Voters: Trump ‘Is Bringing Us Together’

era of light alternative news connectionFriday on CNN’s “New Day” during a segment titled “Pulse of the People,” anchor Alisyn Camerota spoke with three supporters of former Vice President Joe Biden and three supporters of President Donald Trump.

Florida voter Sean Roberts said, “I think the president is making every effort to do his best for people of color and people that are not of color. We can help the current president make things better for all of us. So I just think that the president is bringing us together because, you know, go to his events and when I go to those events I feel comfortable. I don’t feel threatened and basically, what he is saying is that you know, let’s make our country that we all live in great. That’s including everyone.”

Trump supporter and California voter Alexis Frost Cazimero said, “I think he’s doing a phenomenal job and he has my vote. Absolutely.”

Camerota asked, “But what part is he doing a phenomenal job on?”

Cazimero said, “That he fights for my rights so I can most definitely make my own decisions. That’s my number one thing, like, I feel like here in California, a lot of things have been stripped, a lot of my rights have been stripped. For instance, like about the masks, of course, yeah, you should wear masks and why isn’t he wearing a mask? Well, that’s his opinion, right? Isn’t that his choice?”

Camerota asked, “Though you wore masks because you are conscientious about your neighbors, you want the freedom to not wear a mask?”

Cazimero said, “Yeah. Yes. Yes. I don’t want it to be such like a, you have to, and it’s like a bad thing if you don’t.”

Connecticut voter Dan Carter said, “I think my top issue really is about the economy, specifically my economy and my state. Because you know I look at what Biden is proposing on the tax increases on the wealthy, it’s all about soaking the rich.”

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4 Replies to “Voters: Trump ‘Is Bringing Us Together’”

  1. sea

    The word TRUMP triggers so many 🙂 Triggers are an opportunity for Spiritual growth through awareness and attention. peace 🙏

  2. Brenda L. Kuder

    Trump only speaks to his base. He has never tried to bring the country together. Democrats don’t exist as far as he is concerned.

  3. tom

    Trump is not for the common man or woman he is for the rich. The man has showen that in the past 4 years.
    This is one of many fake news story’s from the Trump camp.The sad part is if you read it you know it is not of the common person. But give the Trump camp credit if they can lie about any subject they will. He lied about the virus to us for over 6 months. That show’s right their it about the power he wants to rule this country.

  4. TeeLight

    Soaking the rich.
    That is funny.
    Every plan they have enriched the rich.
    Politicians use them for campaign funds and insider trading.
    Cripes, if voting actually helped us, it would be illegal.