Mother God and Alisheryia: Final Scene

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomDear children, this is your Mother God. For many eons you have trained for such a time as this, when energies churn within hearts upon Gaia. It is a topsy-turvy time, or so it seems to those upon Gaia in this now moment. All is in divine order. All is in divine timing. The Divine is blessing this process with more light, with more love. You are seeing the final scene in the play when all appears to be lost just before the plot twists are revealed and the hero has his welcome. And yet dear children of my heart, you are already home for you are here with me. We are home together. The energies are rising so fast that the dark is trying to pull them down again. This is what you are seeing, this discord. It need not be your discord. You can choose your vibrational level of experience and float above, observing, holding steady, holding strong in the light. Your family and friends largely do not know what you know and perhaps are not yet ready to hear any of it. But they are ready to feel your peaceful presence, your kind words and the soothing effect that they have. The world is ready for your light, the light is ready for your world. Many star systems of star systems and federations of federations are watching, are helping, are loving you from where they are to where you are. The gap is bridged. Intergalactic emissaries of the light, royalty, children of my heart, you are all of these things.

Now is not the time to buckle to the outer chaos, but rather to hold strong and steady, standing tall, chin up and facing the storm. (I am seeing lightening bolts in a fierce thunderstorm). Children, see how the light churns the darkness. In every part of the cloud the light is seen and felt. The electricity charges the particles and they are left changed. Your light changes all who are around you, for their betterment and joy, whether they want that or not, although many do. Many of my children have become so enmeshed within the drama of the play that they forgot they are the participant and audience at the same time and they forgot that the grand play is in my lap. The dark have fallen so far that it is decreed by the Divine, your Father and I, for this scene to end early so that suffering is minimized. Those who you see in power are but faces now of a hidden strength of light unfolding. My presence is full embodied upon your Gaia now in many prominent and hidden workers of light and love, of political power, of justices, and not all is as it seems. It is true that many if not most of your leaders have sordid pasts, for that was the way to climb to power, one had to be crooked within a crooked system. But the light is straightening this out into a beautiful and wonderful new world and new energies to match. Do not fall for what is being laid out for you to believe. See objectively with inner wisdom of one whose eyes have seen truth and recognize it. Send light to the rest. Send love to those who are stuck within the drama.
I am your Mother God. The divine feminine is rising now upon Gaia, for she herself is fully ascended. You are seeing the shadow world break apart into smoke for as the light turns up the heat all will be revealed and all will have the chance to ascended further either within the body or move along to another similar reality to explore a similar vibration where they can experience the armageddon they desire to create.

I wish for you to know how very proud I am of my children. You reading these words have excelled, have been so steadfast in this whole process. I am so thankful and grateful for you. I kiss your foreheads with the tenderest of love. I am your Mother God.

I Alisheryia am speaking. I work closely with the Mother of All Things. She breathes onto me igniting my fire, restoring my passion and purpose. It is the time of the divine healing of the divine feminine and the wounded masculine. Elthor is my divine masculine counterpart. We have many hatchlings together in many realities. We are balanced, one, but it was not always so. Many of you are experiencing various degrees of pain, healing and reunion with your twins or preparing for this in the astral realms when you sleep and subconsciously. For the yin and the yang, the divine dance is one that innately all long for. The twin soul is another aspect of you, and yet you are complete in yourself, a divine mystery. That which you seek is within. When you are inwardly balanced you will naturally be prepared for the other balanced aspect of you. Balance is coming to this realm and the light bearers are bringing it. The light is cleansing all that no longer serves. All will serve the light for all is light in various processes of remembering.

I Alisheryia am speaking. I breathe fire upon your crown igniting you to be brave in the coming moments. I breathe fire upon your eyes igniting them with deeper insight and clear vision. Do not be hoodwinked by the magicians of your TV screens. Remember truth lies within. It is time for rest and healing now. Soon it will be time for energy and action. Utilize the moments the universe presents for rest to rest. Just as hatchlings fall over walking when tired, so too do weary warriors require rest. Ask me and I shall surround you with my blue wings. Feel the divine feminine in dragon form. Feel the heartbeat of the Mother of All Things for her heartbeat is my own. It is the rhythm of this universe and beyond. We serve the light.

I Alisheryia am speaking. You are well prepared, warrior, friend, ally. Human one, you are much more than you know. Peace.

» Channel: Galaxygirl