Master Lao Tse: Time for What’s Essential

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomThe opportunity

Sort out all that is insignificant and use your time for what’s essential.

Beloved human,

the best chance to let go of what’s insignificant is now. Outer events urge you to concentrate on yourself. You can’t make anyone else responsible for your inner restlessness or for fears that arise.

It is you who is at the root of everything. And all you can emanate was inside you first.

The current quiet before the storm, the current complete “lockdown” of society, presents you with the challenge of stillness as well as the challenge of restlessness spreading around you. This is the opportunity to fully concentrate on yourself.

There is no moment more appropriate for self-reflection than the moment when the life you knew is coming to a standstill. Only then something new can open up.

Questioning habits

Questioning habits, reorganizing your life in a new way and embracing a new way of thinking – these are the most essential tasks for each individual.

Now you can free yourself and break open the constructs of your mind. Your future is no longer projectable. However, as soon as you get a good sense, focus on your Self and your intuition, you will soon realize where your journey takes you.

Each individual has the ability to foresee and sense their future.

Where do you see yourself, what could happen in this world and which part of that concerns you? Which reality are you creating for yourself, and which instances pass you by without a trace?

There is no other human being just like you, and there is no other human being who will experience the shifts in this world the way you will.

Each individual is on their own path, and now that you have time to deal with yourself, you can get a sense of this path and sense it as an omen.

Get to work with courage and joy, because as soon as you know how things work, fear vanishes and there is light and love.

Disregard what’s insignificant, be aware of what’s essential. This is true freedom.


» Source » Channel: Jahn Kassl