Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Zionists Purged in Israel

world news eraoflightdotcomThe autumn offensive begins.  The rogue nation of Israel was put under lockdown at the start of the Jewish New Year to facilitate a purge of Zionists, Pentagon sources say.  MI6 sources say their next target is a mysterious Swiss-based entity known as the Octagon Group.  In a counter-offensive, an estimated one-million Satanists in the U.S. are being mobilized to overthrow the government, multiple intelligence agency sources agree.

The major anti-Zionist offensive was started with the announcement of the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Here is how Pentagon sources summed up the situation:

“[U.S. President Donald] Trump announced a list of Supreme Court nominees on September 9th, so the Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) death on Rosh Hashanah sends a New Year message to the Jewish mafia while Israel is forced into another lockdown to round up Zionists.”

The Pentagon sources add they have jerked Trump’s chain to force him to act against the Zionists, and his son-in-law Jared Kushner will face a military tribunal on charges of treason and possible execution.

We are also hearing from MI6 why they are going after the mysterious group in Switzerland known as the “Octagon,” whose members are descendants of Pharaonic bloodlines.

Before we go any further into this issue, though, we need to take a deep dive into the secret government power structure that we are battling.  The organizational chart below was given to me by an envoy of David Rockefeller (via former Japanese finance minister Heizo Takenaka) ten years ago.

This document (2 dozen pages in all) was handed to me after Asian secret societies mobilized to target people who were members of all three of the following groups: The Bilderbergers, The Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

What this flowchart page allegedly shows is the Zionist power structure.  It has Switzerland at the top.  Underneath is the “Royal Bank.”  On the left is “Elizabeth E.C.” Below that is the City of London, followed by “properties,” then the “Chief Executive of Japan.” On the left you find France.  Below is the “Committee of 500” (i.e. the Fortune 500) and “ILIO 48.”

At the bottom, you see enforcement units including North Korea, Military Police, and the CIA.  At the very bottom is a Chinese assassin designated by the U.S. occupation forces to control Japan.  In the middle you see they claim to control Japan, Mexico, Canada, the United States, Africa, Iran, Greece, England, Mongolia, and Russia.  What they do not control is Italy, Germany, India, and China among others.

It was also at this time that Leo Zagami was sent by the P2 Freemasons to Japan to visit me.  When I reciprocated the visit and went to Italy, I was told the P2 (now P3) took orders from “aliens in Switzerland.”  They claimed to have started and run Communism.

Now after 10 years of puzzling over this and other information given to me, we can start to connect some dots.  First of all, we have received reports that we are being ruled by descendants of the Egyptian Pharaohs, from many sources like the arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi (whose nephew Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered in Turkey).

Japanese Royal Family members (real ones, not the fake Emperor Naruhito) also claim they are descended from the Pharaohs.  The boss of a large Japanese Ninkyo (Yakuza) group also said the world was ruled by a committee of 8 in Switzerland.  Now MI6 is telling us about the Pharaonic Octagon group in Switzerland.  This is what is portrayed in the James Bond movies as “Spectre.”  The P3 Freemasons say the Octagon group “are the masters of humans [sic] Earth Life.”

Also, in the past, when I talked to mercenary soldiers involved in resource grabs in Africa, Al Qaeda/Daesh/Antifa, etc.  they said they were paid in Swiss Francs out of Switzerland.  We would also like to remind you about Glencore Commodities and Mark Rich based in Zug, Switzerland, paying off both Iranian and Israeli government officials to promote war between those countries while manipulating oil futures.

Now let us talk about U.S. Offense Secretary Mark Esper.  If you watch the clip at the link below:  you can see a man of limited intellect who has been completely pre-programmed.  He refers to fake enemies like Russia and China while promoting AI and the deadly 5G area denial weapons.  The real military brass do not take orders from him and nor should they.  However, they need to follow the trail to the financial controllers who pull his puppet strings.  It is a good bet it will lead to Switzerland.

OK, with this background in mind, let us take a look at the news of the past week as the big autumn anti-Zionist offense goes into full swing.

A necessary precondition to the defeat of the Zionists was taking away their control of the financial system, MI6, and Pentagon sources agree. According to MI6 the new financial system “is designed with full forensic visibility with a judge signed warrant so [criminal] types of laundering would be impossible.”

These sources say, that an agreement has been reached between Asian and Western secret societies was created to completely redesign the way we govern this planet.

This would explain their prediction that Trump was the last president of the corporate United States and that a completely new and legitimate leader will emerge, possibly until early 2021.

Russian FSB sources also report of a revolt against the fake Vladimir Putin.

Here is what the FSB had to say:

The real Putin was ritually murdered.

They took blood from him and injected him with a special fluid. Terrible things were done.

Patriarch Kyril Gundyen, a dishonest homosexual, who is involved in many bad things was involved, died of a heart attack in March 2018.

He was in a coma for a long time, never came back from the coma and died. Now two doppelgangers/false patriarchs the Russian Orthodox Church.

They closed churches and worked under Chabad and Israeli leadership.

The famous monk Father Sergiy appealed to all orthodox Christians because of the Misconduct of the patriarch etc. and because of the double Putin:

The main double of Putin is an agent of the Mossad!

Now high-ranking Nazis such as Queen Beatrice, other high-ranking pedophiles and the Chabad are fleeing to Russia to to hide.

There are no mass arrests of pedophiles in Russia.

This scum decided to hide in Russia, thinking that no one would look for Russia would invade for fear of the Russian army.

