Autumn Equinox 2020: Moment When Darkness Begins to Overtake Light

energy waves eraoflightdotcomLet us learn to integrate the activity of the light months into the fertile ground of the dark months, both as individuals and together as one. Even though the darkness has actually been increasing since the moment of Summer Solstice, June 21, not until today, September 22 at 9:31 AM EDT, did the Sun arrive at 0°00 Libra, sign of relationship, equality, justice, mirroring, where projection is recognized; the dynamic balancing act between any two polarities. Over these next three months: first Libra’s air, then Scorpio’s water, then Sagittarius fire. Scorpio water to deepen the relational exchange of airy, transactional Libra — to the point of surrender to the deep unconscious forces that rule us from below. Scorpio death, leads to rebirth, in Sagittarius, and a wider, larger perspective, an expanding perspective on both below and above, both our most personal, and the most impersonal laws that appear to rule this 3D world. Sagittarius, at its finest, expands to infinity. There is no end to the enlargement of what we can even begin to understand.

Remember: At the moment of Winter Solstice, this year, Jupiter and Saturn conjunct one another for the first time in 13 years, at 0°00 Aquarius. I find this fact astonishing, as do many others familiar with astrology. Why? Because, at least as far back as I can tell with my Tables of Planetary Phenomena, between 482 BC and now, this is the only time these two planets conjunct one another at 0° Aquarius. Now add in the Winter Solstice . . . how far back would one have to see to find a moment when these two planets not only conjuncted at 0°00 Aquarius, but also on the Winter Solstice?

Truly, the initiatory significance of the upcoming exceedingly rare Winter Solstice conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn at 0° Aquarius boggles the tiny rational mind, and blasts us open to magic. Nothing is impossible, nothing! Everything that manifests follows the law of intent. WHAT DO WE INTEND?

The annual Winter Solstice itself denotes the moment when the Sun reaches 0°00 Capricorn. So, for that one day, the very beginning, 0°, of the signs Capricorn and Aquarius are both highlighted. How to combine them? How to combine the pragmatic, form-giving, traditional, conservative, hierarchical Capricorn (now being pummeled and purged by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn) with the idealistic, cooperative, experimental, exploratory, revolutionary airy sign of Aquarius? We will be chewing on that connection, that edge between these two signs, thanks to the dance between Jupiter (for one year) and Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn, until March 2023, when Pluto finally gives up the ghost of Capricorn and begins to embrace the new world of Aquarius.

As far as these next three months go, from Equinox until Solstice expect more incendiary actions; also expect ignition which takes trouble getting going, given that Mars is retrograde until November 15. I’ll be surprised if the Republicans can get a new Scotus in before the election, and I suspect the November 3rd election will feel very confusing and uncertain until Mid-November when Mars turns to go direct. And who knows what else will go “wrong,” or sit churning, unsettled? It is as if we are sitting in a leaking boat on a vast body of murky water, stirring up the gunk with a stick, watching in horror as half-rotted corpses of all kinds swirl to the surface and then sink again. This won’t be an easy time. Keep all holes to the bottom of the boat plugged!

And remember, the stirring of the stick is not just collective, but personal. What rotting corpses of fury, revenge, regret, denial, shame, guiilt, envy, etc. are you still harboring, in denied and/or projected form? Let us utilize this time of increasing darkness to search memory; to find, acknowledge, honor, and fully feel what each wincing memory evokes in us, our minds, our bodies, our souls, all the way through. Allow in the pain. For pain, once honored, once fully felt, no matter how long it takes, neutralizes, transforms into LOVE, full-on ALIVENESS.

Each of us, as we shed our own conditioning, uncovers a unique quivering seed, full of promise. During 2021–2023, when the new Aquarius and the old Capricorn will be butting heads, let each of us do our parts to help transform the old (Capricorn) forms into the new, exploratory Aquarian Age.

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