POTUS: Full Declassification

era of light alternative news newsAt last.

President Trump has authorised the FULL declassifica_tion of documents related to ‘the Russia Hoax’. He is also declassifying documents related to the Hilla_ry Clinto_n ’email scandal’ (i.e. crimes against humanity). And the most important words? NO REDACTIONS. It is a FULL declassifica_tion, nothing held back.

Here is the tweet by President Trump…


The tweet featured in new Cue drop number 4815. There were just two words in the drop below the POTUS tweet…



No wonder Facebook has declared outright WAR against Cue Anon. New Cue drop number 4811 links to an article by NBC News. Here is an excerpt…


‘Facebook said Tuesday that it is banning all CueAnon accounts from its platforms, a significant escalation over its previous actions and one of the broadest rules the social media giant has put in place in its history.’ (NBC News)

New Cue drop number 4812 features an image of President Trump in a meme. He is surrounded by words representing the many Dee_p Stat_e entities that have been viciously attacking him throughout his entire Presidency. Read the text in the drop…


The answer to the question in the meme is simple. We see it reflected in the huge numbers attending his rallies. Donald Trump became President because he loves his country and he loves humanity.

Those of us following Cue from the beginning know that Cue is NOT one single person, as suggested by people who have not been following it closely. The Cue team comprises ten people – seven military and three non-military. Therefore this tweet by Qtah is VERY interesting…


Here is something else very interesting – the US Justice Department is holding a virtual press conference at 11am Wednesday (EST) on ‘a matter of national security’…


What a YUGE day for Light Warriors. We are excited to see the long awaited DECLAS_S. I believe it marks the start of a whole line of dominoes falling that won’t stop for months – years even.

There will be little sleep in the Dee_p Stat_e camp tonight.

Let’s end with two light hearted tweets. Firstly, goodbye PEDOWO_D. Someone else is the big name in town…


And a fine joke about our beloved POTUS…


I enjoyed a great catchup this afternoon with two new Light Warrior friends. Connections are being made fast now between like-minded souls. See you the same time next week, guys.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)