A Special Window of Linear Time

light waves eraoflightdotcomBeautiful healing love, peace and bliss frequencies streaming in. This is a special window in linear time that is allowing us to quantum heal our personal, ancestral and collective karmic imprints, programs and shift our belief systems and minds to a higher conscioussness awareness.

A shift in conscioussness, in perception, that is shifting our realities. This brings great soul healing to us, our soul, our ancestral lines, soul group and the collective. We may feel we require more rest to receive and integrate these energies, allow this. Release all your remaining pain, sadness, anger, fear, resentment, guilt, shame etc to God Source. Ask your higher levels to assist with this healing and for it to be released with ease and grace. Give gratitude for all your experiences and forgive yourself and others for any pain you or they may have caused, knowingly or unknowingly, across all time and space, all dimensions, all realities. Ask for any remaining lessons to be shown to you. Ask for clarity, ask to be shown why everything had to happen the way it did, ask to be shown the bigger picture. Ask for all your soul fractals, aspects to be healed and returned to you. Ask for your power to be returned to you and for all energies to be released that are not yours!

Empty yourself of all that you think you are, let go of your perceived identity, your beliefs, your stories and attachments. Empty yourself and let the Universe fill you with the Divine Love that is is! Let yourself be filled with your spirit, merging your multi-dimensional aspects. Our DNA, cells, bodies and energy field are receiving this beautiful healing gift. We are healing and returning to our Original Divine True Angelic Human 12-strand DNA Blueprint, this is an ongoing process.

We’re returning back to Innocence, back to the time before the Fall, healing many ancient timelines. You now have easy access to these timelines as well as future ones, this process is now accelerating and coming to a point of resolution for many of us. Spend some time to tune into your higher self and let it guide you. We can change these timelines by accessing them and changing them consciously, change the outcome, change what happened. Play them out and change them in your mind in meditation. This is rewriting our DNA which acts as the film strip of our realities. As we change and heal the past we change the future, in the NOW. Spend time in nature earthing and grounding and let it support you. Very strong energies coming through the sun. Earthing and water greatly support if you’re feeling dizzy or nauseated.

Remember, Paradise is within you.

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