Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: Gateways Opening

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomGreetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. You have my full attention from the Earth Council and for the earth.

Much is at stake right now and we are fully committed and involved every step of the way. We are a part of the bigger galactic picture where only the highest good of the earth and life on earth is paramount.

Gateways and doorways are opening so more light can reach those in need to assist with the ascension. We are helping in a myriad of ways. Even though humanity is feeling the push for change, the acceleration of the light, along with time speeding up, are taking precedence.

Some are stumped and are wondering what the strangeness is about. It is part of their awakening. Even though in some areas of the planet there is smoke, please realize that this is a smokescreen and that much is happening behind the scenes.

The landscape is changing and humanity is clearing within, where they live, and along with earth. It is not easy to let go and we are challenged as you are challenged because we feel and know what you are going through. This is a necessary change as difficult as it is.

Humanity must go deeply within to learn about themselves and to create some type of adjustment and awakening about what is occurring on the planet.

From our observation we see that humanity was living a lie. Many peoples’ lives were unsustainable. The earth could not continue the way she was living either.

Now you have a rising consciousness with many more people awakening and preparing to move into the fifth dimension and higher. We can tell you that some people are feeling the difference. We can assure you that the awakening is real and that life as you have known it is changing completely.

We know that change is uncomfortable but it is necessary. The light is drowning out the dark. Soon you’ll understand more of what we mean by this. Please do not try to comprehend everything with your mind but use your hearts to feel the love and the light that are present now on your planet.

Take nothing for granted. Be grateful for all that you have and for what comes to you. Be respectful of yourself and your role in the ascension. Take excellent care of your bodies. Get help when you need it. Have the courage to let go of what is no longer serving you.

Replace fear with faith and love. Respect and honor the process of ascension that you are living through right now. Make light of things that used to seem so important but no longer are because your values are changing.

Thank you for being a part of the ground crew, for your hard work, and for your diligence with the light.

I am Mira with loving confidence in you.

» Source » Channel: Valerie Donner

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  1. The🌈NOW🌈Team


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  2. flazak

    I feel that the light is beginning to simply overwhelm the dark at the highest levels of Earth power structures. The dark within the power structures will put on a brave face and try many tricks but underneath that veneer they know they are on thin ice. It will take a span of time therefore for this light to filter down to us, that is assuming this light does not take a more direct path to us but rather prefers to shine through the existing power structures. This increasing light means an increasing friendly galactic/multi-dimensional/good/light assistance (to defuse the global bomb) rather than unfriendly Orion crusader meddling and mind controlling. Orion capitulation & evacuation soon? Masks? Virus? Thank our Orion overlords for these things but their power is waning and these recent actions are pushing people into light and sparking many awakenings.

    2000 years is a long time to us but mere days to the very long lived and timeless consciousness who have seen it all before infinite times and know that it is all about powers, pressures, waves etc that go to and fro, small comfort to us in the thick of it right now but that is simply the way it is, its all relative based on who is observing. This is why many channels merely state that there is an increasing influx of light energy to help etc etc because that is what these entities do and it is of great assistance to us.


    1. flazak

      I must post a reply to myself about the virus. The kneejerk reaction of freedom lovers like myself is that the virus is designed and deployed to remove those hard won freedoms via mass zombieness and gift them to forces of evil who would contemplate things like murder, terrorism and violence to gain or retain control however it is also plausible that it is available as a means to prevent violent revolution stoked by chaos so therefore remember that possibility. Like lightning, the force of good will find the way because it always does so observe and grab hold of it, don’t be so wobbly.