and enlightenment.

Many are blind to the screams of fear, this is connected to the learned hopelessness and how much the race prides itself on self sabotage and also being seen as strong or coping. Its all very simple to spot in that all that is uncomfortable is highlighting the old coding and all that is calm, peaceful, healing, loving, connected and blissful is enlightening.

To heal the screams of fear its essential to go into them, to pay attention, to validate them as the ancient coding and all that entails, to then realise the difference in energy of the coding and adopt those codes that are most freeing, which are not connected to any systematic operating, none of the conditional stuff that plays around in “if” statements such as if this performs this way then and only then can I do this, some understanding on computer programming and if statements would be beneficial here to learn because technically that is how the God Codes have had us processing whilst we have been sleep walking.

One thing that is becoming super apparent is just how much the field appears to be ramping up in volume in those who are showing signs of disconnection, those who are not reading the field are experiencing many glitches and what they perceive as field disruptions.

The Divine Feminine is becoming more and more powerful within each of us and the resistance to this energy always appears to throw a spanner in the works to those not yet focused on learning the field language. So things break, relationships buckle, weird stuff goes down and sometimes it manifests super freaky to grab your attention and begin a fast spin ascension cycle to literally eject a mass of that which is super sticky and attached out of reach so that space for another awakening can begin.

It is most likely over these next couple of days as the Sun moves into Virgo and the moon meets for her New Cycle that many will be feeling the wipe out and this will manifest in so many different ways dependent on your ability to flow with the Divine Feminine

Rebooting with rest is most definitely going to be required.

If you would like any assistance in understanding the codes of light then I welcome the connection in which I will create space to assist your next awakening and the incoming healing process.

With love always

Your devoted siSTAR


The Divine Feminine

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