Mary Magdalene: Humanity Forward

mary magdalene eraoflightI utter the word that will carry humanity forward, the word that is in its infancy but still on the threshold, how far away it may seem. The concept that you are on your way to and that is the only way forward in the chaos you are now in. The word that you should pick up over and over again and that you once in the future will not understand how it could be so difficult . This concept is among the most important you have to take into account. The concept is: coexist. To coexist with each other, with everything that is around. Coexist with different races, different intelligence, different forms and movements, different kinds of individuals.

To allow each other to exist just the way you are, the way you want. Only then do you have the opportunity to really use your free will. Until now, you have often had an authority that tells you how to live and sometimes even be and think. You have received an instruction manual for your life. It has described that at that age you must have entered into a partnership, at that time you have finished your education, in it had children and so on. If someone has broken this, he has been considered strange and different and has not been able to coexist next to what is called normal.

I ask you not to confuse the idea of ​​how you should live your lives with structure. Structure and form are needed, and boundaries and sound rules and attitudes to life. To illustrate, I make a parable;

Let us liken every living thing to a painting. You get a frame when you are born and the frame stands for the structure and the boundaries you need, but the actual content of the painting is YOU who paints. With your visions and personal qualities, you should paint the painting that is YOU with exactly the colors you brought with you on your journey. As it has been so far, you have received a painting that is already filled in and in which you have to adjust your shapes and colors. If someone has wanted to paint with green, the surroundings may have required you to paint with blue. Countless of you have even crossed the border into the spirit world, as you have gone against the flow and refused to paint with blue as it should and the result has led to horrific events, such as being beheaded, or bestially killed in previous lives, time and time again.

Another illustrative image I want to give you is humanity as a ship on a stormy sea. Mankind has built the ship larger, and it has now been for a long time on a water that is too small for its well-being, the water must become larger. The ship Mankind is on its way to an open sea where it will coexist with other ships, colorful and magnificent, perhaps gray and dull, in the most varied forms, but all with the right to life. You must sail on the same sea, fish from the same source and ride out the storms together by coexisting, not defending existence as the previous idea did. The ship of humanity will also more easily see the clear starry sky in the evenings on the greater ocean. Coexistence also with our galactic brothers and sisters is necessary.

Previously, there was the idea that I may exist but not YOU, we shoot you down and exist at your expense. The same is true of the underground slave business, where one’s bread was the other’s death, But that time is over. Now this old system of thought is condensed and, like a disease that is about to pass, it must first ache. Many who carry this belief system must run that belief system at the bottom to realize that this was not the answer, to get the deeper realization that this is not how I want it. The idea that some people feel better about the annihilation of others is about to dissolve. It is part of the process to really teach you to coexist.

The deep insight you get from this virus, that it affects everyone regardless of rank and degree, status or class is very important. It helps to work for equality and brotherhood and works for the realization of what is important. Regardless of whether I have amassed my money and just robbed myself, I can be gone a few days later, just like my brother who lives homeless under the bridges. You realize the importance of those who can help you and take care of you in a state of illness. Those who were previously taken for granted and who worked in silence but often with the power of the heart. Truths change at a furious pace and those who previously stood on pedestals suddenly do not become important up there and the previously invisible, who worked in silence become visible. You are about to learn to coexist.

In love, Eder Maria Magdalena.

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**Source **Channel: Beatrice Madsen