There were also mass demonstrations all over Russia when this regime left cabinet came and tried to vaccinate everyone in the country with microchips, say the FSB sources.

Sources of the P3 freemasons say that in Russia a new regime will be installed, now that an East-West deal has been concluded.

The situation in China is more difficult to read, but there are more and more signs of it, that President Xi Jinping’s leadership could come to an end.

Chinese military intelligence sources say that the mass death incident in Wuhan China last year was caused by the fact that Xi and his people, despite Warnings were going on with 5G, which was dangerous.

This means that the faction that wants to microchip and micromanage the Chinese population is losing military support.

A UN demand for an investigation into what really happened in Wuhan is also putting pressure on his regime, according to British military intelligence sources.

Sources from Asian secret societies were not able to confirm or deny these allegations before this report was released.

While further down on the totem pole of the Khazarian slave leadership the Canadian Justin Castro (Trudeau) was unmasked, according to sources of the Canadian a $125 million foundation, which is entirely financed by the secret service. tax money was paid.

The general local atmosphere in this part of the world is characterized by disbelief that the incumbent governments are so completely incapable of dealing with a national emergency whether or not it is staged, this is how MI6 sees the situation.

We imagine an autumn and winter full of civil discontent, and until At Christmas we could very well experience a popular uprising to put down this whole fiasco of medical martial law, they predict.

There are also reports of high-level financial intrigue related to an ongoing attempt by the Khazarian mafia to raise funds for a campaign to to block the rescue of the planet.

P3 freemasons say that Italian cabalistic enemies are using a Mantell lawyer in Zurich together with a Mr. Herzog of the BPV-Bank (Banca Popolare di Verona), Berlin, to raise money for the future planning agency.

Despite all the chaos and seemingly bad news reported above this is all part of the death throes of the reign of the Khazarian mob, say Western and Asian secret society sources.

Preparations to replace this dying beast with a better system for managing the planet are in full swing, it is said.

There are many indications that this is true.

For example, we were able to confirm with Japanese banks what our sources at the Pentagon said last week, namely that the international payment system SWIFT no longer under the control of the Zionists stands.

The banks say that they are no longer controlled by Citibank or Bank of America to send money overseas.

Also, transfers can now be made without the sign of the beast My Number, which used to be mandatory in Japan, can be performed.

There is also a record volume of ship transports from China to the USA at the port of the west coast. This means that a kind of trade agreement has been concluded between the USA and China.

Another sign of an East-West business is a public agreement between the Vatican and China.

Not only that, but Justin Castro’s foundation has been supported by the Tide Foundation, which is run by is financed by none other than George Soros, between $150,000 and $700,000 per year, say the sources.

Mass protests have begun in Canada against Castro and his Nazi deputy Chrystia Freeland.

Meanwhile in Japan, the slave prime minister Shinzo Abe is being urged to to replace his deputy Yoshihide Suga.

Suga was involved in several corruption scandals.

For example, he urged that Japan’s native Ainu people be compensated with generous funds. According to the Japanese military intelligence service, the problem is that most of the so-called Ainu, the would receive money, in reality are North Korean agents.

Suga is involved in many other scandals, including questionable Olympic and defense-related land sales, which are said to have filled his pockets.

For this reason, it is expected that Suga will only be an interim figure who will chair will lead to a complete reorganization of the postwar colonial government in Japan.

There are many other signs of the collapse of the old regime, especially in the USA.

Here, as is often reported elsewhere, there are mass incidents of arson, paid demonstrations in 48 of the 50 largest U.S. cities, attacks on railroads, etc.

We also receive reports of attempts to poison large parts of the population.

For example a reader reports:

I have been invited on two recent humanitarian flights from Central America to home, via the airport of Houston and further to Canada heavily poisoned, also like my travel companion, and we almost died.

The airlines were United and Air Canada. When I tried to detox and investigated what happened to us I discovered that, under the guise of new anti-COVID 19 measures, they had developed new Fogging chemicals, metals and aerosols from nanotechnology in aircraft use.

It was found that we are actively using benzalkonium chloride, benzyl chloride, chloroacetophenone, ammonia, radioactive aluminium, radioactive mercury and nanobot technology were poisoned.

The first few chemicals used are on the list of chemical warfare agents of World War I on Wikipedia here (others are degradation products from the human body that process these toxins):

We have also received information that shows that the attempts to make all masks are unscientific nonsense:

The medical literature of the last forty-five years is consistent: Masks are useless when it comes to preventing the spread of disease, and are if at all, unhygienic objects, which themselves spread bacteria and viruses (Details and quotations on both of the above topics can be found in the letters to the editor and under this link).

The NSA and other sources also report increased weather warfare in all parts of the world, with either droughts or floods affecting agricultural Destroy production in China, Africa, the USA and elsewhere

A look into the world also shows demonstrations against Khazarian puppet leaders in France, Germany, Israel, Australia etc.

An interim agreement on the appointment of bishops between China and the Vatican since its signing about two years ago successfully implemented, said Zhao Lijian, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, at a press conference on September 10.

According to MI6 sources, an ally of the White Dragon family was also Rothschild and Rockefeller on a kind of collaboration in the World Future Planning Agency contacted.

Of course the war is not over yet and we can expect great unrest in the coming months.

This could include an EMP attack, a food crisis, new false-flag nuclear attacks and much more. Nonetheless, all the world’s major armed forces are now engaged against the Khazarian mafia so that their final defeat is only a matter of time.

We hesitate to give concrete dates, but the world events make it clear that the rule of the Khazarian mafia comes to an end.


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