Judas Iskariot: Reflections

super moon eraoflightdotcomHi, I’m Judas and I want to wish you a nice and beautiful autumn for those who have the opportunity to enjoy it. What is important is that you take advantage of the moments, the quiet moments and the moments where you stop and look at something. It can be a stone, a glass, a child, an old person, it can be anything that your eyes are just then looking at in a quiet reflection. Many times this moment passes before you have had time to register it, you do not reflect on the fact that it may be your soul that wants to say something to you, that wants to make you stop for a while in a world where these moments are becoming increasingly rare. It is when you hold your breath for a brief moment that the world can become a little still around you. This is when you can also listen to the sounds that are heard around you. What kind of sound do you hear? Is it a constant noise or is it a beautiful song from a bird or someone singing nearby? Do you hear any laughter from children playing or some adults talking happily and eagerly with each other? The natural sounds that many of you grew up with, are they part of your everyday life today or have they disappeared in all the information flow that flows out a little everywhere in your vicinity today. Maybe the body needs to get some rest from all these artificial sounds and take in the quiet, the slightly calm and natural sounds to get some rest and recover the power that is spilled a little here and there.

At the pace that people are living today, it may be worthwhile to put in some recovery sessions to reconnect with oneself. It can be easy to get lost if you do not have contact with your inner self, it will then be easy to be controlled by the outer and it is not certain that this is the path that your soul has intended for you. It can then be a collision that can be difficult to get over before you understand where to go. The soul smiles quietly and happily when you follow that path and go in the direction that is already predestined for you to go. You may otherwise falter a little here and there, picking up more experiences of those you already had, but not really understanding that you no longer needed. It feels as if you are walking in old ruts even though the soul is trying to get you to try something new that is more in line with your current development. It tries to make you stand still and listen with both ears, eyes and touch, your intuition.

My advice today is that you are a little more aware of what it is you are watching or hearing. What is your soul trying to say to you? What is important to you? Where is your passion? What step do you need to take to get there? The time that now lies ahead of you will trigger these experiences. It will trigger your emotions. Many of you will feel that it is as if you are riding a roller coaster. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down. It becomes even more important to be still in yourself and listen inwardly to your intuition, to see the little things and be grateful for what you have, see and hear. It is about having balance in body and soul. It is important to stand firmly with your feet in the ground and not danger like a seed wind, for it is thrown here and there and does not know where it will land. The soul knows and knows your way, it is important to listen now, dear Earthlings. It is important to take some time for yourself. It is important to prioritize right now, to avoid more difficulties than those you will naturally face with the development and growth that you have chosen. The angels watch by your side and help you take the steps you need to take in this life. They ease your burden when you obey and walk on the path that they show you to walk.

That was all I wanted to convey to you today.

Great love


Translation by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg