Rinus Verhagen: QFS, Elections, Hollywood

world news eraoflightdotcomI doubt the purport of Red Alert News, it’s just an opinion, just like I’m announcing mine here.

As of October 1st, the QFS would take over everything, which means that the FED Swift system is out of order.

The 1st of October is also the beginning of the new fiscal year in the US.

From the 1st of January GESARA will start all over the world.

There is an NDA to sign for 90 Days, so as of October 2 + 90 days is January 1, 2021.

Between Christmas 2020 and 1 January 2021 everything is closed or few activities, where the NDA can also apply for 93 days.

The elections on November 3rd will be won by Donald J Trump, as there is no opposing candidate, because senile sniffer Joe Biden seems deliberately set to lose.

The Satanic Elite is getting nervous everywhere, more and more revelations about sex and child trafficking are coming out here in the Netherlands.

The political party of Mark Rutte (VVD) is a pedo rat’s nest, the wife of Fred Grapperhaus (CDA) is linked to Epstein, those documents have now been brought out.

https://9east71.home.blog/ Epstein Lolita expres list


Joris Demmink the former secretary general of Justice but also other politicians and Jaap van Dissel of the RIVM, the counterpart of the CDC in the U.S. have been unmasked as Paedophile’s and murderers.

List of perpetrators victims and networks of Dutch Cabal Paedophile’s,


The reason why the Cabal Politicians protect each other seems like they are all involved.

You must see, https://t.me/QNewsOfficialTV/2860

Beatrix the Ex queen of the spiritual cooking classes Pizza-Gate has been spotted being transported to The Hague to discuss the imminent actions that now seem to be happening.

All over the world Cabal pedo networks are being rolled up and perpetrators are being arrested.

In Belgium there are 11.500 extra US soldiers stationed, in the Netherlands Gilze Rijen army base is fortified with 1500 Americans and helicopters.


In The Hague people are quite worried, they get information they don’t really want, about the situation in the world against Pedophiles and Satanists, about the QFS and that they can’t afford their protection anymore when the QFS has replaced the Swift from October 1st.

What the journalists fail to do in order to do their work, I do make it clear to them that the game is over, it is my conviction and opinion that it cannot be otherwise.


I also do not ask for their permission to inform them, because they do not ask us for permission for the destruction of our prosperity and their crimes against us.

Day X will come it is not the question if, but when.

Psychopath Rutte, who is so different and overflowing with self-confidence, says that people have to keep their mouths shut, as if he wants to keep playing his dictator role, but gets the message that the endgame has started.

I am convinced that the Dutch Cabal will now be removed very quickly for their crimes against humanity, also the planned import of 1.5 million Islam Africans will be stopped, which falls under Marrakech 2 treaty of the Cabal UN.

In order to prevent a civil war in Europe, which is what the Cabal Elite are after, all Islam supporters will have to go back to their country of origin.

GESARA is not a button that you switch to and all act accordingly.

The 3 months until January 1, 2021 are badly needed to purify the countries of the Cabal, to protect the weak, and to remove Satanists in the form of Sallafists.

Donald J Trump only has to ask if Dutch Patriots help to arrest the Cabal, then the army of Marshals will have increased by more than 1 million.

Here in the Netherlands are the hard core of Pedophiles, the group where General Flynn has all the takes of, they are arrested, I am 100% sure of that.

As it also concerns the fake royal family this will be world news when they are arrested, no matter how many men with ears in them think they have, with the support of the population they don’t stand a chance.

The argument that the QFS would be used to run the elections in the US via the quantum computer does not mean that it will be the QFS, but the technique can be used via another computer to prevent fraud.

If I would have worked for years to have the QFS working and I am not going to replace it to hold elections, then every 4 years and divided over the world in 209 countries = about 50 times a year I would not be able to use the QFS because there would be elections.

So that should be 100% separated from each other.

The Queen of England has been maneuverer out the back door, which will not happen with the Dutch Cabal fake King and his whistle-blower wife Maxima.

This will be done with great pomp and circumstance to raise awareness of the rest of the world.

At the first Lock Down, offices in the EU Brussels were broken into, and computers were stolen, a building that is guarded as the Bank of England, who is believed to be blissful.

This has been an action of the alliance, therefore now more than 11,500 soldiers to decontaminate the EU rat’s nest of Nazis.

Loyal Reader Guy Verhofstadt with Adolf Hitler allure will not escape the cleansing and his role in the Ukraine and EU Nazi headquarters.

Rutte and the MH370 Lie, will bring down the Fake King Willy.

The Swamp will be drained, this will be unstoppable, it has been an interplay of various secret services that have made the plan together to free the world’s population from the Satanists.

If I had a choice to trust an army or a banker, I would go for the U.S. Army as it has been cleaned inside and is still in the process of overthrowing the Cabal.

Precisely for protection, the Cabal should be rendered harmless and Military Base should be used as an exchange centre.

People may be shadowed by the Secret Service of the Netherlands, but the Cabal will certainly be in the picture every step of the way.

A good sniper can easily take out Mark Rutte, Hugo de Jonge, Fred Grapperhaus, but also the fake king and his family.

Fake King Willy has never been in conversation with Donald J Trump, That will not be without reason, Putin must have told you what mental poverty Willy has between his ears.

Honestly, we live in an exciting end time of the Cabal, on our way to the birth of Peace and prosperity, no one can object to that if we are all doing well.

The second Lock Down as a tool to arrest the Deep State rats?

The Dutch Cabal will fall into his own knife, https://www.nporadio1.nl/homepage/26577-experts-waarschuwen-voor-tweede-lockdown-het-is-vijf-voor-twaalf

How the exchange will go in terms of content, and when exactly is a surprise for everyone, look around you, people disappear from politics or royal houses, this will be noticeable.

The one salvific shot is to disable the FED with the Swift system, the QFS will freeze all Cabal accounts with the CIPS system, so crime or oppression against its own population can no longer take place.

Mercenaries of secret services, police or army, if they don’t get paid they don’t do anything, if they know who exactly they are, their accounts will be blocked as well.

The Wish is the father of thoughts.

Let’s be positive and stay positive, mankind has waited so long, now it will not arrive one day.

The Fall of the Dutch Cabal will make many people happy, because what you sow you get back in multiples, that is a natural process.

A seed will become a tree with lots of fruits and new seeds, the Cabal will be overgrown with Karma.

With enough trees and the self-spun Orange rope, the Dutch Cabal have started their own execution, and that makes me happy.

I have addressed them so many times and asked questions that one deliberately keeps silent, precisely because of the truthfulness and facts.

Their silence is consent, and a confession, for the Hitler Cabinet could have fallen a long time ago if there had been the will of politicians to publicly admit the betrayal of non-existent laws from 13 May 1940.