Lord Ashtar: The Possibilities that Exist in the Quantum Field

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomHello beloveds, it is our Lord Ashtar coming through to you today along with the angelic kingdom and along with the galactic federation of light as well.

This is going to be a big channeling. We would all like to talk to you about the possibilities that are existing now in the quantum field and we’d like to tell you what the quantum field is and how the quantum field works and how it is actually going to be benefiting your road to the ascension.

The quantum field we’re going to say is a matrix or a grid system that’s set up on this planet that allows you to actually jump from one dimension to another dimension. It’s sort of like this huge matrix that’s sort of constructed around mother earth that allow you to be in different places simultaneously, it allows you to actually go from one dimension to the next dimension in sort of a split second. It allows you to sort of live between two dimensions, we’re saying right now, but it also will allow you to live between three dimensions. You’ll be living between the third, the fourth and the fifth dimension.

The fifth dimension we’re going to call it has a different gravitational pull to it. So the fifth dimension when you’re up on the fifth dimension the gravitational pull on the fifth dimension is going to be slightly lighter than it is on the fourth dimension and that it is on the third dimension with the third dimensional matrix and grid still sort of secured in. It is breaking apart, it is 95 % broken up now.

All you have to do is transition your consciousness through these different shifts that are coming at you and by the term we mean shifts, we mean these different programs, these different third dimensional things that are actually flying at you, the mask mandate, the vaccine mandate, the fear they’re instilling, all that they are actually now trying to hide.

There’s been a lot of as we’ve said missed truths that have been told to you not only in this lifetime but for thousands and thousands of lifetimes you have a lot of we’re just saying not a lot of bodies but you have an underground body of working, an underground sort of control system, a dark control system that has been manipulating a lot of the other systems on the planet. This is controlled by those in the draconian matrix and grid. It is also controlled by the negative ETs. They are still controlling this as well.

It is just that they have not told you how things really are, they have not told you how things may really play out, they have not let you see really these different departments, we’re going to say, and how they’re run. So there’s a lot of information that’s going to come forth very soon about the reality of what you’ve been shown and the reality of what is the truth.

As this third dimensional matrix and grid continues to break up you will continue to shift your consciousness which means you’ll continue to shift your wants the way you navigate your brain up into the higher dimensions. You will want different things, you will not be so much of service to self, you’ll be much more of service to others and others needs and wants along with you, as these things actually roll out onto you.

We’re going to say it is going to be sort of a great awakening of sorts and this quantum grid this quantum field, we’re going to say, this matrix and grid it’s going to play a part in your awakening. For you’re going to be living with third dimension, fourth dimension and the first two waves go up you’re going to be living with fifth dimensional frequencies all sort of together in a melding pot.

Most of the third dimension, all people that are down here are going to stay down here until they actually exit the planet. As this grid systems keeps breaking up, they will not be allowed to stay a lot of them, They will be jailed, they will be caught, a lot of things are going to happen down in this department but on the fourth and fifth dimension, The quantum field is going to be very sort of accommodating to the fourth and fifth um dimensions.

The quantum field will allow you to travel simultaneously from one to the other and back down that is what your bodies are doing as you’re getting ready to actually hold on the fifth dimension and the more of you we can get up on the first and second waves to the fifth dimension, the more of you are going to hold a higher vibration and light, it’s going to be easier for the rest of the collective that’s going on the fourth dimension to actually transition up and out of the denseness.

As we say there’s going to be those that play this game that don’t go, there’s all kinds of negative dark that’s being taken off the planet. Most of you are holding here but the quantum field is what allows you to shift back and forth through the dimensions and it is what it allows you to sort of view both at once we’re going to say.

You can be one moment in the fourth then up to the fifth, then back to the fourth. When you do land on the fifth dimension you will stay up there, you will not go back to the fourth. When you are anchored in the fifth you’re not going to drop back down at all for any reason and these third dimensional matrix, this third dimension will dissolve when it is time. It will no longer exist we’re going to say.

This quantum matrix, this quantum field is going to allow you to be able to manifest your thoughts, your needs, your wants much faster on the fifth dimension. This quantum field is going to allow you to sort of work with energy more and when you’re on the fifth dimension the quantum field will start opening up on the sixth dimension. So it doesn’t mean that you’re going to travel to the sixth dimension right away but the grid, the quantum field will actually elevate one above you.

There’ll be some of you that will be able to touch up to the sixth dimension and back down so there’ll always be at least two dimensions that are operating. There may be as many as three dimensions always that are kind of lifting up and down but it won’t be this third dimension anymore as you’re gonna go higher and higher. So as you do lift up in the dimensions, this quantum field it accommodates your needs, it speeds up your vibration, it speeds up your sort of your frequency and the higher your frequency is the faster you’re able to manifest, the more you’re able to actually work with energy and really sort of shift to the wants that you want and really shift the whole collective as well for the energy so dense down on the third dimension.

It’s really hard for any of you to get anything going but as you go to the fourth as most of you are holding on the fourth when you hit the fifth then you’re gonna be able to manifest your dreams your desires you’re gonna be much more heart centered you’re gonna be much more aligned with your soul, your higher power we’re going to say, in the truth of what your journey really is and you’re going to have more energy to work with, you’re going to have more gifts, it’s going to be a an awakening you’re going to be like an enlightenment. You’re all going to be enlightened and awakened when you get to the fifth dimension.

