New Q: Senate Report Slams The Bidens

top news article eraoflightdotcomA sensational new Senate Report implicates the Biden family in multiple criminal activities – including sex trafficking. New Q drop number 4742 features a link to a John Solomon tweet about the report…

‘Breaking: Senate report slams Bidens for conflicts of interest, flags possible criminal activity. GOP-led investigation cites evidence of Burisma bribe, suspicious foreign money transfers and sex trafficking.’ (John Solomon)

This tweet features a link to the 87 page Senate report. I have skimmed through the report – it’s damning…

But wait – there’s more. Hunter Biden also received 3.5 million dollars from an ex-Moscow Mayor’s wife…

In this video tweet Joe Biden fiercely denies any wrong-doing by his son Hunter…

The hammer might be about to drop on the Deep State, including the corrupt Bidens. Q has often referred to ‘Red October’. Anons believe that it refers to the wave of new Republican voters – but it could also refer to arrests. Remember Q said recently, ‘RIG FOR RED.’

Q drop number 2274 from 23rd September 2018 featured just two words:


On 23rd September 2020, exactly two years later, Chuck Grassley tweeted about his family corn harvest. Corn is popular code for the Alliance regarding Deep State arrests…

Prince Harry won’t be sleeping easy after this little comment from President Trump today. Priceless…

In April, President Trump said that sunlight would kill the corona virus. Guess what? No surprises – he was right. A Japanese firm has developed the first UV lamp that safely kills corona virus. Goodbye masks and vaccines…

Today the final word goes to Stella Immanuel, the gutsy doctor who spoke so eloquently about HCQ during the Frontline Doctors Press Conference…

‘I don’t understand why conservatives are so politically correct and scared of what the left might say or think of them. We keep coming to a street fight in a suit. It’s time to throw off the suit and brawl, y’all. We can’t afford to lose our country. Enough is enough.’ (Dr. Stella Immanuel).

I am sure Stella is not advocating that we use violence. She means – and I heartily agree with her – that we need to SPEAK OUT. Enough IS enough. Let’s take back our towns, our cities, our countries and our entire planet.

Peace and prosperity for humanity. The Light is WINNING.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

4 Replies to “New Q: Senate Report Slams The Bidens”

    1. Daedalus

      Yeah, “crazy” …

      Wheres “Mueller time” ?

      Wheres “90 % chance for Hillary to win” ?

      Wheres “kids in cages” ?

      Wheres “Kavanaugh is a rapist” ?

      When you base your views on lies and dellusions, expect painful shattering and implosion.

      1. Brenda L. Kuder

        Very ironic. Which party is trying to take healthcare away from people? Which party would like to have universal healthcare? Which party has no plan for health? Which party is trying to limit voting? Which party gave huge tax cuts to the rich blowing up the deficient even more? Which party is refusing to vote on election security? I could go on and on and on.

        1. Daedalus

          Again , the dellusional maniacs like you have no answers to give …

          You only point out the finger to others and screech …

          Where are all those claims against Trump now ?

          You have chosen the path of lies, dellusions and hatred to consume you. Few weeks more and the impact will be immense on many like you. Some folks have missed their last train …

          The truth wont conform you, it will shatter you. You wont be able to defend the lies.