The quantum grid, quantum matrix that you work with as you go up the dimensions. It gets easier and easier you vibrate faster and faster, your light bodies hold more light and you’re just able to shift yourself. You’ll be doing teleportation, You’ll be able to remote view, you’ll be able to do so many things with energy and with your visualization and you’ll navigate in your heart.

The quantum matrix and this quantum grid as you accelerate up, it supports your journey more and it supports your wants and your desires and you say, as most of you are on the fifth dimension, the sixth dimension will start opening up so you’ll have the fourth fifth and sixth up in the higher collectives, in the higher councils, on the higher dimensions. The quantum field and the quantum grid, this matrix works with us we can simultaneously.

We can transport ourselves other places, we can be in two places at once, we can really manifest our wants and our desires and as we say we’re all of being service to others. So we’re all very heart centered. So this is how the quantum grid and the quantum sort of matrix works, it supports you more and more as you go up and up on the dimensions. It supports your journey to your truth, it supports you in sort of manifesting what you want, it supports you in aligning with your higher power and it supports you in truth of all that is, it supports you in sort of knowing all that is. You learn to work with energy.

The quantum grid, this quantum matrix, it’s an energy field and each dimension in the energy field has different components and different things that you can do. So as we say as you lift up, it’s going to help all of you in all ways, it’s going to activate more of your soul’s purpose, it’s going to activate more of your DNA.

As you get out of this third dimensional matrix you’re going to find a whole new life and journey ahead of you and the quantum field, this quantum matrix and grid it supports that. That is how all of us, the higher collectives that’s how we navigate to all of us on our different planets do have a quantum field that we work with as well. It just supports our energy on each dimension as we go up. So this is really going to be helpful in your ascension, it’s really going to be helpful for all of you on the fifth dimension, it’s going to be helpful to sort of activate the knowledge within all of you as well. So we’re going to say that on each dimension there’s different gifts.

The third dimension you really sort to had to navigate blind almost, you had to navigate with a lot of outer senses, you did navigate with your ego mind, you had to navigate pretty much not a lot of you in your heart center but you had to sort of figure this third dimensional grid out, because it’s so dense.

On the fourth dimension most of you that are holding up there, you’re feeling lighter, there’s more light in your light bodies, you’re shifting from your ego to your heart center. So you’re learning to sort of navigate through your heart. This is the fourth dimension for all that on earth is used and as a purging center. This is where all your chakras are emptying. This is where you’re clearing all the past lives that don’t serve you. This is where you’re getting all your DNA activations, this is where all the energies are really able to sort of support your journey and get you ready for the fifth dimension.

You’re going to feel a lot different on the fifth dimension with this quantum matrix, this quantum field and it’s just going to support who you are. It’s going to support your life more, it’s going to support your journey more and it’s going to support sort of truth and knowing who you really are at your soul’s level. So we know this is a lot of information but just look at this quantum field as three different layers, three different dimensions, each dimension really working differently.

On this dense dimension, this is the ego brain, the ego mind, this is where the dark plays, this is where the control is, this is where the manipulation and the dominance and the greed lives. The fourth dimension with this quantum field is where you’re all clearing, where you’re vibrating with more light, where you’re purging your chakra systems, where your light bodies are expanding, where you’re able to really take in all the downloads and the energies that are coming in.

This insure your preparation for your ascension and as we say we’re not sure, how many have to go to the fifth dimension before the sixth dimension matrix will actually start opening. So it’s very exciting i want to tell you it’s going to be very different on the fifth dimension. You’re going to come into much more and of all knowing of who you are, you’re going to have your clairvoyant gifts, you’re going to have so much more activated but most of all your consciousness is going to be shifted to that of oneness, of unity and by the way we mean unity. So unity for all, fairness for all, equality for all and you’re going to be living solely through your heart.

All of us galactic federation, i Lord Ashtar, all the collectives that have come through with this message, we hope it was not too confusing for you. The angelic kingdom is going to be getting ready to really kind of start opening the crown chakra and you’ll be connecting to the divine, connecting more to the universal light and energy force and connecting your own divinity out, we’re going to say, towards the heavens.

We’re so happy to bring this message through this channeler. We need all of you to know how the quantum field works, we need all of you to know the different stages the quantum field holds and we need all of you to know that as you go up in dimensions the quantum fields, the grid we’re going to say, the matrix works with you on a higher level activating even more gifts and accelerating you. So we look forward to bringing many more messages from this channeler.

I Lord Ashtar, along with the galactic federation, along with the angelic high kingdom, this is a big one we know, something to think about though because you must know how the quantum field works. So we hope we could represent this for you. We’ll be talking about it a lot more because you’re really going to be working with it in the future.

We’re sending you such love we’re sending you such light as your keepers as those that are protecting you, watching out for you, helping with your ascension. We’re sending you so much love as well.


Thank you crew, a lot of crews, Lord Ashtar, angelic kingdom and the galactic federation of light joining in on that. I hope this is sort of a little bit of an explanation to the quantum field and how it really is different at each level and it’s kind of exciting that when we hit the fifth dimension, the sixth dimension will actually start to open. So we can sort of maybe bounce between the fifth and the sixth.

I hope this sort of shed some light as to how you’ll be navigating differently on the fifth dimension as well and what we’re all doing on that fourth dimension now, the chakras clearing, purging, holding the light all of it. I look forward to bringing through many more messages like these. I’m sending you such love and light and blessings.